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81 JD 317 Onan 54" 4-way blade weight crate 46" deck86 JD 318 JB Sr. 3pt load box05 JD x585 54" deck Femco Cab Cat1 3ph Johnny Bucket Sr. W/custom structure squeezer07 JD x748 48" deck mulch kit 14 cuft powerflow bagger 47 eye thrower Click-n-Go Cat1 3ph OTC cabWoods box blade12 cu. Ft. Poly cart, JD rear dethatcher, plug aerator, fall spreader, transfer spreader, sweeper integral hitch attachments: box blade, 10" bottom plow3ph attachments: Woods 4" crate blade08 Craftsman agree w/42" deck, Berco blade and blower, OTC cab, model 80 cart provided to son84 JD 214 w/46" deck, 43 blade and also blower, version 50 cart offered to SIL
Scrap steel prices vary wildly. I have actually seen $30-$200 every ton. Either means don"t expect to retire ~ above the sum.
Around right here probably $30-40/ton. Ns would speak to your neighborhood scrap yard & view what price currently is.What shape are the 110s, 112 & 140 like? good for parts? I can be interested although girlfriend are about 4 hrs away. Why no list on CL or allow Go?
John"66 WH lawn Ranger (in progress-still), "67 JD 112"72 JD 110 w/ 39 mower, 43 blade, 37A blower"73 JD 140 w/ deck"86(?) Kubota L2550 w/ FEL "69 JD 112H wait patiently come come back to life

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They will offer pretty fast about here if you perform them ~ above craigslist or facebook marketplace..especially if they room priced low..Scrap prices below vary a lot for "light iron"..most areas dont pay much,like a few cents a pound..I called around recently and asked what castle pay every ton for junk vehicles and also the highest possible quote to be $150 a ton..most of the rather were lot less,and all said if ns put any type of junk tires,rubbish,or irradiate iron IN the vehicle,the price will be lot less,like fifty percent as much..It would be a dead to see preferable tractors favor the MTD 990 and John Deere"s acquire scrapped..they aren"t like typical "riding mowers" that get given far or junked ..I"d be interested in the 990 and also some that the man Deeres ,but my gagare and sheds are already stuffed,and my van isn"t trustworthy as far as making a lengthy trip and hauling stuff ,I have tendency to continue to be within 25 miles of residence with it..