The edge of the evidence 2016-W American Eagle silver dollar, illustrated, and the Uncirculated version, will bear one edge an equipment inscribed 30TH ANNIVERSARY, incuse.

Original pictures by Coin World senior Editor Paul Gilkes.

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The 30th ANNIVERSARY incuse edge an equipment for the Proof and also Uncirculated 2016-W American Eagle silver dollars is imparted through a three-part segmented collar.

Image by Coin World an elderly Editor Paul Gilkes.


The proof 2016-W American Eagle silver- dollar is a product the the series" 30th anniversary celebration.

Images by Coin World an elderly Editor Paul Gilkes.

UPDATE: The U.S. Mint has actually released updated information on the 2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles set:

Initial pricing because that the proof 2016-W American Eagle silver- dollar will certainly be $53.95, according to a Sept. 8 notice by the U.S. Mint post in the commonwealth Register. The coin has actually a unique edge inscription recognizing the 30th anniversary of the 1986 debut of the 1-ounce silver bullion piece.

In comparison, the proof 2015-W American Eagle silver- dollar to be initially available for $48.95.

The 2016 coin will certainly be issued beginning at noon ET Sept. 16.

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The U.S. Mint additionally issued the adhering to initial prices, subject to change, because that the complying with 2016 numismatic commodities (with 2015 prices in parentheses):

American Eagle One oz Silver Uncirculated Coin, $44.95 ($39.95).

United says Mint Congratulations Set, $54.95 ($50.95).

United says Mint Uncirculated disagreement Coin Set, $49.95 ($46.95).

2016 Coin & Chronicles Set—Ronald Reagan, $68.95 (2015 lyndon Johnson Coin & Chronicles set was offered for $57.95). The collection is minimal to a maximum release of 150,000 sets, with a household ordering limt the one set. The number of sets available is three times the number made obtainable for 2015 man F. Kennedy Coin & Chronicles set.

U.S. Mint officials have not yet disclosed whether product limits or family members ordering limitations will it is in in impact for the Proof and also Uncirculated 30th Anniversary2016-W American Eagle coins. Both issues will bear an edge machine marked 30TH ANNIVERSARY, incuse and italicized, to note the series 30th anniversary. The edge an equipment is imparted using a three-part-segmented collar, with the inscription on one of those segments. The remainder of the sheet is smooth other than for three equidistant elevated lines wherein silver extruded in between the collar segments throughout the striking.

The edge of the 2016 American Eaglesilverbullion coin is reeded.

Release days have no yet been announced because that the Uncirculated American Eagle silver- dollar; the Congratulations set (which contains the evidence American Eagle); and theUncirculated disagreement Coin set (comprising an Uncirculated American Eagle silver dollar, a 2016-D native American dollar, and the 3 2016-P Presidential dollars, special Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan).

The Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles set goes on revenue Oct. 11 and also will contain a reverse Proof 2016-S Ronald Reagan Presidential disagreement struck at the mountain Francisco Mint; a 1.5-inch bronze Ronald and also Nancy Reagan medal; a booklet including pictures from president Reagan"s life and also presidency; an authentic engraved Ronald Reagan Presidential portrait produced by the office of Engraving and Printing; and a proof 2016-W American Eagle 30th Anniversary silver dollar.

President Reagan signed into law the 1985 legislation,Title II the Public regulation 99-61, Liberty Coin Act, authorized July 9, 1985,authorizing the American Eagle series.

The Mint will certainly not be creating 2016 Coin & Chronicles set recognizing Presidents Nixon or Ford.

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Coin human being documented production of the proof 2016-W American Eagle silver- dollars throughout a June 9 visit to the West suggest Mint.