Compare person (6 feet) vs Lesser Wyvern (35 feet) visually. This tool helps friend to compare visually sizes of various objects.

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Put dimensions on each line, prefixed by the surname you would prefer to associate (separate v "|"). See below for the complete syntax.

Sizes entry box an easy modeHuman (6 feet)|1.8×0.6mm|1,2,83,241:M22.5,241.6C22.2,241.1,22.2,239.1,22.5,237.2C23,234.7,22.6,232.6,21,229.5C18.8,225.4,18.8,224.5,19.5,207C20.2,188.9,20.2,188.7,18,187.6L15.8,186.4L16,154.7C16.1,137.3,16.2,121.9,16.1,120.4C16,118.8,14.3,116.1,11.5,113.1C9,110.6,5.4,105.5,3.4,102C0.1,96,-0.1,95,0.3,89.8C0.6,86.6,1.1,80.5,1.4,76.1C2,68.4,5.6,48.7,6.6,47.6C6.9,47.4,9,46.4,11.3,45.5C16.7,43.5,30,34.7,30.7,32.7C31.1,31.9,30.6,29.2,29.7,26.6C26.3,17.1,26.4,14.6,30.6,8.4C34.8,2,36.4,1.3,44.1,2.1C51.4,3,53.8,4.1,54.6,7.1C55.4,10.5,54.4,20.5,53,21.9C52.5,22.5,52,25.2,52,28C52,34.3,54.9,39.6,58.3,39.6C61.6,39.6,65.8,41.9,70.4,46.2C74.2,49.8,74.3,50.1,75,58.5C76,70.3,79.1,80.5,82.2,82.6C83.4,83.5,83.4,86,82,93.1C81.4,96.4,80.7,100.4,80.5,102C80.2,103.7,79.1,106.2,78,107.7C76.9,109.2,76,111.1,76,111.9C76,114.7,74.7,116.6,71.9,118.1L69,119.6L69,132.6C69,139.8,69.4,148.7,69.9,152.4C70.5,156,71.1,164.9,71.3,171.9C71.8,184.3,71.7,184.9,69.6,186.9C66.6,189.7,65.5,196.9,65.9,210.9C66.1,218.2,65.8,222.1,64.9,223.1C64.3,223.9,63.7,226.5,63.7,228.7C63.7,232.3,64.2,233.3,67.8,236.3C74.6,241.9,73.8,242.6,59.7,242.6L47.3,242.6L48.3,237C49.1,232.8,49,230.2,47.9,226.3C47,222.8,46.5,215.7,46.5,205.4C46.5,195.2,46.1,189.3,45.4,188.5C44.6,187.8,43.1,187.7,40.9,188.3L37.5,189.2L36.7,202.1C36.2,210.2,36.3,217.3,36.9,221C37.8,225.8,37.7,227.4,36.5,229.1C35.7,230.3,35,233.7,34.8,236.7L34.5,242.1L28.8,242.4C25.7,242.5,22.9,242.2,22.5,241.6ZLesser Wyvern (35 feet)|3.6×10.6mm|
Size referencesiPhone4|115.5×62.1×9.3mm||||242.8×189.7×13.4mm||| AAA|44.5×10.5×10.5mm|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,120,120:M0,60A60,60,180 1 1 0,60.1zBattery AA|50.5×14×14mm|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,120,120:M0,60A60,60,180 1 1 0,60.1zCD|120×120mm×1.2mm|0,0,1200,1200:M0,600a600,600,0 0 1 1200,0h-525a75,75 0 0 0 -150,0a75,75 90 0 0 150,0h525a600,600,0 0 1 -1200,0zSD card|32×24×2.1mm|0,0,118,97:M0,0v38h4v34h-4v88l0,0 1,0h118l0,-0 0,-0v-101l-2,0v-9l2,0v-29l-21,-21h-97l0,0zBanking card|53.98×85.60×0.76mm| sheet|297×210mmLetter sheet|11×8.5inDime|17.91×17.91×1.35mm|0,0,4,4:M0,2a2,2 0 1 1 4,0a2,2 0 1 1 -4,0zQuarter|24.26×24.26×1.75mm|0,0,4,4:M0,2a2,2 0 1 1 4,0a2,2 0 1 1 -4,0z


| <<< | > | > | >: The surname you would prefer to combine to the object: 2 or 3 size separated by "×" ie: "5.5 centimeter × 5 cm", "5×5×2.2mm", "5×5×2.2inch" (optional): exactly how the object need to be stood for on the front check out (see below) (optional): exactly how the object have to be represented on the right view (see below) (optional): just how the object have to be represented on the peak view (see below)

To make your visual comparison an ext representative; you can specify exactly how you would like to render it using the watch parameters. Below is the perform of worths you can set for this parameters:

rectangle: by default the tool attract your objects together colored rectangles you don"t have to specify anything for thisimage url: you have the right to specify the url come the image which match your object. Make certain there is no white spaces roughly the object otherwise the measurement will no be appropriately url: you have the right to specify an SVG image yet some browsers will not render it and also will fallback to rectangles.

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Compare size is incorporated into comparison tables

Comparison tables which consists of at the very least height, width, will screen in the top left edge of the table the adhering to icon: Click it to directly access the visual comparison the the dimensions included in the table.

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