It is widely thought that booster packs with a greater weight are an ext likely to have actually rarer and much more valuable art cards inside. Is this concept true for the battle Styles growth set? We chose to uncover out if battle Styles pack weight influenced the traction rate. In ~ the exact same time we analysed whether various artworks were more or less likely to contain rarer cards. 

Our Sample Packs

Booster packs for the fight Styles expansion are available as single Booster Packs, in special collection boxes and tins and also in Booster Boxes.

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A Booster box is a sealed product comprise 36 sealed Booster Packs. We decided that this would certainly be right for ours experiment.After unsealing package we sorted the packs right into the four various artworks. We had:8 packs through Empoleon artwork8 packs v Urshifu Red artwork9 packs v Tyranitar artwork11 packs with Urshifu Blue artwork

Battle styles Pack Weight

We offered a extremely sensitive digital scale to get an accurate weight because that each pack. 

The battle Styles pack weight ranged native 22g come 24g.From the 8 Empoleon packs:2 x 22g5 x 23g1 x 24g

From the 8 Urshifu Red packs:6 x 23g2 x 24gFrom the 9 Tyranitar packs:3 x 22g5 x 23g1 x 24gFrom the 11 Urshifu Blue Packs:7 x 23g4 x 24gWith the weights logged by load artwork we started opening the packs.

The Results

All packs had actually the usual power card, reverse holo card, 3 x uncommon and 5 x common cards and also these were not logged. We also decided no to log in the non-holo rarely cards. We did log in the colour of the code cards – white password cards represent the existence of a holo, half art or complete art card, while environment-friendly code cards indicate no distinct cards.The 22g Packs

The first Battle layouts packs come be opened were the 5 x 22g load packs.The 2 Empoleon 22g packs had green password cards and also no one-of-a-kind art cards.The 3 Tyranitar 22g package revealed 2 white and also 1green password card. From this packs we pulled:

1 x Tyranitar V 097/1631 x Exp. Re-superstructure gold secret rare 180/163The 23g PacksNext we opened up the 23 x 23g packsThe 6 Urshifu Red packs had 2 white and also 4 green code cards. Inside we found:

2 x Holo cards – Sandaconda 082/163 and Bronzong 102/163The 7 Urshifu Blue package revealed 4 white and 3 environment-friendly code cards. Native the packs with the white password cards we pulled:2 x fifty percent Art V cards – Kricketune 006/163 and also Stoutland V 117/163 and also 2 Holo cards – Entei 020/163 and Steelix 099/163The 5 Tyranitar packs contained 3 white and 2 eco-friendly codes. This revealed:

1 x Tyranitar V half Art 097/163 and also 2 Holo cards – Entei 020/163 and also Aegislash 107/163The 5 Empoleon packs revealed 2 white and 3 eco-friendly code cards. Native these we pulled:1 x Corviknight complete Art 156/163 and 1 Holo map – Octillery 037/163The 24g Packs

Lastly we opened the 8 fight Styles 24g weight packs.

The Empoleon and also Tyranitar artwork packs consisted of green codes and also therefor no distinct art cards. The 2 Urshifu Red packs revealed 1 green and also 1 white code cards. From the white code card fill we pulled:1 x Victini VMAX 022/163The 4 Urshifu Blue packs consisted of 2 green and 2 white code cards. This packs gave us:1 x Mimikyu V half Art 062/163 and also 1 x Holo – Crobat 091/163


In conclusion our load experiment argues that the battle Styles fill weight makes little difference to the traction rate.From the 5 x 22g packs us pulled 1 an enig Rare and 1 fifty percent Art card, a 40% traction rate.From the 23 x 23g packs us pulled 1 complete Art card, 3 half Art cards and 7 Holo cards, a 48% pull rate.From the 8 x 24g packs us pulled 1 full Art card, 1 half Art card and also 1 Holo card, a 38% pull rate.

Does fill Art do a Difference?

In addition to evaluating the pull rate of the various weight packs we likewise logged outcomes by artwork. Right here the outcomes appear much more conclusive.We had 8 packs through Urshifu Red artwork. Native these we pulled 1 x full Art card and 2 x Holo cards, a 38% traction rate.

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The 8 packs through Empoleon artwork revealed 1 x complete Art card and also 1 x Holo, a 25% traction rate.The 9 Tyranitar artwork packs had 1 x secret Rare card, 2 x fifty percent Art cards and 2 x Holo cards, a 56% traction rate.The 11 packs with Urshifu Blue artwork revealed 3 fifty percent Art cards and also 3 Holo cards, a 55% traction rate.The results from this Booster crate would imply that packs with Tyranitar or Urshifu Blue room preferable, however our experiment looking in ~ the pull price of fight Styles v a different Booster crate was much less conclusive.


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