The blend door actuator is more than likely something you’ve never heard the in a car. However, it’s actually quite critical part of your car’s air-conditioning system. When the blend door actuator fails, girlfriend will notice symptoms v your car. Blend door actuator troubles won’t prohibit girlfriend from driving, yet they can make life inside the car uncomfortable. Fine list down the blend door actuator symptoms below and also you deserve to see if your auto has any type of of the symptoms. If the does, you may need to change it, and we’ll be stating the replacement cost and how to do it yourself together well.What’s a blend Door Actuator?SymptomsDiagnosingCostsQuestions & AnswersConclusion

What’s a mix Door Actuator?

Okay, therefore what specifically is a mix door actuator? Well, the mix door is what controls the direction of the air flow in her car’s air-conditioning system. The actuator is basically just one more word because that ‘motor’, so it’s a motor that controls the blend door. It’s usually a little electric motor that has sensors the are connected to her car’s air-conditioning system. The blend door actuator bring away the shape of a small plastic box through a cable connector attached come it. In ~ it lies several gears and also an electronic system that controls the motor.When you change the settings in your A/C system, such as the temperature and also the airflow, the signals will go v the actuator. Then the actuator will readjust the mix door accordingly. Most cars will have actually either one or 2 actuators, but your vehicle may have more of castle if it has actually the capability to control the temperature in various zones or multi-zone climate manage as carmakers frequently say.The blend door is regulated by the actuator, and it’s the system that diverts and controls the airflow. Why is it called a mix door? Well, it’s due to the fact that it’s really simply a level plastic panel that looks favor a door. Under the command of the actuator, the door will open and close to draw away airflow relying on how you collection it. It’s around as low-tech as you get in a car.You have the right to learn an ext about the operations of a blend door actuator in the video below. It additionally explains why some Fords have constant failures through this component:

Bad mix Door Actuator Symptoms

When the mix door actuator walk bad, girlfriend will notification several things in her car. They’re normally not a huge deal and also won’t prohibit you from driving, but it deserve to be annoying. Some of these symptoms may not be brought about by the mix door actuator due to the fact that the air-conditioning system has several components and also any of castle can cause this. The being said, right here are faulty mix door actuator symptoms:

Noises indigenous the Dashboard Area

As mentioned, the blend door actuator has actually several gears within to run the mix doors. At part point, this gears are bound to fail. If anything, they’re more prone come failure due to the fact that they are plastic gears rather than metal. As soon as some of the teeth have actually worn under or broken off, castle will start slipping and grind excessively against each other, which create noise.This noise commonly happens as soon as you revolve on the air-conditioning system and make adjustments to the settings. It will usually make one of two people a droning or squeaking noise. Shot to listen to whereby the noise is coming from. If it originates from the central dashboard area or the area whereby you regulate the A/C system, there’s a an excellent chance that the blend door actuator is leading to this.

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Knocking or click Noise native Dashboard

This noise commonly comes as soon as you rotate the ignition top top in your car. In most cars, the blend door actuator will recalibrate the place of the door every time you revolve on the ignition. If the place that the control head (your A/C control) is questioning for does no correlate with the actual place of the door, it will certainly make this clicking noise as it tries come readjust it. Damaged teeth in among the gears can likewise cause this noise. So, if you hear a knocking or click noise from your dashboard as soon as you revolve the automobile on, friend may have a mix door actuator problem.Keep in mind the a faulty relay may cause this noise. A blend door recalibration might also aid to solve the problem, we’ll teach you exactly how to execute this later on.

Inconsistent Airflow

Since the mix door is what controls and also diverts the airflow in your car’s air-conditioning system, inconsistent air flow is a good indication that you have a mix door actuator problem. For example, if your automobile suddenly diverts air flow to an area (such together the footwell) even though you no ask because that it to do so, then there’s a an excellent chance you have a problem with the mix door actuator.Additionally, there are only two points that can go wrong v the mix door actuator: either there’s damage to the equipment or the motor/actuator has burned out. Together mentioned, the damaged gear will create droning noises. You can actually get away by simply replacing the equipment in the actuator, but we recommend instead of the entire unit altogether due to the fact that it’s easier. As for once the motor has burned out, you will most likely be unable to regulate the temperature settings. If you change the temperature and also it no seem come change, you likely have actually a burnt-out circuit. Either way, you’ll need to replace the mix door actuator.

Diagnosing the mix Door Actuator

As mentioned, a faulty relay may cause the click noise girlfriend hear as soon as you turn the ignition on. A blend door recalibration might also help eliminate the problem and you won’t must replace the whole actuator. We recommend recalibrating the blend door first and climate checking the relay. If one of two people of these approaches fixes the problem, then you won’t have to replace the mix door actuator.

