stops sales one hour prior to show time come ensure all orders are processed and also ready for pick up. If you space still interested in purchasing tickets for this show, please contact the box office directly at (702) 732-5299 for ticket availabi


Red Mercury entertainment Latín Events current Banda el Recodo, La Séptima Banda, Cumbre Nortena, Brio Norteno, Christian Nava, Samuel Aguirre and Equipo royal performing live in ~ Westgate ras Vegas will & Casino event Center, Saturday, July 16.

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Banda el Recodo is not only one of Mexico"s most successful banda, but one that the many eclectic. Over the past 4 decades, the group has perform a mixture that Latin dance tunes, jazz swing, and also classical music.

La Séptima Banda is a large 17-piece band which theatre a selection of regional Mexican music, indigenous bandas and cumbias to rancheras and also their specialty, narcocorridos.

Cumbre Norteña is a music group formed in 2000 in Los Angeles, California, by five young musicians passionate to make it to the top. Band members include: José A. Lechuga together lead vocalist and also bass saxophone; Alex Montes on accordion; Miguel A. Juarez ~ above drums; Juan Prado on saxophone; and also José "May" Llamas as ago up vocalist and electric bass.

Christian Nava is on the verge that breaking the end to become one of the most solidified artists across Latin music.

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