Bo Jackson rookie cards room the most underrated sporting activities cards in the human being today. There is no a doubt in mine mind, there’s never ever been a enlarge disparity between what something is currently selling for and what it’s in reality worth. I’m walk to make the situation for Bo Jackson rookie cards.

Although Bo Jackson is the best athlete of every time, the expression doesn’t really capture the full affect that Bo has actually made ~ above the sporting activities world. Here’s a much better way come say it,

“There room stars, there are superstars, and also then there’s Bo Jackson.” – opened line come ESPN Flims 30 because that 30 ‘You Don’t recognize Bo.’

The greatest Athlete of every Time

Some that the most notable achievements leave Bo Jackson in a organization of his own. The only athlete to ever before make the All-Star game in both football and baseball.

His speed qualified him for the U.S. Olympic Track and also Field Team, yet he chose baseball and football instead. His 4.12 second 40-yard dash time in ~ the 1986 NFL combine is tho the more quickly time on record.

Bo to be a two-time state champion in the decathlon. He won the Heisman Trophy compensation for best college soccer player. His list of sports achievements goes on and also on, but there’s an ext to the story. The greatest athlete of all time doesn’t just accumulate record after record, they end up being a legend.

Bo Jackson the Kid

Young Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson to be constantly in trouble. Growing up, he had a speech impediment, and when other kids would laugh in ~ him, that would gain mad. He’s talked around his early years throughout interviews, and young Bo to be constantly acquiring in fights with various other kids. If it wasn’t for the strict technique he got from his mother, he’s not sure where he would be today.

He grew up with nine brothers and sisters in a tiny residence in Bessemer, Alabama. That recalls walk to college without shoes. Not due to the fact that he refused to undertake them, but due to the fact that he didn’t have actually any. The hard work that Bo’s mother, occasionally working two or three jobs at a time, maintained the family members afloat. Bo never forgot the priceless lessons he learned from his mom – how to act people, and also how to be thankful and also grateful because that what friend have, even if it isn’t really much.

Bo Jackson Highlights

Bo Jackson has actually so countless career highlights it would be difficult to run through each one. But there’s something i noticed while digging through dozens and also dozens that amazing video clip clips. Bo highlights simply seem different. Totally unique and ridiculous displays of athleticism, power, speed, and ability. He was in a league of his own, doing things nobody else might dream of.

His very first major organization at-bat was one of the many anticipated occasions of the year. Everyone wanted to see simply how good this male was. And he did no disappoint.

His very first major organization hit to be a ground ball to the 2nd baseman. But as the fielder turn to throw to first base, that was presented to maybe the fastest player ever before to operation the bases.

Bo win the litter to first base for his very first hit in the pros, and also the hometown Kansas City Royals fans went for sure nuts. Cheering and standing on their feet, the stadium complete of Royals fans knew immediately they to be in because that a treat. They establish they could get to watch the biggest athlete of every time play because that the hometown team.

Bo Jackson didn’t wait to display screen his blazing speed. That beat the end a ground sphere to the 2nd baseman in his very first major league at-bat. Amazing.

Running down the ideal Bo Jackson Rookie Cards

In 2013, a team the sports scientists at ESPN conferred come decide who the biggest athlete of every time was. Lock evaluated number of of the height athletes in background against a deep set of metrics. Bo Jackson edged Michael Jordan and also came out on top.

Bo Jackson was one of the very couple of athletes that played in two experienced sports leagues — the NFL and major League Baseball — in ~ the exact same time. Deion Sanders and also Brian Jordan are a couple of of the others. Yet neither had the ability to captivate the nation quite like Bo. He remained in a organization of his own.

Jackson’s football career was comparatively short. He spent just 4 years through the (then) Los Angeles Raiders until a i know well injury forced him to seek baseball complete time. However his Raiders career caused several appearances in to mark reels, including a 1987 Monday night game in which he rumbled because that 221 yards against the Seattle Seahawks — a Monday night football document that still stands.

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Legends execute things come amaze pan – even when they’re already expecting greatness.

Bo spent eight year in the large leagues, 5 of i m sorry were through the Kansas City Royals. His best season came in 1989 once he clubbed 32 home runs, drove in 105 runs, and finished 10th in the MVP race.

But every the Bo Jackson baseball stats and football feats don’t really explain his mystique. Nothing does. Being a multi-sport athlete at the time was unheard of, and playing both baseball and also football provided Jackson maybe a month turn off every year.

Jackson was likewise beloved because that his characteristics humbleness and heads-down occupational ethic.

Although he just played professionally because that eight years, Bo Jackson continues to be a truly legendary figure in American sports. And also to this day, Bo Jackson rookie cards are several of the coolest map collectibles you can own. Castle are additionally overlooked by the brand-new generation of card collectors, in mine opinion. Creating a substantial opportunity for the notified collector spring to add value to their map stash.

Bo Jackson Rookie Cards

Prices for Bo Jackson rookie cards fall into a broad price range. Some are worth hundreds of dollars while others space worth really little, which is nearly criminal, in my opinion. Let’s look at at every one and compare a few recent sales the the best condition Gem Mint cards. After going through the list, girlfriend most most likely will agree, there have never been more undervalued rookie cards than Bo’s.

Even the most an important football commerce cards space worth a portion of the worth of the most expensive baseball cards, no matter how great the football player is or was. Nonetheless, we’ve had one Bo Jackson rookie map from his NFL career.

Here are few of the most notable and an useful Bo Jackson rookie cards.

1986 Topps Traded Tiffany Bo Jackson Rookie map #50T

Bo Jackson’s 1986 Topps Tiffany is the most an important of the Bo baseball rookie cards. Recent sales show an typical selling price of end $2,000 for the Gem Mint PSA 10 rated card.

