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Replacing a broken tail light deserve to refer come either fixing a broken light, or it deserve to refer come repairing the electrical wiring that makes the irradiate work.

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When your automobile has a broken tail light, you risk the opportunity of a citation and an accident since other vehicle drivers won’t realize when your car is slowly down.

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How lot does it cost to replace a damaged tail light?

The tail light part alone have the right to cost roughly $15 to $180, depending on the automobile you drive, and this price won’t incorporate the skilled labor rates. Most civilization will be qualified of instead of this component themselves and also will usually require no experienced help. If you are just replacing the bulb, setup on spending less than $35, but if you have to replace the whole light assembly, consisting of the tail irradiate cover, climate it can expense upwards that $100 come $300. Again, this won’t encompass the expert labor fees if you wanted to rental a expert to complete the job.

If you to be to rental a mechanic, the costs will rely on the situation. Again, if you simply need to replace the bulb, however regardless the the circumstances, plan on spending everywhere from $140 to $250 to fix a broken tail light. states you should be prepared to spend everywhere from $141 come $208 if you to be to use their search engine.

Factors that impact the cost

Make and model

The make and also model of your auto will determine the parts that are needed, and also with any type of car part, the prices will be anywhere the place.


An OEM part will constantly be an ext than a third-party part found online or at a local auto parts store.


A local mechanic, many of the time, will be cheaper 보다 the neighborhood dealership. The expenses will depend on her geographical location and also the reputation of the shop.

Broken tail irradiate overview

The tail light replacement will include the bulb and also may likewise include the tail lamp assembly if needed.

During the repair, the tail light guard or cover will be removed, commonly by the multiple screws top top the earlier of the unit. The tail irradiate cover will then be pried loose off the seal in order to access the tail lights inside. Once the mechanic has access to the lights, the housing and also wires will certainly be inspected come make sure it isn’t the culprit. If the pear is the issue, climate the bulb will certainly be simply replaced and also the cover will be set up in reverse order.

What space the extra costs?

If other parts space broken, such together the taillight cover, friend may have to spending plan for those extr costs.

A damaged tail irradiate can often lead come parts about it to come to be damaged, especially if it were in an accident. For instance, if the bumper has slight damage, climate this may have to be changed or touched up to make that look like brand-new again.

How have the right to I conserve money?

Even if girlfriend don’t have actually a the majority of experience working with cars, highly think about doing this job on your very own as it’s a lot easier than girlfriend think. Just search for her car’s make and also model on YouTube or Google, adhered to by “tail light replacement” come find specific how-to guides.

Avoid the dealer. Most dealers regularly charge 50% more than the regional mechanic shop.

Consider discovering the local junk yard. You would be amazed at what kind of parts you can find for alongside nothing. If you’re not comfortable with the junk yard, think about looking on or eBay for third party options.

If you do not know just how to replace the irradiate yourself, questioning a girlfriend or ar for aid instead of acquisition it directly to a fix shop.

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