Material Specialties Scandinavia, Inc. Produce an everexpanding lineof Titanium Tool commodities for general purpose application. Titaniummetalis especially well suited for applications in corrosive environmentssuchas encountered in marine applications, such as SCUBA diving and offshoremaintenance activities. Additionally, due to the very highstrengthto weight ratio of Titanium, the is famous in police and also securityapplications,with firefighters, and any various other area whereby weight savings space aspecialconsideration.

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Titanium 21 inch Crowbar

This 21 customs bar is design for use in every light, to medium duty,pryingand wrecking applications. This tool is ultra-light weight, weighinglessthan 40% that a comparable Steel bar. This characteristic will certainly greatlyreducethe work load on the user, especially when functioning overhead. Theseadvantagesare made possible by utilizing Titanium, which has actually one that the beststructuralstrength to weight ratios of any metal. Typically, unalloyed Titaniumis40% lighter 보다 steel and also 10x more powerful than Aluminum. Regardless of it"slightweight, this forged Titanium bar is actually stronger than yourstandardSteel bar. Additionally, this Titanium device is absolutely impervious tothe elements. This especially contains the very corrosive marineenvironment.It will never ever rust, corrode or discolor in any way. That is non-magneticand non-sparking, do it an ext suitable for use about sensitiveelectronicequipment and flammable fluids 보다 a stole bar. The design of this baris best to provide the preferably leverage because that removing nails, or otherpryingoperations. Weight: 0.6 Kg or 1.32 Lbs. Cost: $89.95. Also obtainable ina much longer 28 inch variation for $109.95.

Titanium 15 customs Prybar

Properties comparable to 21 customs crowbar, shown above. Weight: 0.184Kg or 6.5 Oz. Cost: the end of share

Titanium big Grain Shovel

mechanical properties similar to above. Take care of not included. Cost:Out of stock

Titanium standard SquareTipped Shovel

Mechanical properties similar to above. Handle not included.

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Cost:Out of share

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