Blend Door Recalibration

The process for a mix door recalibration may differ depending on the car’s make and model. We recommend checking your owner’s manual or v online owner’s forums to discover the correct procedure for your car. However in general, this is what the process typically involves:Turn the ignition on.Turn top top the ‘Auto’ setup on your car’s air-conditioning system.Switch off the ignition.Remove the air-conditioning fuse for 1 minute.Turn the ignition earlier on and also leave the be for 2 minutes. This puts the system in relearn mode.After 2 minutes, revolve it off and also then ~ above again. Leave the ignition because that 15 seconds. Watch if the trouble persists.Again, your car may have actually a different procedure for recalibrating the blend door. So friend will need to research the procedure for her car. However, the method above typically works for GM vehicles, and the process for other cars is usually rather similar. If the difficulty persists, then you will need to inspect the relay:

Diagnosing a Faulty Relay

A relay is basically an electrically operated switch. Sending out power v the controls of the relay will magnetize it and also makes a copper contact allude to near which strength up whatever maker needs the electrical power. Think that it together a irradiate switch that you run by using the knobs and switches in your car.During operation, the relay makes an audible click as the contact suggest opens and also closes, i m sorry is perfect normal. However, a faulty relay or dirty call points may reason the relay come engage and disengage quickly. In turn, this provides the repeating clicking sound you might be hearing.To check the relay, friend will require to locate it and remove that (check her owner’s hands-on to uncover the air-conditioning relay). Afterward, friend will need a multimeter to test the relay. Here’s how to diagnose a relay:
You have the right to also shot shaking the relay after you pull it out. If it makes a rattling noise inside, this is a good indication the you have a bad relay. If you have a bad relay, simply replace it through a brand-new one. A relay must be no an ext than $15 to purchase, yet be sure to purchase the correct relay.

Blend Door Actuator replacement Cost

When you notice the mix door actuator symptoms above and confirmed that the problem is undoubtedly the actuator, friend will have to replace them. The blend door actuator usually costs in between $100 – $300 depending on the car’s make and model, prior to labor costs. On mean you deserve to expect to pay approximately $150 because that the actuator itself. Together an example, the mix door actuator for a 2006 Toyota Camry is $225 follow to Toyota’s website. Factor in the job cost, you looking in ~ a full of about $375 to replace a Toyota Camry’s mix door actuator.
Replacing the mix door actuator is actually a fairly simple process, and also it must take no much more than one hour. So the labor will cost you roughly $75 – $150 relying on labor rates at your regional repair shop. In general, you can expect the complete cost to it is in no more than $400.As because that luxury and performance cars, they shouldn’t expense that lot more. The actuator isn’t a performance-affecting component so they room generally similar across all cars. However, if your auto has multi-zone climate control, then your vehicle has much more than one actuator in the air-conditioning system. If lock fail simultaneously, climate you will need to replace all of them. In i beg your pardon case, the replacement expense will double.

Saving Money on mix Door Actuator Replacement

We all favor to conserve money once possible, specifically when it concerns car part replacements. When it pertains to the blend door actuator, there space two ways you deserve to save a bit of cash: one of two people you gain a cheaper non-OEM (Original equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket part. Or you can do the task yourself to save on labor costs. Or execute both if you desire to conserve even much more money.

Buying Non-OEM mix Door Actuator

Much like other contents in a car, there room third-party manufacturers out there the make mix door actuators for her car. Autozone for example has a many third-party mix door actuators ~ above stock, and they deserve to be as cheap together $25. However, keep in mind that you will have to make certain that the part you’re buying fits your car. Otherwise, it won’t work and you’re walking to have to buy one more one that in reality fits. Therefore be certain to examine if the part fits your vehicle. Also, if it turns out the the non-OEM part is simply as expensive together the OEM part, climate you’re far better off purchase OEM anyway.Additionally, we constantly like to repeat you to it is in wary once buying aftermarket or non-OEM parts. Castle not constantly bad, and sometimes they’re cheaper because they don’t fee a colossal mark-up together carmakers do. Yet often they space cheaper because they are lower in quality. We suggest that you check out customer reviews before buying, make certain that customers who have previously to buy the product room happy with it.Also, you have to buy non-OEM products that have a guarantee whenever possible. Therefore if the part fails prematurely, you have the right to replace the for tiny to no money at all.

