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How lot does it price to very own a horse?


Feb 5, 2013

If you don"t earn whatever present politicians take into consideration the optimal 1% are afraid not; this post is not going to suggest that only top earners must own horses. In reality only 28% of steed owners have an annual income of end $100,000. Nearly half of all steed owners earn between $25,000 and $75,000 per year.

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When new horse owner ask me just how much they need to spend on a equine I regularly reply; "Buy the most expensive horse you deserve to afford since the price of to buy a steed is the the very least expensive aspect of steed ownership." ns counsel them come be sure that the steed is fine trained and suited because that the riders details needs. Generally brand-new horse owners will certainly get an ext value and also enjoyment native a equine that can help train that owner - not a equine that calls for a most training native an inexperienced owner. But the question remains; when the perfect steed is purchased how much will it price to save him?

Health treatment Needs: as the experienced equine owner has learned through tough experience, horses deserve to have a range of health and wellness issues. Because that such a an effective animal in numerous ways they deserve to be quite fragile. Because that the purposes of this short article I will certainly just discuss the basic health treatment that the average equine should receive; except to say that if you very own a horse you should have actually an emergency medical fund easily accessible to cover catastrophic wellness expenses.

Hoof care: The equines hoof grows continuously and requires frequent trimming to store your horse"s feet in balance. Psychic 50 to 80 lbs per square inch space being sustained by each foot. Inequalities of the hooves will cause lameness and also osteoarthritis in the future.

If your steed grows high quality hoof wall surface or does not have actually special performance requirements you can probably have actually your farrier trim the feet every 6 to 8 weeks. In ours area of Indiana, trimming cost ranges from $30.00 to $40.00 every visit. If your steed needs pair of shoes the expense in ours area is between $90.00 and also $100.00 per visit.

So you will spend between $195.00 and also $867.00 per year depending on your horse"s individual needs.

Vaccines and examinations: in ~ Conley and also Koontz horse Hospital we think in substantial vaccination v the highest quality vaccine available. Our vaccine references for many horses expense $127.95 for yearly vaccines plus $85.50 because that semi-annual vaccines equals $213.45 every year.

Every horse should have a vet examination twice per year. Physical examinations assist us to determine: what type of vaccines your horse needs, what deworming programming you need to be using, if dental maintenance is necessary, what feeding regimen you must be on, if your horse has lameness issues, if her horse has eye problems, or if his internal organs are functioning properly. Many importantly physics examinations assist us catch little health issues prior to they become large health issues. We usually execute physical examinations once we vaccinate. Examination price $30.00 per examination or $60 every year.

Deworming: All horses should be on a planned, well managed deworming program. Parasites are the number one reason of clinical colic (for those the don"t know, colic is just one of those catastrophic health costs that you should have an emergency money ready for). Parasites rob your equine of nutrients and cause a selection of other health and wellness issues. A an excellent deworming regimen will save most horse owners money in the long run.

At Conley and also Koontz horse Hospital us have occurred an Individual strategy Deworming routine that when imposed correctly conserves the steed owner money and also is better for the health of her horse. The routine for many horses has a quantitative fecal egg count double per year and also deworming with the encourage dewormer as small as 2 times every year. The cost is $12 for each quantitative fecal egg count and also approximately $15.50 for each dewormer. Complete yearly expense is $55.00 every year.

Other steed owners prefer the older method to deworm a horse by administering a paste dewormer every 8 weeks in ~ a price of $93.00 every year. Still other owners elect to use day-to-day dewormers the can cost up come $260 per year plus the manufacturer encourage larvacidal dough dewormer at $15.50 twice per year for a full of $291per year. For the functions of this post I will use the Conley and Koontz steed Hospital encourage Individual strategic Deworming regime at a cost of $55.00 every year.

Dental Care: Like the hoof, a horse"s teeth additionally grow transparent their entire life. Unmaintained this will develop sharp point out that will certainly make chewing painful and impair suitable digestion. Left unattended the teeth can become imbalanced resulting in a myriad of health issues. Most steeds require dental maintenance every 6 come 18 months. This number have the right to vary widely depending on the period of the horse and also its use. Young present horses require their this done an ext often if mature pasture steeds need their teeth done less often. At Conley and also Koontz horse Hospital we check your horse"s teeth as part of your physical examination to assist determine when your equine should have actually dental maintenance.

Equine dentistry should only it is in performed through a licensed veterinarian. In Indiana it is illegal for a lay dentist come perform steed dentistry unless oversaw by a licensed veterinarian.

The cost of dental treatment can be fairly variable however a great estimate is about $265.00 per year.

The full yearly expense of straightforward health treatment in Indiana is between $788.45 and $1,460.45

Feed: Horse"s choose to eat every day. Most of them deserve to consume a remarkable amount of feed and produce a incredible amount that manure. The lot of calories and the nutritional requirements for any kind of individual horse will differ greatly. Because that the purposes of this article I will emphasis on the two an easy elements hay and grain. I will use the "old timers" estimate of feeding 2% that the horse"s body weight, half in hay and half in grain, every day.

Hay: There are practically as many varieties of hay as there are species of grasses. Over there is likewise mixed hay that different species of grasses. A common kind of combined hay is alfalfa timothy mix. Her veterinarian can aid you chose what type of hay to feed her horse. The availability of hay is inversely proportional come the cost per bale. Some years hay is plentiful and the price every bale is quite economical. In a dryness year hay have the right to be fairly scarce and quite expensive. The mean price because that grass hay in Indiana is about $6.00 come $9.00 because that a 50 pound bale. For a 1000 pound equine you will feed about 3650 pounds every year or 73 bales. That comes to $438 come $657 every year. Pasture deserve to offset some of this cost but keep in mind the pasture has cost of its own such as; the price of the soil itself and also fencing cost.

