The tasks requiring this skill have decrease by 44.11% since 2018. Electricians with this skill earn +27.57% more than the typical base salary, i m sorry is $25.50 every hour.

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236 Electricians job openings on need this skill in 2012, it boosts by 236 in comparison come previous year.

Job TrendYearNumber of project openings ~ above inquiry this skillChange from previous year20122013201420152016201720182019
236increase by 236
659increase by 179.24%
1186increase through 79.97%
672decrease through 43.34%
612decrease through 8.93%
600decrease by 1.96%
739increase by 23.17%
413decrease through 44.11%


Top skillsCalibration+59.78%salary
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60% that Electricians in the United says think their incomes are sufficient for the cost of living in your area

Get an approximated calculation of exactly how much you have to be earning and also insight into your job options.

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If you unsure about what value is ideal for one electrician position, visit"s salary Calculator to get a free, personalized pay selection based on her location, industry and experience.