Replacing blend Door Actuator Yourself

If friend don’t want to to buy aftermarket parts and also prefer to buy OEM for peace of mind, then you deserve to save money by instead of the blend door actuator yourself. This is a an excellent way to save money because replacing the mix door actuator is a relatively simple job and with the appropriate tools you deserve to do it yourself. It have to take no much more than one hour of your time to carry out this job. Here’s exactly how to change the blend door actuator yourself:Steps to instead of the mix Door ActuatorRemove the dash panel extending the blend door actuator. Inspect with the owner’s hand-operated to see where the located, and then eliminate the dashboard cover. An ext often than not it’s usually situated at the reduced dash panel or gloves box. You will usually require a tiny socket and also ratchet to eliminate the screws that are holding the dashboard in place.Remove the actuator’s wiring connector. There might be a security clip that holds the which girlfriend will have to undo very closely using a flathead screwdriver. Be gentle as they deserve to break fairly easily.Remove the actuator by removing the screws that organize the actuator in place. You can do this by making use of a socket and ratchet, but the sizes will certainly vary depending on the car.Before installation the brand-new actuator, make sure nothing is obstructing the wait door. Manually revolve them earlier and forth in full travel to make sure there’s no obstruction since it can damages the new actuator. Yes a an excellent chance it brought about the old actuator to fail in the first place.Once you’ve ensured that there’s no obstruction, you can now download the brand-new blend door actuator. Merely put the in place and also tighten the screws earlier on.After the screws room in place, reinstall the wiring connector. You should hear a click once it’s installed.Once done, recheck if you’ve excellent it appropriately by turning on the car and the air-conditioning system.Reinstall the dash cover when you’re done.You deserve to watch the video below come learn more on just how to change the mix door actuator yourself. The video clip below actually shows exactly how Oz Mechanic replace instead replace the gears within the old actuator and also putting it earlier in, yet it will offer you good visual instruction on exactly how to remove and install a brand-new actuator:

Questions & Answers

Can ns Drive v a poor Blend Door Actuator?

You can. The mix door actuator doesn’t impact your car’s power or safety, so you can absolutely drive with a negative blend door actuator. However, friend might notice your air-conditioning device not working properly. The wait temperature the it’s blowing might not be correct and also the car will either be too hot or also cold. Or it can divert wait to areas where you nothing actually want it come be. This will certainly be an inconvenience and also driving will certainly be uncomfortable. Your passengers could complain profusely in ~ you because that not solving your car’s air-conditioning. Although that might be a an excellent thing because they probably won’t desire a free ride from girlfriend anymore.
In any type of case, yes you have the right to drive without replacing your blend door actuator. But if you uncover it as well uncomfortable, us recommend an altering it.

How lengthy Do mix Door Actuators Last?

There’s no telling how long a mix door actuator will certainly last since carmakers don’t really specify their lifespan. However, it have to last the car’s lifetime and also it’s one of those auto parts that seldom goes wrong. As an example, i have owned my 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander for 10 years and also I’ve never ever had any problems through the mix door actuator. As lengthy there room no manufacturer defects, it have to last a lengthy time and also you don’t have to worry about it break anytime soon.Keep in mind that an obstruction in the mix door may cause the mix door actuator gears to fail. This is since the obstruction will prevent the mix door native moving and also it will make the plastic gears inside grind harder and also the teeth may break off. Some common obstructions include pens, toothpicks, tiny toys, and also bubble gums. If you have actually children, make sure they nothing insert anything into the waiting vents since it have the right to obstruct the mix door.

Should I replace It Myself?

If money is a little bit tight at the moment, we recommend instead of it yourself to save some cash. As mentioned, it’s a fairly simple job and there’s small risk that you could break other else. However, if you’re not certain of your mechanical skills, we won’t blame you for spending the extra $150 on job cost.

I’m still Having problems with mine A/C, What Now?

If friend see any type of of the blend door actuator symptom we stated above, girlfriend likely have a mix door actuator problem. However, the car’s air-conditioning device is quite complex and other else might be resulting in your problem and also you will require to examine it.
For example, if her car’s air-conditioning all of sudden starts blowing warm air even though the heater’s off, climate that’s commonly a sign of short refrigerant level. Or if you’re enduring weak airflow, it’s often caused by a blower hose that has come loose, which causes air to no pass v the evaporator into the cabin. There might likewise be a difficulty with one of the seals in the system which has to remain closed. Also, psychic to inspect the relay we mentioned previously if you’re quiet hearing a click noise.There are various other issues too that might be present, however most of castle are rarely dangerous and repairs have the right to wait if you deserve to live with the inconvenience. However, one difficulty we wouldn’t ignore is as soon as you odor gasoline coming the end from her air vents. This shows a gas leak and also it would be wise to have the problem checked and fixed immediately since that dangerous because that a range of reasons.You have the right to learn more about vehicle air-conditioning repair expenses in an write-up we created here.


The blend door actuator is among those automobile parts we rarely think or even know about. They’re not visible unless you open up your dashboard and also you don’t really notice it working because they job-related fine many of the time. As mentioned, blend door actuators normally last quite long as long as there space no manufacturer defects. This method you don’t have to worry about replacing them regularly and also you won’t have to waste money on them.If you an alert any that the mix door actuator symptoms, be certain to follow our guide above on just how to diagnose the problem. Sometimes the blend door just needs a recalibration or it’s simply a faulty relay that expenses no more than $15 to replace. But if that the blend door actuator, then be prepared to spend anywhere between $200 come $400 to replace them. You don’t need to replace lock immediately, but we introduce doing so to save life within the automobile comfortable.
If friend don’t desire to spend money on job costs, hopefully, our guide to purchase aftermarket parts and also replacing the mix door actuator you yourself helps you to conserve some money. It’s a reasonably simple job and it bring away no an ext than a pair of hrs to execute at most.

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