While the big, silver crate dishwasher is a common sight in restaurants all over the world, no every shop deserve to afford to own and maintain one. If they can not afford a dishwasher, deserve to restaurants wash their bowl by hand or is the prohibited by law?

Washing by hand in particular smaller restaurants is enabled by the FDA if they properly wash, rinse, and sanitize the dishes follow to FDA guidelines. More extensive infrastructure should usage a commercial dishwasher. What space FDA guidelines for hand washing dishes?

If friend wonder when it is legal because that a restaurant to hand to wash their dishes and whether it is safe, read listed below for much more information to describe it.

How do Restaurants Hand wash Dishes?


Unless using a advertising dishwasher, the fastest means to to wash dishes in a restaurant through hand is to usage the three-sink method. Most wellness departments and the FDA have approved the 3 sink method as the preferred technique to hand wash dishes in a advertisement setting.

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While this technique works for cleaning and also sanitizing dishes, smaller establishments that cannot afford a advertisement dishwasher room the only ones that have to use it.

Restaurants through a huge volume the dishes come wash would certainly have problems using this method because the the time necessary to scrape, wash, rinse, sanitize, and also air dry the dishes. An additional problem is the space needed to dried them.


When making use of a advertisement dishwasher, you scrape the dishes and also place castle in the racks, climate rinse them off v a high-pressure sprayer prior to sending them through the dishwasher. Once done v the cycle, they can be moved out come the various other side to air dry quickly prior to being placed up when washing another rack that dishes. The entire procedure is quickly achieved. Hand washing dishes take away a lot an ext time and energy come accomplish.

What is the Three-Sink Method?

You may have actually heard that the three-sink an approach of washing dishes. Have you ever given any kind of thought to how countless dishes a restaurant provides in a day? If you have ever worked in a restaurant throughout peak times, you know that even if you space using a dishwasher, it is difficult to keep up through the demand. Yet if you are washing them by hand, is that even possible to manage to keep captured up.

Most health and wellness departments throughout the unified States need commercial kitchens to have a three-bin sink set up in the kitchen. Part of the reasoning behind that is the three-sink an approach of hand washing dishes. But, what is the three-sink process?


If you want to know more, read on below for the remainder of the story.

Prepping the Dishes to Wash

Just like you wouldn’t take it the key of food off her table in ~ home and immediately set them in the sink with food quiet on them, friend cannot perform it at a restaurant either.

First, you need to prep the bowl to get it prepared to wash it by scraping the continuing to be food into the trash. Girlfriend will want to make certain the sink area is empty and also clean before starting your session of washing dishes.


Some restaurants may have a four-section sink and have food handle in one. If so, you have the right to scrap the food right into it and also use the handle to eliminate the food products.

Washing the Dishes

Using the first bin in the sink should be filled through the hottest water you deserve to safely stand combined with soap and also degreaser. Usually, the temperature should be between 95 and 120 degrees to accomplish health room standards. You need to regularly check with a thermometer and change the water once it starts cooling off or getting too dirty.


You will wash each dish in the water prior to moving it come the following compartment.

Rinsing the Dishes

The wash water have to be approximately 120 levels to fulfill most requirements from the health department. Fill the second compartment with an extremely hot water come rinse the dishes. After ~ washing the dishes, place each one in the 2nd compartment come rinse them. Friend will relocate them to the next sink come sanitize them prior to use.

Sanitizing the Dishes

Sanitizing the key is the most crucial step in the process. This process kills any kind of remaining germs, and the dishes space safe to usage again. You have the right to either usage chemical sanitation or warm water sanitation.

You can accomplish chemical sanitization by making use of a chemical solution to kill any kind of remaining virus with very hot water. Girlfriend will need to check with your health department come make sure you usage a chemistry they approve of and the exactly water temperature.

Typically each dish will have to soak in the solution between seven and also thirty seconds prior to being removed. You have the right to purchase EPA-approved tablets to placed in the sink to sanitize the dishes. You deserve to use chlorine test strips to confirm you have accomplished the correct level that concentration.

The second method to sanitize bowl is hot water sanitization, request a sanitizing sink heater installed to gain the water temperature to about 171 levels Fahrenheit.

Drying the Dishes

FDA guidelines need dishes to always air dry. Never use a towel. Friend must have a self-draining drainboard to protect against water indigenous accumulating. It deserve to be tough to keep up in busy restaurants uneven you have actually ample space to accommodate enough dishes drying at a time.

Using the three-sink technique can be effective however is more than likely not feasible in larger facilities that require huge amounts of dishes done quickly. Advertisement dishwashing machines only require a few minutes to be all set to usage the dishes again compared to dishwashers you can use in her home and also can handle big volumes of dishes come go through them every hour.

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The high temperatures offered to operation them help the dishes dry virtually immediately when they room out of the washing compartment.

To Conclude

Restaurants who want to use the handwashing method instead of to buy a commercial dishwasher have to use a for sure procedure that at some point kills germs, such together the 3 sink methods. The dishes should be washed, rinsed, and sanitized using an FDA-approved technique to guarantee that they kill all germs that could cause bacteria so that they deserve to use the containers again.


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