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Considering a career in acting? Curious around the film industry? this day we’re answering the concern “how much do actors make per movie?”An actor’s wage every movie depends totally on your experience. A-list gibbs will generally make $15-$20+ million every movie, if secondary characters in movies will typically make in between $1-$5 million every movie, and actors with little roles will typically be paid at a rate of $1,000 because that each day of work.These are common wages every movie because that Hollywood blockbusters, so for movies with lower budgets, you will likely want come assume that they space earning much less money every movie.Keep in mind the these figures may be contempt off, as not every figure is walk to it is in publicly available.

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How much Does Tom Hanks make Per Movie?

Tom Hanks renders an median of $20-$30 million per movie the performs in. He to be paid $15 million for Toy Story 3 in 2010 for his voice acting, and also $60 million for forest Gump due to the fact that he decided a performance-based salary scale.

How much Does Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson make Per Movie?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson makes an average of $20-$25 million per movie. He newly earned $23.5 million because that his power in the late-2019 activity filled “Red Notice”.With the tremendous success of the movies the he performs in, that is basic to tell why production budgets point out so lot to having actually Johnson on your films.

How lot Does Brad Pitt make Per Movie?

Brad Pitt provides an mean of $20 million per film. Thought about as among the undisputed A-list actors, his price usually mirrors his status in the industry. However, in the recent years of his career, he’s to be accepting lower base salaries. Brad Pitt choose to get bonuses in exchange. 

How much Does Adam Sandler do Per Movie?

Adam Sandler renders an typical of $20 million per movie. Along with other bankable stars in Hollywood, his deep-rooted call in the industry permits him to need a greater rate because that a single film project. Aside native his basic salary together an actor, he likewise gets gross benefit percentages from a movie.

How lot Does will Smith make Per Movie?

Will Smith renders an mean of $20 – $30 million per movie. In recent years, Smith continues to be at the peak of his career together he earns substantial money through his single-film projects with Netflix. According to a report, Smith got $20 million because that the 2017 Netflix movie “Bright” and also earned $35 million throughout its sequel.

How much Does Tom Cruise make Per Movie?

Tom Cruise provides an median of $25 million every movie. This number was the price he received as soon as he illustrated the Mission difficult character Ethan Hunt. In his previously years, he only earned $12 million because that Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which was released in 2011. Tom Cruise did not take any type of fee once he starred in 2005’s battle of the Worlds, however instead opted for 20% of the film’s profits.

How much Does Robert Downey Jr do Per Movie?

Robert Downey Jr renders an mean of $75 million per movie. As among the most popular characters in the above marvel film series, “The Avengers”, his function as steel Man offered him the capacity to command a high rate for his performance. He gained the exact same amount of value from the movies’ “Infinity War”and “Endgame”.

How much Does Ben Affleck make Per Movie?

Ben Affleck renders an average of $55 million per movie. Affleck has always been among the highest paid actors in the industry, considering a per-project rate. His salary base boosted when he started working through Netflix. 2 of his films currently shown ~ above Netflix room “The way Back”, and also “The Last point He Wanted”. 

How lot Does Angelina Jolie do Per Movie?

Angelina Jolie provides an median of $35.5 million every movie. The actress got her best paycheck from play a role in “The Eternals”. Jolie receives large projects under traditional films and has to be tapped for numerous phenomenal movie throughout the year of her career. 

How lot Does Samuel together Jackson do Per Movie?

Samuel l Jackson provides an median of $89.9 million every film. return he’s no the form of actor who frequently gets cameo roles, he gained his standing in the sector in the 1990’s. Neilson E.C.I, a agency who manages crate office tracking, shown that Jackson was featured in an ext films than most actors. 

How much Does Megan Fox make Per Movie?

Megan Fox makes an typical of $8 million every movie. Fox is no an A-list gibbs yet, yet she make her mark with significant appearances in ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ and “Jennifer’s Body”. As of now, there are no vast projects reported because that the actress.

How lot Does Kevin Feige make Per Movie?

Kevin Feige provides an average of $200 million a year. together a movie producer and president of Marvel Studios, the earns his pay because that the entirety duration that the project advancement and is not paid per movie. He works hand-in-hand through the creators behind the marvelous movie series.

How lot Does George Clooney do Per Movie?

George Clooney makes an mean of $10-20 million every movie. Ago in the day, Clooney never asked because that a raise and instead focused on coming to be a huge star. With that, his budding career together an actor eight year ~ year. One of his greatest paychecks is native a movie dubbed ”Ocean’s Eleven,” where got $20 million.

How much Does Steven Spielberg do Per Movie?

