By the many conservative estimates, potato are used in more than 3,000 recipes. And often the quantity of ingredients is suggested by weight: either in grams or in kilograms. And very rarely - in pieces. Yet what if you don"t have actually a kitchen scale at hand, and also you have to measure the lot at the very least approximately? In this case, the best method out is to measure the potato in pieces and also just remember this values.

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1 kg of potatoes - exactly how much is it?

Measuring a kilogram of potato in pieces is not the many accurate way to measure, but the result is close to the truth. Agree, the is much better to count this ingredient in pieces and understand that this is close to the recipe 보다 to cook completely blindly.


A tiny error of such a measure is not destructive for cooking.... However there is an noticeable plus - the hostess, going to the market or come the grocery store, will be able to determine by eye how much come buy and also whether she will carry that much home with all the various other products.

Since that is an overwhelming to find potatoes of same size, the total variety of them in one kilogram might be different. But medium tubers will be about 7-8.

Important! potato of the exact same size, yet not that the very same variety, differ in load - early to various density, water content and also starch.

The number of potatoes in 1 kg

So how numerous potatoes room there in a kilogram? It counts on their size:

There is a frank tiny thing - potatoes, which are dubbed "like peas." The load of one item is about 20 g. This "pea" is usually used as feed because that livestock and also planting, you will certainly not discover this in stores. Since the size of the potato is smaller, the gaps between them in the bag will certainly be smaller, which way that the bag will fit more by load than large vegetables - about 50-60.In shops and also markets, small potatoes are considered to be the size of a chicken egg or contempt less. Median weight - about 80 g. There room 15 pieces of together nodules every kilogram.Smooth, clean potatoes the size of a child"s fist in one kilogram will fit 10-12 pieces. The weight of each such tuber will certainly be around 100 g - you deserve to measure it because that yourself as soon as in order to clearly remember. In a store packing bag, about 2 kg of small tubers are inserted - respectively, 20-24 pieces.There will certainly be 13-15 tubers of medium size in the same plastic bag. Therefore, in one kilogram - 6-8.There are at least 5 huge potatoes in one kilogram. But there are times when four especially big tubers room enough. The average weight that a huge specimen is 230-250 g.

Important! for convenience, the is much better to take it potatoes slightly smaller sized than the mean size. They fit comfortable in the palm of your hand, they are easier to clean and also cut, which method that the cooking process will be faster, less complicated and more pleasant.


How to recognize the almost right weight

There is an exciting scheme for calculating the approximate load of one tuber... Because that these purposes, pick potatoes without growths, even and clean.

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How to do potato strength correctly

For clarity, let"s take it an oval tuber 12 cm long (as indigenous the start of the palm come the middle of the index finger) and a broad of around 7.2 cm.With together parameters, that weight will certainly be 192 g.

Further, together in a mathematics lesson, we take the number of the required weight "x" in grams and also divide the by 192 g, acquiring the quantity in pieces - "y":

x: 192 = y

for example: 500: 192 = 2.6. That is, 500 g of potato is 2.6 tubers.

On a note! If the variety of potatoes is no whole, for instance 8.2, take 9 pieces. Don"t forget: once cleaning, girlfriend will reduced off the excess and also the grams will go away.


0.5 kg (500 g) potato - 2.6 pieces, round approximately 3;1 kg (1000 g) - 5.2 together potatoes, round as much as 6;1.5 kg (1500 g) - rounded 8 potatoes;2 kg (2000 g) - 11 pieces rounded.

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Very similar to the difficulty from the school math lesson, but such calculations are really correct... That remains just to count the correct amount of potatoes for her dish - currently you have the right to do it there is no scales!

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Choose tool potatoes, since they are simpler to count for cooking and fit much more compactly in a bag. Also, medium tubers are less complicated to peel and also cut.