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JOMAC crafts customized organization trucks based upon the unique needs of every individual customer. Built to spec, each utility truck body is developed with precision, bringing her blueprint of the perfect job-related truck come life. Us guarantee a business truck body optimized to fulfill the needs of your work and also exceed her expectations that what a business truck have the right to be.


All service truck bodies and cranes are closely hand-crafted in ~ our Carrollton, five facility. We execute not cut corners with cookie-cutter configurations. JOMAC dedicates the time and effort required to produce one-of-a-kind organization trucks and cranes, made in the heart of America. Our tradition truck human body designs and also truck-mounted cranes are forged by the hand of our skilled craftsmen. No assembly present necessary.


Aluminum is a durable and also light weight solution for the unnecessarily heavy steel service trucks of year past. The forward-thinking engineers at JOMAC construct truck bodies using specifically 6000 series, military class aluminum. Every aluminum truck body is guaranteed to it is in rust-free because that life. Seriously.

Truck cranes are among the most useful enhancements contractors and business owners can include to a service truck body. Exactly how much they room able to lift is completely dependent on the kind of crane, the size of the crane, and also the max load rating specified by the manufacturer.

So… as you more than likely expected, over there is no clear-cut answer to this question.

However, the objective of this post is to define how to appropriately read a truck crane manufacturer’s spec sheet to identify the max load of your crane in several various positions (this varies, depending on the reach and angle the the crane.)


Max fill Rating


The max pack rating on a crane will determine the maximum lot of weight that a crane can lift in a specific position and at a details angle.

This number is necessary to bear in mind, as it will recognize the an ext practical applications her crane deserve to be offered for.

In most instances, the crane’s max load can be accomplished with a an extremely short extension in proximity to the van body, request the truck body to be incredibly close to the cargo or items you are intending come lift and also move.

For an ext practical volume ratings, friend should direct your attention to the manufacturer spec hands-on that will provide you far more insight into just how much weight your business truck crane is able come lift.



Manufacturer Spec Sheets


The pure best resource for determining the practical weight the your business truck crane deserve to lift is the manufacturer capacity chart (typically located on a manufacturer spec sheet.)

The volume chart will provide the preferably weight pack that a van crane have the right to handle, stated with three various parameters: crane extension, crane angle, and weight capacity.

The crane extension refers to the actual height of the pointer of the eight in relation to the basic of the crane.

The crane angle will refer to the edge at which the crane is lifting the cargo or material.

The crane load capacity will be the maximum pack that the crane can handle at a particular extension and angle.

A straightforward formula to store in mind as soon as it involves interpreting a volume chart is edge + extension is the technique of identify a fill capacity for a truck crane.




Reading a capacity Chart


In our example, the crane featured is a JOMAC STC-80 telescoping crane, with a maximum fill capacity of 8000 lbs.

To achieve the 8,000 lbs pack capacity, the crane need to be in ~ an 80 level angle, v no extra expansion (in this case, the boom will be elevated 13 ft, without extension).

If the crane stays in the same 80 level angle, but it is expanded to 20 ft, the best weight capacity decreases from 8,000 lbs come 3,500 lbs.

As an additional example, let’s take the crane through no added extension in ~ a 45 level angle.

We deserve to look at the load capacity chart and also determine the at 45 degrees, the crane is able to take care of 5,000 lbs.

If we prolong the crane come 12 ft reach at that very same 45 degree angle, the weight capacity diminishes come 3,500 lbs.

A simple rule of thumb is the better the horizontal reach of the crane, the much less weight capacity it have the right to handle.



Manufacturer capacity Charts


It is crucial as a truck crane operator to have actually the manufacturer volume chart available. Volume charts are provided with user safety and also well-being in mind.

Aside native the safety and security aspect, you might run the hazard of substantially damaging a truck crane if loaded with too lot weight. The is a i have lot of money error, no doubt.

If you execute not have actually a manufacturer capacity chart available, we suggest contacting the crane manufacturer to acquire one.

It will conserve you time, headache, and potential harm to have one available.

Always top the capacity chart to ensure you room moving product safely and effectively.

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