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Question - (29 June 2008) 28 Answers - (Newest, 6 February 2013)A maleage 30-35, *enchwrites:

Hi there, as i"ve become much more sexually energetic with my partner, i"ve want to try more and an ext different things with her.

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However, she is really hairy "down south" and also I really can"t think of still I could ask she politely, to cut her pubic hair.

I want to have the ability to "go down" ~ above her, yet find it following to difficult to meet her v a mouth full of hair lol.

I typical yeah, I can just to speak "can you shave please?", but I dont want to uncomfortable her, and also it would be really embarrassing.

Would asking among her friends to execute it be a clever option?

I don"t know just how to ask her really, so any suggestions would certainly be much appreciated.

P.S: do Girls Prefer guys With;

No Pubic Hair?

Slighty shave Pubic Hair?

Full on Bush?

Other you re welcome Specify ___ lol ;)

Anyways if girlfriend could aid me out it would be great,

Cheers x x

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Afemale reader, anonymous, write (6 February 2013):

Dumping someone quite than asking them come shave?

I think that"s the dumbest most insensitive advice ns have ever heard. Imagine if the bad girl to be really into said guy and also that to be his only gripe? Sex doesn"t make a relationship, it only enhances one.

I don"t think the visibility or absence of pubic hair should have actually anything to execute with how attracted you space to your mate. And to those of you speak the lack of the is unhygienic( if something it attractive potential pathogens and also bacteria), poppycock.

Personally i lasered mine and also sex has actually only gotten much better for me or the boyfriends i have had due to the fact that i did it. Sex is actually cleaner. Let"s challenge it, if you"re actually attracted to who for every the right factors something as silly as pubic hair isn"t walking to it is in a transaction breaker. If it is, its come to be a major fetish for you and you need to see a therapist!

A reader, anonymous, writes (1 February 2013):

Don"t bother to ask her girlfriend to cut or trim any type of hair off "down south" she walk not prefer the thought of act that, if friend can"t have oral sex, just try normal penis/vagina version, that method the hair acts together a cushion come sex. Most girls want guys to "have a full bush" similar to the substantial majority, maybe not so many men desire women to have a full bush as well, although some guys like friend who desire oral, could want their woman come shave.

A malereader, almorr  +, to write (17 November 2012):

Women in a means are the exact same as men, however probably no so fussy as we guys concerning pubic hair.

There space 2 types of ladies who do not cut or trim their pubic hair,

a) no means I am ever before going to touch a hair under their, that kind will never even trim 1 hair off.


b) the kind of woman who has not got round to cut or trimming any type of off since they room too liven or just forgot, this if asked will at the very least trim part hair off themselves.

As a guy I to be definately (a) but more men particularly ones end 40 have actually never shave or trimmed any kind of hair off from their private parts.

Oral sex has actually a lot to perform with this of course, I can understand doing the is a lot far better with no hair acquiring in the road.

My an individual opinion is that oral sex is just unnatural, also, unnatural to shave down there together well.

I"m married and also my wife and I have frequent sex, penis/vaginal sex, not oral, no of us have ever before shaved or also trimmed any kind of hairs turn off our personal parts, both of us have actually a full shrub of untrimmed jungle favor hair, very thick, this is probably as result of our frequent love making, the hair act together a cushion making regular sex for sure wonderful.

So if you have oral sex, shave, penis/vaginal sex, simply leave the natural and hairy.

Amale reader, anonymous, writes (9 April 2012):

i recognize where her coming from and heres mine advice together i alredy talked to mine girl friend about this. Sooner or later after us been playing about a little bit i stated to her that i needed to talk seriously and also then i said to she i recognize this is going to maby embarrassed girlfriend a bit and also all however i enjoy every little thing we do yet the hair down below tends to stroked nerves me a bit and then i stated to her the she could choose to shave down below and offered to carry out the exact same if she prefer me come or she could leave that the means it was and also i would certainly not acquire mad . She gained a slight little embarrassed yet she looked in ~ me and she like i to be trying to number out exactly how to ask if you prefer me to shave there through out being awkward about it for a while many thanks for pass it up

A malereader, almorr  +, writes (2 April 2012):

If I had actually a girlfriend who was an extremely hairy "down south" I would certainly be an extremely pleased, try to get used to the fact that she is a natural hairy young lady, I"am sure she go not want to shave, if she had, she would have actually by now, try and get used to she being, well, simply natural and hairy.

