Terminator: Here's How Much Each Model Weighs Beginning in 1984, the Terminator franchise has introduced numerous synthetic and intelligent machines of varying weights and sizes.

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Skynet"s Teminators were built as infiltration and extermination units, meaning they were forced to blend in with the same humans they sought to eliminate. Despite their remarkable ability to blend in with human environments, the T-series robots may have been heavier than they look. Let"s explore what the Terminator films say about the weight of each T-series model.


A predecessor to the T-800 model, the T-600 appeared in both The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Salvation. According to the former series, the T-600 weighs 800 pounds, which is due to heavy titanium endoskeleton and rubber skin. Despite its heavy frame, these units are stunningly quick, capable of running a constant speed of 37 mph. Salvation"s T-600 was likely heavier than The Sarah Connor Chronicles" model due to its large 7"2" frame and the Skynet-upgraded M134 minigun present on its arm.

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This T-series cyborg is Terminator"s most prominent model, but the franchise doesn"t provide a definitive answer toward its weight. According to Sarah Connor in Dark Fate, the T-800 series Terminator weighs around 400 pounds, but The Sarah Connor Chronicles suggest that the unit is 640 pounds, 20 percent lighter than the T-600 model. Although the weight is unknown, the model is made out of a hyperalloy endoskeleton, with living tissue over it.


As a variant of the T-800 series, the T-850 is made out of an identical hyperalloy endoskeleton with a more durable design against plasma weaponry. The Rise of the Machines" model is also a bit quicker, stronger and more regenerative than the T-800 series. This suggests that the robot is lighter than the T-800 thanks to its improved design, meaning it weighs anywhere between 390 to just under 640 pounds.

Another model present in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the T-900 model has an endothermic skeleton made out of a coltan-based hyperalloy. This coltan material is heavier than the T-600"s titanium frame, but also more heat resistant. The T-900"s frame is also smaller, around 5"5, the height of Cameron"s actress" Summer Glau. Due to the T-900"s status as a infiltration unit, the model either weighed as much as a typical 5"5 woman, between 110 to 135 pounds, or as much as 200 to 350 pounds, due to its heavy coltan skeleton.

The T-1000 from Judgement Day and Genisys was the most advanced model upon its original appearance, with a frame composed of liquid metal or a mimetic polyalloy. This type of frame allows the unit to shapeshift, however it is limited in its ability to distort its size. Robert Patrick portrays the unit in Judgment Day, meaning that this version of the T-1000 weighs around 160 to 196 pounds, the average weight of someone Patrick"s height: 6". The Genisys version is around 149 to 183 pounds, the average weight of someone 5"10", the height of T-1000 actor Lee Byung-hun.

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Easily one of the lightest T-Series models, the T-3000 is composed entirely of machine-phase matter, which completely overtakes the mass of the humans it infects. This makes the weight of the T-3000 nearly identical to the humans it replicates. The John Connor T-3000 present in Genisys weighs around 150 to 170 pounds, the approximate weight of the model"s actor Jason Clarke.


Dark Fate"s Rev-9 is noticeably more light-weight than the T-800 series, which is largely due to its solid, carbon-based endoskeleton and carbon-based mimetic polyalloy exterior. This unit is also highly acrobatic, as it can parkour off walls, leap dozens of feet vertically and perform spins and flips. The Rev 9"s light frame is also a major drawback however, as humans like Dani Ramos are capable of knocking the unit back. As a result of all of these factors, the Rev-9 is likely around 200 to 300 pounds, noticeably lighter than Connor"s T-800 estimate.

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One of Rise of the Machine"s more advanced units, the T-X weighs around 330.6 pounds according to the film"s novelization. The T-X hosts an advanced endoskeleton, which is protected by a malleable ceramic-titanium armor and covered by a mimetic polyalloy. This type of frame makes the model stronger and more resilient than the T-800.

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