follow to TaskManager top top W7, chat application is making use of 72Mb of memory. I"m not in a call or noþeles - it"s simply logged in.

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Is this anything to treatment about?


I"ve discovered two things to have helped reduced the unreasonable, and also inefficient memory usage of Skype:

Turn off emoticon animations (or emoticons altogether)Options > ns > rotate off emoticon animationsDisplay only contact names without picturesOptions > Contacts perform > call name only

My Skype–running top top a corporate computer system for firm use–consistently supplies >500MB of physics memory, this gift the basic value v no post threads actually open. As soon as I have several subject open, through a long history in each, it deserve to increase by 200MB easily.

Most the this memory usage seems to be as result of the lengthy (corporate) contact lists and also Skype buffering the the conversation history, file images, and active threads, however that"s simply a guess.


No, the isn"t. This is a perfectly regular value. Uneven a regime is not meticulously optimized for memory usage, the is.


Skype will be creating resources because that every file in your contact list (photos specifically can eat up ram), your own profile and also any history about the it keeps, producing buffers for managing connections, buffers for histories of conversations, etc.

The exe is 20 meg alone, and also generally a lot of memory systems in there will should allocate some simple workspace once they initialise, even if the subsystem isn"t gaining used.

Looking in ~ it, I"d speak its using much more than that needs yet not sufficient that they wanted to garbage time optimising for memory usage.

EDIT - Also, if its producing a the majority of windows and also user interfaces the are simply hidden, that deserve to escalate the memory usage dramatically. Skype has actually a most functionality your most likely not accessing.

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The problem is that Skype is utilizing P2P connection typology, therefore the application needs to use some individuals as relay nodes or super nodes to hold the connections between other users. This concern happens once your computer system is so an effective that the routine chooses girlfriend to host the connections.

To settle this issue, all what you need to do is delete the routing table paper to renew it. You have the right to do the in Windows, as follows:

Quit skype entirely. You deserve to do that by best clicking the Skype symbol in the device tray alongside the clock (bottom best of her screen), then select Quit.Press ~ above your keyboard Windows switch plus R.Type in the operation box C:Users\AppDataRoamingSkypeDelete the record shared or shared.xml, no shared.lckStart skype again.

In a Mac, you have the right to delete the same record as follows:

Quit Skype. Ideal click skype in the Dock, then pick Quit.Go to home > Library > Application support > Skype.Delete the shared.xml file.