A malereader, almorr  +, to write (17 February 2012):

I would never ever ask a girl to shave "down there" if she has a very hairy pussy, every the better, I have never cut a hair native "down there" ever, and I would certainly be really pleased come met a girl who was choose that as well, if girlfriend don"t choose her gift hairy and also natural you will just need to accept her for who she is or intake her.

When ns met the girl who was walk to mine wife, she told me the she never shaved or waxed too, this was in the 80"s, however now a work it seems that at the very least a quarter of females under the age of 30 choose it bare. The is a pity for males who like there girl friends to be hairy and also natural, I"am happy that i am currently 45, hairy and natural, very same as mine wife.

A femalereader, LLindy87  +, write (6 march 2011):

my brand-new bf just asked me to shave my pubes, that goes "hey, don"t get upset but could friend shave down there?" and I wasn"t offended...I knew i was a tiny lazy lately and also its because of not having actually time and always being in a rush (even in the shower) and also hoped he simply wouldn"t notification haha, i wasn"t offended though. Depends on the girl. I did tell mine roommate though and also apparently she assumed it was rude the him, but she never ever met him so that transforms things a tad bit

Afemale reader, anonymous, writes (27 February 2010):

Hi, simply tell her baisically what you"ve said on here, ns think she"d rather you said her yet just not embarress her. And also ask her what she would prefer you to perform to yours.

Amale reader, anonymous, write (25 February 2010):

I gotta agree with a many of human being here. Asking directly(in a fine worded manner)definately functions the best. And remember, if it"s for going down on her, birdynumnums claimed it finest with the "landing strip". Gaining a mouthful the hair suck (don"t ask) and if you were expecting her to return the favour, you"d best "clean up" because that her together well.

A malereader, witeboi420  +, write (22 February 2010):

don"t be fear to be mean tell her your not gonna go under on her no longer if she dosn"t the the only means to carry out it, and to your various other question girl preffer that shaved

A malereader, justincarin  +, to write (23 November 2009):

whiteflower claimed it best. It"s a "we" thing and also no telling her to do it. If you decide to shave, why not indicate you carry out it. Quite expensive cut cream, respectable razor and also shave through the flow of the hair. Wipe off remaining shaving cream, and also have a really warm towel come lay over the entire shaved area because that a couple of minutes. You will certainly be rewarded!! after ~ care: a high end hair conditioner offered on the shave area will prevent a lot of the itch (which over continued times the shaving, disappears), ingrown hairs, etc., and making every little thing soft.

A reader, anonymous, writes (23 November 2009):

just speak these exact words

"omg it would be so hot if girlfriend shaved/waxed/immaced your bikini area, it would revolve me on therefore much and think of every the stuff i could do for you"

will job-related a law dude!

Afemale reader, anonymous, writes (22 November 2009):

This drive for "bare pubic area" is actually mostly a phibìc American (excluding Mexico and also including some European Nations) phenomena. Us learned around it in our sexual Psychology class. Girlfriend shouldn"t ask her to bikini wax at some parlor since it has, top top occasion, killed women. Shaving is very painful to a woman once her hair grows back. For this reason I suggest either Laser her bikini area or she have the right to go to a spa/parlor the is 100% reliable and get it excellent there. She shouldn"t eliminate all the hair, the hair is there for a reason. That stops several bacteria and also pathogens indigenous entering she body.

How come ask? Well, if friend haven"t done so already or if who is still in search of an answer, you can want to stress (like others have actually said) exactly how it will satisfy her. Something along the lines of "I really want to try different sex-related things and when i was experiencing the net (reading a book, whatever) they stated that a woman can feel maximum pleasure if she gets rid of some hair." By just putting it out there and also dropping a couple of hints she SHOULD get it.

