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2006 Ford F-250 XLT FX4 regular CAB :icon_ford:SCT Tuner Edge insight CTS IDP melody (Tow, too much Street, excessive Race)5" Turbo ago Exhaust share TTY Head Bolts :doh:BPD 58V FICM s & b Cold wait Intake (Dry Filter)

Look ~ above the sticker within the driver door jam. That will give you her GVWR, its more than likely 10,000 pounds. Their is another sticker that says something favor "persons, and also items (payload) need to not exceed more than x,xxx, pounds". If you subtract your approximated max payload from her GVWR you will obtain an approximated curb weight of her truck. This is assuming your truck is all stock. You have the right to also include an approximated weight of any type of stuff friend carry and your person. If your on the highway a lot protect against at a sweet station and get on the scale, climate you"ll understand for sure.

GVWR - Payload top top door sticker = Approx. Curb Weight.Same as discussed above.In truth, I"d operation out and also get a weight ticket v a complete tank the fuel (unless the number is being provided for HP calc.), and know specifically what the van weighs.
2007 F-350 XLT 6.0L PSD Dually "Jezebel"TorqShift 4x4 CC/LB 4.30LS - Tow boss PackageWrite Up: monitoring the 6.0L PSDWrite Up: Bullet-Proofing the 6.0L PSDWrite Up: strength Potential of the 6.0L PSDBuild Thread: TowBoss F350 6.0L PSD.

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2006 Ford F-250 XLT FX4 continual CAB :icon_ford:SCT Tuner Edge understanding CTS IDP tunes (Tow, excessive Street, too much Race)5" Turbo earlier Exhaust stock TTY Head Bolts :doh:BPD 58V FICM s & b Cold waiting Intake (Dry Filter)
These trucks space heavier 보다 you think.Weighed mine recently and also it to be 8,600LBs with two civilization in the cab, fuel tank full, and backseat and bed empty (except for 2 stall carpet in the bed). Without mats would be around 8,400, and then subtract 500LBS for the two people, leave a net curb load of 7,900LBs.
2006 F250 6.0L (Dec 2005 construct date), 107,069 miles, XL reg. Cab FX4, manual trans., tow package, gooseneck hitch, spray in bed liner, BFG"s all terrains, edge insight CS, Rotella T6, Fumoto valve, tan leather xlt seats, carpet, weathertechs, blue spring, Dieselsite coolant filter, riffraff boots, aluminum XLT rims.1985 terry Taurus 23" travel trailer, 1967 Avion c-10 slide-in camper
1990 F-350 RCLB 7.3 IDI auto-restored2003 mustang cobra-505 rwhp/486 rwft.lb2001 ranger 3.0 auto xcab-DD2009 F350 CCSB 5.4 (sold)2004 f350 RCLB 6.0 (sold)1991 f350 RCLB 7.3 (sold)