The work requiring this license have actually decrease through 11.69% due to the fact that 2018. Plumbers through this license earn +13.92% much more than the typical base salary, i m sorry is $31.06 per hour.

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7 Plumbers project openings on require this license in 2010, it boosts by 7 in comparison come previous year.

Job TrendYearNumber of project openings on without doubt requiring this licenseChange from previous year2010201120122013201420152016201720182019
7increase by 7
14increase by 100.00%
2798increase by 19885.71%
12876increase by 360.19%
16048increase by 24.63%
11535decrease by 28.12%
15370increase by 33.25%
12510decrease by 18.61%
13692increase by 9.45%
12091decrease through 11.69%


Top areas of studyMedical Degree+33.25%salary


All CategoriesElectrical mechanical Systems technology SkillsConstruction manufacturing SkillsIt Software advancement Skills
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54% of Plumbers in the United states think their earnings are sufficient for the cost of life in their area.

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