A reader, anonymous, writes (20 November 2009):

When I very first met my boyfriend, i wasn"t shaving completely. He pointed out that he had actually shaved himself, and also told me to shot it too. No feel hurt, and it feeling great!

A femalereader, birdynumnums 

 +, writes (2 July 2008):

Ouchies! If you shaved yourself entirely, friend would more than likely not ask she to completely shave it s her again either - since - when it grows ago in, it"s no fun! Actually, the isn"t essential to entirely shave the mons pubis, yet if she acquired the political parties waxed or trimmed into a "landing strip" and then trimmed she pubic hair length down to 1/2", then that need to make it easier to have sex without her looking favor a prepubescent girl or acquiring horrible scratchy, itchy bumps (BikiniZone helps...).

A femalereader, whiteflower  +, to write (30 June 2008):

I had a boyfriend tell me I essential to shave down there. The hurt rather a bit. Ns don"t think I totally got end it till a couple of year later. But! after ~ we damaged up, i started trying out with various methods of hair removal till I uncovered one i liked. I made decision I liked keeping it smooth under there because 1) it renders me feel a lot of sexier, 2) it makes me feeling cleaner, and also 3) it provides sexual contact an ext stimulating.

It"s a an excellent idea because that you to say something to her. I think -how- you to speak it makes the difference. Don"t tell her what she needs to do. Suggest it tactfully. Ns don"t recognize if you feel sexual sufficient to watch porn through her, yet maybe you can make a comment about how the men and women in the videos space shaved there, climate say other like, "I heard the sex feel a lot far better that way. Why don"t us both shot it?" keep the "we" emphasized in there so rather of feeling choose you"re singling her out, you"ll do it an suffer you both could share.

A femalereader, No1AgonyAunt  +, to write (30 June 2008):

I personally think if you space close sufficient with her

you would have the ability to tell her.

I mean go nice about it dont just say you require a shave just ask she what she is prefers top top guys and shes bound come return the question and then to speak well i like.. E.t.c

I dont think that is being awful at all just what you

prefer and also yeah lets face it who wants a mouthful that hair?

Well together a personall opinion i choose hair there, however only a little of it, yet dont shavee just trim it a bit, for this reason answer? slightly TRIMMED => x

A malereader, Hench  +, write (30 June 2008):

Hench is proved as gift by the initial poster that the question

Ok guys, cheers because that all her advice, i"m walk to use a variety of the points you recommend me to do, i"m going come ask top top in two days time, (when im next seeing her), so wish me luck lol x x

A reader, anonymous, write (29 June 2008):

If a male took down his pants in front of me and also had a completely shaved area climate I"d most likely laugh in ~ him...

Some hair is sexy - totally bare makes you like you haven"t hit puberty yet and theres miscellaneous a little bit weird about liking that.

Don"t carry your girlfriends friends right into bedroom stuff, she"ll never ever forgive friend or trust you again.

A femalereader, lexilou  +, to write (29 June 2008):

Whatever you do do not point out it to her friends, she will certainly be certain mortified and may never forgive you!!!

And dont execute what a friend of mine did when he met a woman that didnt cut ANYTHING. He was so turned off by her armpits, bush and also hairy legs that he turned up v a razor and also some cut gel. She threw him out and never observed him again.

I agree girlfriend should be able to talk openly about this, simply be moral with her, dont do it the end to it is in a substantial problem. Simply tell her that you finish up with a mouthful the pubes and think she would additionally get much more pleasure if you can see a bit an ext skin.

My hubby always lets me know if I"ve forget to trim it, after ~ all ns lead a liven life v three kids etc so occasionally it it s okay a little bit wild. That will just say cave on while I gain the grinder native the van, I understand he"s only joking together Im not also that hairy (natural blonde and my body hair doesnt acquire that poor really) however it never offends me, just makes me laugh.

He on the other hand is dark haired and also Im certain hes part werewolf, so I favor him to cut his balls and also trim his pube area.

Good lucky x

Afemale reader, anonymous, to write (29 June 2008):

DON"T ask her friend. You have to leave friends out of what walk on in the bedroom. That"s no one of your business and also it could embarrass her.