Part the the factor for the high price tags is the Topps Tiffany collection itself.

Between 1984 and also 1991, Topps developed two versions of its baseball cards. The Tiffany collection is considered the more premium the the two, mainly since the overall quality is superior. The cardboard is stronger, and the backside v Bo Jackson baseball stats supplies a stark white background rather of the traditional dark grey.

Factory runs of the Tiffany collection were also minimal — just 5,000 Bo Jackson rookie cards were published — and that comparative undersupply adds come its value.

Bo Jackson’s ’86 Topps collection also features one the the superstar’s most iconic images in the key photograph. If she just starting your Bo Jackson rookie card collection, this is the one you must pursue first.

1987 classic Game Bo Jackson Rookie Card

Why Bo Jackson Rookie Cards must Be much more Valuable

Bo’s legend grows with every passing year. He’s somehow remained one of the most likable celebrity characters out there. Bo Jackson rookie cards space unquestionably several of the most undervalued sports cards ever produced.

Bo struggle the skilled sports scene with a ferocity nobody has ever matched. He came to be a household name about the country almost overnight. Football, baseball, tennis, biking… the didn’t issue what sport you to be interested in, you knew Bo.

“Bo Knows” commercial native the 1989 Nike ad campaign.

The intro to ESPN films 30 because that 30, ‘You Don’t understand Bo’ identifies one more important aspect to what made Bo Jackson not just a legend however a myth.

All us saw, to be a guy doing things that we had no idea to be humanly possible. Then the end of i do not have anything – he was gone.”

The soccer injury Bo suffered in simply his 4th season cut his career short. The underwent hip instead of surgery and also retired native football. His baseball comeback was incredible. Simply for the an easy fact the he was again hitting house runs through an synthetic hip. Yet it didn’t critical long.

It’s incredible the influence Bo do on the sports human being in just a few years’ time. As soon as Bo’s playing career was over, it took a while for civilization to put into words specifically what they had witnessed.

Watching world reflect on, and try to explain the legend, the myth, and the phenomenon of Bo Jackson is a lot of fun. Castle are simply not certain how to explain it.

A legend or a myth is indescribable, or in ~ least, very complicated to describe. Here’s a sample of exactly how commentators battle to define and also summarize Bo Jackson.

“I to be like, I’m fast, he’s faster, climate there’s Bo Jackson.”

“To me, he to be the best athlete that the 20th century, and also there’s not even an argument there.”

“Every two or 3 days, that would do something, and make you simply scratch her head and say, man, i don’t know if I just saw that right.”

“Bo Jackson to be the first superhero of mine generation.”

“There to be something mythical around everything that he did.”

“He was choose a rocket ship the was fired the end of a cannon.”

“Bo was simply better 보다 everybody else.”

If you’re questioning the worth of a Bo Jackson rookie card, clock this intro come ESPN movies 30 for 30. It plainly defines the legend of Bo Jackson. The fairly low values of his rookie cards should be seriously questioned. They could be the most undervalued sports cards in existence.

If you haven’t watched the “30 for 30” ~ above Bo, girlfriend really should spend 30 minutes and watch it ideal now.

The last Hero that the 80s map Boom

Bo Jackson rookie cards have a small something extra. Maybe it’s that he was the last hero of the 80s trading map boom. Possibly he was, for plenty of people, the last reputable superman before the digital age adjusted sports forever.

Bo Jackson’s expert career launched in the 1980s. In ~ the time, sporting activities trading cards to be still items that young world eagerly hunted down.

An 11-year-old son would bicycle end to the nearest 7-Eleven and pick up a package of baseball or soccer cards — which likewise came through a stick of flavorless, chalky chewing gum the could almost crack her teeth.

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Bo Jackson was specifically popular among the kids in his day, much more so than various other athletes with bigger stats and also championship trophies. Part of this undoubtedly was due to his two-sport career. He was among the best players in two major sports in ~ the exact same time. The youngsters had never seen anything prefer Jackson, and also he was viewed as miscellaneous of a superhero for that reason alone.

Tecmo Bo

In 2013, ESPN named Bo Jackson the best Athlete of all Time based on a team of metrics through the Sports science team. Even amongst some that the many famous professional sports numbers in history, such together Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, i get it Federer, and Jim Brown, Bo Jackson stands above them all.

In 1989, Nintendo exit Tecmo Bowl, a football video clip game featuring real nationwide Football organization players. This remained in the prime of Bo’s two-sport strong achievements. Once you chose your team for a game of Techmo Bowl, there was one obvious selection – Bo.

He was almost unstoppable. The video game programmers do Bo faster than anyone rather on the field, which to be pretty lot accurate to real-life conditions. If you’ve never ever played the game, the video clip below accurately to represent “Tecmo Bo” in action.

Amazing Bo Jackson Interviews

Although Bo seldom does interviews and does his finest to avoid the spotlight, some tremendous interviews space out there. Most of them exist because that fundraising purposes. Bo has a charity dubbed “Bo Bikes Bama,” whereby he hosts a bicycle ride annually to raise money for a neighborhood in Alabama ravaged by tornados.

Here’s a great interview with Bo Jackson. It simply happens to be Lance Armstrong who captures Bo for an hour and also a half interview with so many an excellent stories ns can’t even count lock all.

If you’re no a Bo Jackson fan yet, hear to this interview, and also you’ll understand why he’s therefore unique. Not only is that a life legend, but he’s also possibly among the best storytellers I’ve ever before heard.

WEDŪ MEDIA · episode 26 – Bo Jackson // The forward Podcast through Lance Armstrong