The Sacrament of confirmation is a celebration because that Christians to more their faith and belief in the divine Spirit. That is an extension of the guarantees in confidence made throughout Baptism. The confirmation candidate choose a sponsor come stand with her during her trip in faith. One component of the candidate’s preparation is for the sponsor to write a confirmation letter to the candidate.

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Address the letter informally come the check candidate. The candidate is likely to it is in a loved one or close friend and casual salutation is acceptable.

Begin the letter through your intent, relenten your reasons for sending the check candidate the letter. The reason for the sponsor letter is to share her thoughts ~ above what girlfriend think belief is through the candidate.

Write about your personal experiences of just how God touches her life with your faith. Describe in terms a young guy or woman can understand, as though you are having actually a personal conversation v him.

Describe exactly how you setup to be there for the candidate in regards to his spirituality. Suggest making one ongoing arrangement to to visit church together.

Close the letter informing your candidate exactly how proud you space of him and also this crucial step in his belief journey v Confirmation. Say thanks to him because that the honor of choosing you as his sponsor.

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