The girls are external in 10 gallon towel grow bags and have been in flower for 2 weeks - how much water/nuts would you be offering 5?

I’ve to be filling up a 5 gallon bucket and spread the wide range every various other day - nuts every other watering/once a week…certain times 10 gallons spread out out

just wondering

I use 5and 7 gallon smart pots , exact same thing. With the 7 festival she got anywhere from 1-1 1/2 festival water… 5 gallon pot 1/2-1 gallon water depending upon heat the day and also so on. 10 gallon I would think 2 gallon easy for run off . Yet that’s me . Together for nutes i don’t know what line your useing.

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My at home 5 gallon smart pots take 1 1/2 gallons every 4 days to runoff. (in flower)My out 10 gallon smart pot bring away 2 gallons to runoff every three days. (in flower)

Wishingilivedina420state due to the fact that I likewise use 5 festival soft pots indoorsMy the end 25 festival pot have the right to take 3-4 gal to obtain run off and 15 gal obtain 2-3 depends on temps and also size of the plants also a 8-10 foot plant will drink an ext than a5-6 foot and plant

With no issues and also Agian depends on size and health the plant yet 8 foot high you’ll acquire 8-10 oz easyI hoping for over a lbs off my scrog outdoors i beg your pardon is where I’m actually making use of the 25 galThe 15 festival pot has actually a 6-1/2 foot tree that have to yield a quite amount together well

My 10 gallon cloth pots take in between 3 and also 4 gallons come runoff every 4 days. However, ns am really slow about introducing the water come the soil. I placed 1 gallon in about the basic of the plant and come back an hour or 2 later on to include the rest. The soil will certainly accept the liquid better for me.

EasyE, you would be wise to just water once your plants room dry. And also I mean dry! This will promote source growth and mitigate root rot.

If you had actually to flush stated 5 girls in the 10 gallon prosper bags - exactly how much water would usage for a good flush?

Rugar89 has a nifty an approach where he flushes 90% with tap water then finishes through ph’d water for the last 10%.

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EasyEThirty gallons per 10 gallon pot should do it. But PHing 30 gallons is expensive. So around 30 gallons with straight tap water to flush the soil, and also then an additional 3 gallons v PHed water must be enough to flush the non PHed water out and put your soil PH ago in range. Simply measure the PH and also PPM the the last 3 gallons of runoff so friend can readjust further top top the next watering.

Rugar89 provides is a good idea that will save you a small time also not having actually to ph the entirety 30 gal