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How plenty of old beer cans have actually you downed, crushed, and also tossed right into the trash end the years?

(Too plenty of I bet, and also that’s without thinking around your old man’s trash that you took out as a child – or the vintage beer cans he took out for your grandpa).

What’ll shock girlfriend is that part vintage cans do have value. Some can also be worth number of thousands of dollars!

Look far now, together these space the most an important vintage beer cans today:

5. Brand-new Yorker Beer, level Top deserve to – $10,000


Made by the American deserve to Co. Back in and around 1940, a vintage beer deserve to like this has actually an approximated value that $5,000 come $10,000:

(Don’t believe us, the was the calculation at auction).

According to the auction, this is thought about the “Holy Grail”, with just slight, indoor damages to that is beautiful retro breweriana stole canvas branding.

It comes complete with a vanity lid, and might just be, in this condition, among a kind.

And yet, it only simply makes this Top-5…

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4. Gunther’s Beer, flat Top have the right to – $5,000 come $10,000


This old can had to be #4 on our list regardless of having the exact same dollar approximates as #5. Here’s what makes this can special:

Made in 1935 by the American have the right to Co. And is in pristine condition. This is the very first design for the label, and component of supposed prototype operation of the can. That comes finish with the initial permit, and a patent-pending statement v provenance connecting it to the Jim tree Collection. The brand comes complete with instructions, which is incredibly rare. Not to mention, the deserve to has factory flaws which make it even an ext desirable.

All the above, plus the an easy clean styling native the Gunther brewing Co. Yes, really does make this breweriana collectible was standing out.

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3. Rheingold Pale double Block, level Top can – $8,000 to $20,000


This super rare beer can is the very first on this list to have an estimated top-end value of an ext than $10,000.

And at $20,000, it has to have some an extremely unique characteristics that make it desirable and also collectible:

First, it was manufactured in 1937 through the American deserve to Co., because that Liebmann Breweries Inc., of new York.

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However, what renders it super beneficial is the it is an early example, in an excellent condition. No color fading, no surface ar dents, and also only a couple of slight taking care of marks.

With just a few of these old beer cans recognized to exist, most of which room in addressed collections – the possibility to very own something for this reason scarce renders this one of the most preferable breweriana collectibles ~ above the market.

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2. Tally-Ho Ale, Cone Top can – $7,500 come $25,000


The very first can top top this list not made by the American have the right to Co. Is this Tally-Ho Ale can.

Brewed through the City unavoidable Corporation, in new York, between 1936 and also 1940:

This old can is in fantastic condition, v colors that pop and a smooth surface – two an extremely important factors when considering one old beer cans value.

What adds to the approximated value top top this vintage can is the consist of of its original gold finish:

Simply put, this Tally-Ho Ale have the right to is rare, and one for major collectors.

1. Apache Export, Cone Top have the right to – $10,000 to $30,000


FACT: The Arizona impending Co.’s Apache violin is the true divine Grail that vintage beer cans.

Manufactured through the Continental deserve to Co. In the late 1930s, this instance has so many positives the it will likely remain the most an important vintage can ever:

(Not to point out increase in value with age).

From its native American Apache Indian graphics come the gold-black metallic design. This is the ultimate can to covet because that breweriana collectors…

Plus, what gives this can extra cherry’s on peak are:

Provenance to the wall Gilbert collection. The spout still has most of its original gold finish. The bottom is enrolled ‘701’ i m sorry likely method it has even much more limited-edition value.

Simply put, this old beer can is at sight rare, ridiculously scarce, and clearly very valuable.

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What to Look for In Old Beer Cans?

Every collector starts somewhere, and if old beer cans have actually piqued her interests, that’s fantastic.

When looking the end for old beer cans, this is what you must remember:

The value of vintage beer cans varies indigenous nothing to thousands of dollars.Most traction tabs native the 1970’s or later on have little monetary value. This is because of the beer have the right to hobby ending up being popular in the early 70’sOn the upper and lower reversal side, cone tops and also flat peak beer can be ~ from the 1970s still hold a tiny value.

Tip: so target pre-1970 beer can be ~ if you’re looking to construct a collection worth money.

Alternatively, perform as my daughter is, collection for fun, and build a wall surface out of Monster (canned power drinks):