Steven Spielberg renders an mean of $13.7 million every movie. He top the lists of famous film directors who get high rates for box-office earnings and video rentals a year. Like the actors who choose to acquire a percent on gun money, Spielberg accepts a low base salary in exchange for backend points.

How much Does Daniel Craig make Per Movie?

Daniel Craig renders an average of $27 million per movie. He’s known for his function in “Spectre” where he additionally got his substantial salary base. Spectre is his 3rd Bond movie. Craig was even available $150 million because that two an ext Bond movie in the year 2016.

How lot Does will Ferrell do Per Movie?

Will Ferrell renders an median of $20 million per film. The movie “Anchorman” bagged significant success and also it granted a fortune because that the actor together well. He also got the same price from his other movies, consisting of “Talladega Nights”, “Bewitched”, “Land that the Lost”, and many others.

How lot Does Morgan Freeman make Per Movie?

Morgan Freeman renders an average of $10 million per movie. Freeman is just one of the finest actors in Hollywood. He has actually over $4 billion in gross revenue native his movies and advertisements. All in all, Freeman gathers revenue from personal businesses, brand endorsements, and acting services.

How lot Does Sandra Bullock do Per Movie?

Sandra Bullock makes an average of $20 million and over per movie. However, this does no yet incorporate her various other arrangements, such as first-dollar gross revenues. Bullock has delighted in an enhanced salary base because her big movie “Gravity” in 2013. Gift a functional actress allows her to fit into almost any duty in the movie industry.

How lot Does Jamie Foxx make Per Movie?

Jamie Foxx provides an average of $10 million every film. Foxx, additionally known together Eric Marlon Bishop, stop multiple careers in acting, songwriting, and also singing. On optimal of that, that is likewise known together a shining comedian from Texas. Today, he has a net worth that $150 million.

How lot Does Sylvester Stallone do Per Movie?

Sylvester Stallone renders an typical of $16 million and above per movie. Stallone received a vast amount of money native his movie “Rambo”. Although the movie did not hit box office, the actor to be paid large time since of his performance in the film. The 2nd “Rambo” movie earned double the an initial one.

How much Does Don Cheadle do Per Movie?

Don Cheadle provides an mean of $6 million per movie. Cheadle was paid a lot less than the main actors that Iron man 3, Captain America, and the movie collection under Avengers. He simply didn’t do the reduced despite those big-budgeted projects. However, this does not reflect his commendable exhilaration performance in together movies.

How much Does Harrison Ford make Per Movie?

Harrison Ford makes an median of $10-20 million every movie. Such prices are native his notable acting performance throughout the early and mid 1990’s. His an excellent movies were “Patriot Games”, the “Jack Ryan” sequel, and also “Clear and also Present Danger”. Ford got his best paycheck worth of $20 million for the movie “The Devil’s Own”.

How lot Does Dennis Quaid do Per Movie?

Dennis Quaid renders an typical of $30 million every film. Quaid is well-known to play functions in movies v light-hearted, comedic, and dramatic genres. His very first breakthrough project was a movie dubbed “Breaking Away”. Indigenous there, he to be tapped for much more films depicting flexible roles.

How lot Does Steven Seagal do Per Movie?

Steven Seagal makes an typical of $5-6.5 million per movie. He was paid $5 million for his appearances in “Ticker” and “Exit Wounds”. To boost his earnings, he decided to develop his own show called “Steven Seagal: Lawman”. Seagal is recognized for his terrific martial art stunts in movies.

How much Does Dave Bautista do Per Movie?

Dave Bautista renders an mean of $1.4 million every movie. Bautista captured the understanding of countless when that starred in “Guardians the the Galaxy” together Drax. His career as an MMA fighter and professional wrestler assisted him become an ext suitable for the function as it required a details figure qualification.

How lot Does Gerard Butler make Per Movie?

Gerard Butler makes an average of $2 million every movie. Aside indigenous acting, he it s okay his earnings from developing films as well. Butler is famed for his functions in “The Ugly Truth” and “P.S ns Love You”. He might not be among the top-earning actors, however he sure has a luck of his own with practically $30 million top top his financial institution account.

How much Does Gwyneth Paltrow do Per Movie?

Gwyneth Paltrow renders an typical of $60 million per movie. Her function as Pepper Potts in Marvel movies increased her value base. Many fans were attracted to her impressive performance together Tony Stark’s significant other in the MCU, causing a high pistol revenue because that the producers and the actors.

How lot Does Diane Keaton make Per Movie?

Diane Keaton makes an mean of $1.5 million per movie. among Keaton’s huge paycheck movie earnings was from the film “The Godfather: component III”. Up till today, she is earning a high salary base because that her great acting skills. Her first salary for “The Godfather” was only $30,000.

