Original granny Beasley dolls

Family Affair was an American comedy series that aired on CBS from 1966 to 1971 and also Mrs. Beasley doll was the favorite doll of Buffy (played by Anissa Jones). The sitcom discover the trials that well-to-do engineer and bachelor invoice Davis as he attempted come raise his brother"s orphaned youngsters in his luxury new York City apartment. Davis" traditional English gentleman"s valet, Mr. Giles French, likewise had adjustments come make together he came to be saddled v the obligation of caring because that 15-year-old Cissy and the 6-year-old twins, Jody and also Buffy.

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Miss Beasley doll to be Buffy"s defense blanket and also confidant that listened to all her problems. The first Mrs. Beasley doll come out in 1967, as soon as Mattel exit a 21" talking doll in a pink display box. ~ above the initial box to be a color photo reflecting Buffy smiling with a doll in she arms.

Mrs. Beasley wore a blue dress/pants with white polka-dots, yellow shoes, and also a pair of black square-rimmed glasses.

In addition, Mattel produced a 14-inch non-talking rag doll, finish with removable, fully-washable clothes; and a 10-inch talk Buffy through a 4-inch Mrs. Beasley (Maureen McCormick the THE BRADY BUNCH call loaned she voice come the doll"s voice box); and also 6-inch non-talking, bendable Buffy v a 3-inch Mrs. Beasley.

Mrs beasley doll sayings

Georgia Schmidt lend her voice because that the initial Mrs. Beasley dolls. Later, Cheryl Ladd took over because that the collectors" doll in 2000. The unit volume were videotaped onto small records:

It would certainly be such fun to play run rope, don"t you think? perform you desire to hear a secret? I understand one.Gracious me, you"re obtaining to be such a huge girl!Speak a small louder dear, so Mrs.Beasley deserve to hear you.I carry out think you"re the nicest tiny friend I ever before had.If you could have three wishes, what would certainly you great for?If you were a little smaller, I could rock you come sleep.You may call me Mrs.Beasley. Would certainly you choose to play?Long earlier I to be a little girl as with you!Would you like to shot on my glasses? You may if girlfriend wish.

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Mrs Beasley Doll value and price guide

What"s your Mrs Beasley Doll worth in 2021? right here are some recently sold items.

Item Title date Price
1966 household Affair 22 grandm Beasley Orig crate Cello Apron07/2021$529.00
Wonderful rarely 1967 Mattel talk Mrs Beasley Doll Nos07/2021$450.00
Wonderful rarely 1967 Mattel talk Mrs Beasley Doll06/2021$399.99
Mattel Buffy mrs Beasley Doll collection Misb family Affair06/2021$295.00
Mrs Beasley Doll 1967 Mattel family members Affair Buffy S Doll08/2021$289.09
See all solditems top top eBay for an ext prices09/2021$-.--

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I need a pattern because that the human body of granny Beasley. My finest friend had actually one that remained in a fire however I have to redo the body.
I have actually Mrs Beasley doll and got her once I was 6 in 1967. Once i pull the string these days the voice doesn"t work. I clearly remember every thing she use to say. Have the right to that record be fixed or not?
I simply purchased an original vintage Mrs. Beasley doll and also I never prior to opened sealed crate on eBay. Yet the photo of Buffy is various than the picture of Buffy you display here. Whereby their assorted versions of the box as soon as it was sold?
I to buy a mrs Beasley on eBay & I"m looking for just an initial box to put her in to offer wife because that Christmaswhere have the right to I discover one?
My aunt who passed away has actually this doll that I"d choose to sell. I pull the string and also it renders noise, however nothing entelible. Brand-new battery? No glasses. Anyone interested?