Why don"t friend tell her that you would like to understand what the feels choose to have actually sex with a shave "groin area." tell her the you heard that it feel really an excellent and you desire to try it to view if it yes, really does do a difference. Ns think that"s a nice means of putting it there is no insulting her or making she feel favor there is something wrong v her.

And top top the subject of guys shaving their pubes, I hate that. I think that is one effeminate thing to shave down there. Males who cut any part of their body yet their confront to me is not really masculine. Yet you could definitely trim simply to keep it neat. But I don"t prefer a shaved guy.

A femalereader, twisted  +, write (29 June 2008):

Yeah, girlfriend gotta speak it in a means that it"s a benefit for HER, not you. "God, ns wish I might have far better access to your ***** better, I can do therefore much more to make you happy!" action excited around it, she"ll more than likely do it there is no a secod thought, I understand I did once I to be 18!

A femalereader, miss williamz 

 +, writes (29 June 2008):

Lol!!your are a fanny guy. Its an easy try this.why dont you send her a text blog post asking her what She wants the following time friend meet.how she would certainly love it then in the process ask she to cut her pubic so u can accessibility her love husband pot preety good when girlfriend tell her that idont think she will be offended. An excellent luck and dont forget us let us recognize if it was a success.

A reader, anonymous, write (29 June 2008):

Well, a guy prior to me had actually the happiness of questioning my current wife to trim she pubic hair, so ns never had to worry about having come nervously carry out that. Ns guess ns would simply say other like, "Hey, did friend ever think about trimming your pubic hair? It sort of tickles my nose." as to your second question, we both like the various other to save their pubic hair trimmed to about 1/2 customs or much less in length. No shaved. Keeps the from tickling persons nose, yet it is no scratchy.

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A femalereader, miss out on sunshine 

 +, writes (29 June 2008):

First of all i HATE males WITH HAIR under THERE. Obviously friend cant provide him the best satisfaction.. LOL. Anyway, my best friend was in the same case as you so dont worry ill tell friend what ns told him, and also with the it settled perfect. Before i begin i must tell you, do not even think to gain a friend of she to tell her that. It is not polite in ~ all. You have to ask she yourself. Tell she that now you men are sexually energetic and acquired really closer friend would choose for she to cut so that you can accomplish her the best. Emphasize (i expect i wrote that correct..) on that. Present her the you ask she to shave so that you can provide her an ext satisfaction. It is regular in teenagers when they space on their first experiences come forget that they need to shave. If you shave she will do it too. Define that it is much easier for friend and much better for her. Carry out not to speak "be cleaner" that will certainly offend her. Just say "if you cut it will certainly be simpler for me to accomplish you, i beg your pardon is very important come me to offer you every the pleasure ns can". After ~ that ns am certain she will do it and you wont need to dig in a jungle to find your means down south. Haha!

Hope ns helped!! :)

A femalereader, Livinglifedaybyday  +, writes (29 June 2008):

Ummm that"s a challenging one. However you should have the ability to talk openly around these things. Telling a friend to tell her would NOT it is in the way!! maybe just have actually a talk through her telling her whatever you desire to do with her yet your afraid that her hair could get in the way. Maybe she have the right to just trim it and also it would certainly all be fine. I like for my friend to be trimmed since I know exactly how irratating shaving can be. Having actually it trimmed means I won"t discover any...unpleasant hairs in mine mouth later. Lol.

A femalereader, taina1980  +, writes (29 June 2008):

I choose for a male to be shaved or trimmed I median hair, let"s confront it, the gross... Cut yours first... Tell her you think it would certainly be means more satisfying for her if she had no pubic hair... My boyfriend does mine...just tell she she beeds to cut that is no as embarrassing together you think...

A malereader, mustaine6  +, to write (29 June 2008):

DO not ASK her FRIENDS every little thing YOU DO!

just shot and slip it into conversation favor ""well if you had a nice HAVEN then youd be an ext sexy"" or smething favor that, and i think females like guys with a lil pubes, but not a complete on bush (ps: trimming her pubes roughly your prick makes the look bigger, do NOT SHAVE, TRIM.)

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