How much Does Ryan Gosling do Per Movie?

Ryan Gosling provides an average of $2 million every movie. Gosling might be among the biggest names in Hollywood, but it doesn’t constantly reflect on his paycheck. His love because that acting and music carried him to the industry. “La La Land” was reported to yield one of Ryan’s top earnings.

How much Does Scott Adkins make Per Movie?

Scott Adkins provides an average of $2.5 million net worth from all of his exhilaration services. Adkins starred in “Special Forces” and also “Undisputed II: Last guy Standing”. Aside indigenous his debut in films, he also grabbed honors and credits from tv series’. Adkins does not have large brand endorsements for this reason far.

How lot Does David Spade do Per Movie?

David Spade makes an mean of $150,000 per collection episode. Spade is one American comedian and also actor. V his television and movie roles, he garnered an superior net worth. But apart from acting, Spade has actually a knack for the real estate business. Spade first moved to Los Angeles to go after his career together a comedian.

How much Does Seth Rogan make Per Movie?

Seth Rogan renders an mean of $6.5 million every movie. He deserve a the majority of money indigenous his role in “The Interview”, where Rogan perfectly lugged his personality to life. The movie got controversy, yet it also bagged hopeful impressions native multiple audiences. Rogan has been in movies through renowned actors, together with his mentee, Jonah Hill.

How much Does Matt Damon make Per Movie?

Matt Damon makes an median of $10 million and over per film. Damon is well-known for his functions in “Good will certainly Hunting” and also “Ford V. Ferrari”. In his 33 year in present business, he to be able to show up in different films. He received a great portion the money native his movie series, “Bourne.” 

How much Does Daniel Radcliffe make Per Movie?

Daniel Radcliffe renders an typical of $15 million every movie. Radcliffe is an extremely widely recognized for his debut together Harry Potter. The movie collection was his best career breakthrough for this reason far. “Harry Potter and the stimulate of the Phoenix” and “Harry Potter and also the Goblet the Fire” earned that the highest salary base.

How lot Does Salman cannes Make every Movie?

Salman Khan provides an median of $14 million per film. Khan is one Indian superstar in show business. His fans space looking front to his performance in the upcoming films, “Kick 2” (alongside Jacqueline Fernandez), “Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali” (alongside Pooja Hegde), and “Radhe” (alongside Disha Patani).

How much Does Hugh Jackman do Per Movie?

Hugh Jackman provides an typical of $500,000 come $20 million per movie. He play the duties of the many adored superheroes in blockbuster movies. Jackman lugged the character of Wolverine to life in a can be fried performance. That made him an in-demand actor. Jackman is however to be one of the most expensive gibbs in the industry.

How lot Does Jennifer Lawrence make Per Movie?

Jennifer Lawrence provides an typical of $46 million every movie. Lawrence is just one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. She first made she movie breakthrough together Katniss Everdeen in the movie “The Hunger Games.” because then, Lawrence has been receiving projects and also endorsement supplies from left come right.

How lot Does festival Gadot do Per Movie?

Gal Gadot makes an average of $10 million per movie. She impressive duty as Wonder Woman lugged her in the facility of the limelight. According to a report, Gadot was paid higher than $10 million for the Wonder mrs movie franchise. Countless fans think that the movie would’ve earned much more if it to be released in timeless theaters.

How much Does to do Berry make Per Movie?

Halle Berry makes an median of $10-12 million every film. because her debut, Berry kept a high value base for her acting services. She has been receiving vast paychecks because the 2000s. Berry is an actress, model, voice-actor, and also film producer. She has actually over $90 million in her name together of the current year.

How lot Does Jason Statham do Per Movie?

Jason Statham renders an typical of $13 million every movie. His movies, such together “Fast & Furious 6”, “Furious 7”, “The Fate the the Furious”, and also “Hobbs & Shaw” rooted a hard placement for his career in the Hollywood scene. Statham usually plays a duty in action-thriller films.

How lot Does Hugh provide Make every Movie?

Hugh give makes an median of $12.5 million per movie. He gained a the majority of credit for his movie “Two weeks Notice” back in 2002. According come a report, grant accepts $10 million for a starring duty and $5 million for supporting or smaller roles in a project.

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How much Does Joaquin Phoenix make Per Movie?

Joaquin Phoenix provides an average of $4.5 million every movie. His iconic function as Joker made fans think the he deserves more, however such a rate is no a small amount that money, together per some movie critics. However, the comic-book movie earned double, which made Phoenix’ actor’s dues amount to a little less 보다 fifty percent that the film’s full earnings.