Barber Dime Value
Mint State (MS)

Mint state and vital date listed Barber Dime values is because that graded, certified and also authenticated coins in PCGS or NGC holders. The remainder are a sample of raw coin sell but this is no a guarantee your coin with the exact same date, mint, grade and also holder will sell for this precise value.

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Barber Dime silver Melt Value

Barber Dime values in About good (AG3) is about $1.60 each for common dates.

Barber Dime worth Facts:

Date – Mint Rarity:

Most Barber Dime dates and also mints are numerous and also worth just about silver melt, but there’s some rare dates and also mints come look for.

The 1895-O has the lowest mintage in ~ 440,000 and it’s value starts at $300; the greatest mintage goes to 1907 (P) in ~ 22,220,000 and the value starts at $3.00. Therefore mintages do identify a basic value however so plenty of have been melted the there’s not much more use for mintage figures.

The 1892 might have to be the very first year that this collection but Philadelphia minted 12,120,000 and you can buy that for together low as $3 and some change, but the 1892-O and also 1892-S have lower mintages and worth more.

So age does not determine value however how many were initially minted and how many have survived today and how numerous survived in certain grades.

Also don’t over-look proof Barber Dimes since they have the right to be found for all dates and for reasonable values due to the fact that most begin at $250. The exemption is the ultra rarely 1894-S the trades for 2 million or much more with only 10 space known but 24 where minted, so friend never understand when one more will be uncovered or by whom.

Grade – Condition:

Barber Dime worth is identified by grade, second to your mintage and survival amounts. Clearly the greater the grade the an ext they’re worth, however there’s a pair things some collectors over-look or simply don’t realize.

One, the vast bulk of Barber Dimes room common and worth approximately $3 and also many of these are taken into consideration well worn “slicks” and they’re often found damaged or cleaned in some way. So condition and grade problem a lot.

Second, you could have a common coin that’s common in every grade until AU (About Uncirculated) and that’s once it increases in worth dramatically. 1899 is one example that much more than doubles in worth from EF (Extremely Fine) to AU yet the mintage is high in ~ 19,850,000.

So don’t look at the day alone but look at date plus mint, and also grade, then problem to determine Barber Dime value.

About good (AG3)


The Barber Dime series is well-known for numerous varieties and also the most provided and renowned is the 1893/2 and the 1905-O Micro O and both space affordable in lower grades, yet dramatically rise in worth at AU.

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However there’s several other and also lesser known varieties for various dates and mints and these space over-dates, repunched dates, and also repunched mint marks.