Grain: grain is always obtainable but the price can vary depending on the expense of the Ingredients. There room many varieties of advertising grains, again have your veterinarian aid you select a grain that is right for your individual horse. The typical grain price in Indiana is in between $10.75 and also $22.60 per 50 lb bag. You will be feeding roughly 73 bags a year in ~ a expense of $784.75 to $1,649.80.

The experienced equine owner is looking in ~ all that feed and thinking of all the manure that requirements mucking. Us will emphasis on manure next yet for currently the expense of that manure (I median nutrition) is approximately: $1,222.75 come $2,306.80 every year.

Manure: If you have actually a equine you will have waste in the type of manure and urine to transaction with. Steed specialists at the college of Minnesota report that the median 1000 pound equine excretes 50 pounds that manure and also urine per day. That seems choose a lot yet the allude is there will certainly be a many mucking come do. If that takes 20 minute to clean and bed a stall every job (I understand we every clean ours stalls daily), uYou will spend 7,300 minutes or 122 hrs per year mucking stalls (If you perform not clean your stall every day it takes much longer to clean the unmucked stall the following day so the estimate is still good). In Indiana you will pay in between $7.25 and $10.00 every hour because that someone to clean your stall so the will price you between $884.50 and also $1,220.00 every year to keep the barn clean. If you clean your very own stall remember that your time is worth something for this reason the estimate continues to be the same.

Bedding: Bagged shavings in ours area cost in between $0.42 and $0.63 every cubic foot. The quantity of bedding girlfriend will use per year varies greatly depending on your real estate situation. Let"s estimate that the average horse soils 24 cubic foot of bedding every week or 1,248 cubic foot per year. That is a expense of $524.16 come $786.24 every year. you may be able to use bulk shavings i beg your pardon are much less expensive come purchase, however delivery, storage and labor cost are increased. Straw is cheap bedding yet its availability is inconsistent and using straw drastically increases job cost.

Horses are large animals and cleaning up after them can be a big and high value proposition. The total yearly cost of managing waste is $1,408.66 to $2,006.24.

Facility and also boarding: There space two ways to store a horse. You have the right to keep the at home or you deserve to use a boarding facility. If you save your horse at house you have the advantage of having actually your steed near at every times. The disadvantage is that you have to carry out all the facilities and also labor. Having a steed boarded can be convenient due to the fact that you carry out not have to do every the occupational every day. Camaraderie with other steed enthusiast is another benefit of boarding. The disadvantage is the you need to drive to view your horse and you don"t obtain to control every facet of his care.

Keeping your steed at home: farming economists native Purdue college tell united state that you need to have 3 to four horses to make maintaining a horse at home the correct financial choice. This is because of what economist speak to opportunity cost. Land, barns, fencing, labor, etc. Room all expensive. If you take it the chance to invest the money that you spend on this items the proceeds will certainly pay for board for increase to four horses. Some human being will say; "yes, but I will lose the possibility to have my horse at home". There space of course many reasons to pick to save your steed at house but due to the fact that this short article focuses on the expense of a single horse let"s research the expense of boarding a horse.

Boarding a horse: Boarding deserve to be as basic as a physical place to save your horse and also you administer all labor, feed, and also bedding. Boarding can likewise be very elaborate facilities that offer amenities such as; tack stalls, training, lessons, feed, bedding, lounge, at home riding, the end riding, trails, nursing care, etc. The kind of boarding you select depends on your personality, your obtainable time, your purposes for your horse, and your bag book. The the very least expensive boarding facility ns was maybe to find in our area was $170 per month or $2,040 per year. This price includes a stall and also a ar for rotate out. The boarder provides every little thing else. The most expensive plank I discovered was $800 every month or $9,600 every year. This price consists of a stall, turn-out, full care, labor, feed, and also bedding. The does not include services the the boarder would certainly pay extra because that such as training.

If you decision to store your equine at house or in ~ a boarding facility the yearly expense will be between $2040 and also $9600.

There are of course a most other expense associated with owning a horse. Many of these prices I will placed in the "optional" category and also will no count castle in the basic cost of steed ownership. Because that example, tack can expense a couple of hundred dollars because that some provided tack in ~ a tack auction or I have literally checked out $40,000 disagreement saddles. We could include, trailers, trucks, training, present clothes, clinics, compete fees, camping equipment, tack, etc. But because all these expenses are not an easy horse necessities ns did not try to include any kind of in the calculation.

Back to the initial question; just how much go it price to own a horse? In northern Indiana in 2013 the yearly cost to own one equine is between: $5,459.86 and also $15,373.49.

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Horse Ownership: absolutely worth the cost!

All steed lovers understand that our horses are well worth the price. Cowboy wisdom teaches us that: "Buying a steed is cheaper than paying a shrink". Once I begin grumbling about how lot my girls spend on horses, my mam likes to repeat me that "horses are cheaper than boys or drugs". I did not compose this article to discourage any type of one from suffering the pleasure of owning a horse. I simply want world to establish that horse ownership is a lifestyle an option and you must be prepared, at least financially, what you space choosing.

Robert H Koontz DVMConley and Koontz equine