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Menu and pricingA note from Deborah: ns use local ingredients whenever possible, countless of i beg your pardon come from other merchants at the Ballard farmers Market. I never ever use box fruit in my pies, however I do periodically use frozen fruit since it stop its flavor and texture so fine in a pie. Every pie ns make attributes my homemade, hand-rolled crust – and also in mine opinion, the the late that renders the pie.Most of this pies are accessible year ‘round; seasonal choices are denoted with an asterisk. Not all the pies detailed are accessible every week in ~ the farmers industry – but we do always have a great selection of delicious pies because that you to select from.Have a question about our pies? want to recognize which persons we’ll have at the farmers market? Interested in a practice order? call us making use of the link above. Thanks!
Apple Pie . . . . . . $18.00An old-fashioned favorite, made through plenty of apples and Deborah’s very own blend of spices. This is the most well-known pie we offer at the Ballard farmers Market!Apple Cranberry Pie . . . . . . $21.00A favorite for holiday gatherings and also parties: perfect spiced apples, plump cranberries, and also a streusel topping made through brown sugar, butter and also spices. Apologize Raspberry Pie . . . . . . $18.00Two good flavors come with each other in this delectable pie. Made even better with Deborah"s practice blend the spices. Apologize Blueberry Pie . . . . . . $18.00The best of both worlds: one apple pie that"s additionally a berry pie. Love blackberries also more? Opt because that the apple/blackberry alternative below. Apple Blackberry Pie . . . . . . $18.00The best of both worlds: an apple pie that"s additionally a berry pie. Love blueberries also more? Opt because that the apple/blueberry alternative above. Bumbleberry Pie . . . . . . $18.00A scrumptious mixture of blackberries, blueberries and also raspberries. Claims Deborah, “Sometimes ns tell human being that a bumbleberry is a cross in between a blackberry and a bumblebee. It’s funny to watch your expressions change from man to ‘Oh, you’re joking!’ ”Blueberry Pie . . . . . . $18.00Plump, juicy blueberries room the star of the show in this mouth-watering pie.Peach Pie . . . . . . $18.00Lusciously sweet peaches space made even more delicious through Deborah’s distinct blend of spices. Peach Blackberry Pie . . . . . . $18.00A terrific flavor combination, featuring lush peaches and also big, plump, Northwest-grown blackberries. Peach Blueberry Pie . . . . . . $18.00Another delicious marriage of flavors, this one with toothsome peaches and big, plump blueberries. Peach Raspberry Pie . . . . . . $18.00A scrumptious pairing that plump and delicious peaches with fragrantly sweet Northwest-grown raspberries.Blackberry Pie . . . . . . $18.00Big, juicy, Northwest-grown blackberries and also just the right amount that sugar do for one out-of-this-world pie. * Cherry Pie . . . . . . $18.00A mouthwatering classic made with plump pie cherries.* Rhubarb-Strawberry Pie . . . . . . $18.00Don’t miss out on this late-spring treat, offered when rhubarb and Northwest strawberries room at the top of your seasons.* Raspberry-Rhubarb Pie . . . . . . $18.00If you’re a fan of strawberry-rhubarb, you might enjoy this combination even more: plump raspberries pair perfectly v rhubarb—both local, of course!* Tayberry Pie . . . . . . $19.00Never had a tayberry? she in for a treat: this plump and delicious cross between a blackberry and also a raspberry provides for a next-level pie. * Pumpkin Pie . . . . . . $22.00A creamy, custardy delight, with filling that Deborah provides from scrape using street pie pumpkins get an impressive right right here in the Northwest. * Pecan Pie . . . . . . $23.00A standout classic, through big, meaty pecans atop a well-off layer of sweet custard.Petite Fruit Pies . . . . . . $12.00Just the thing when you can’t decide i beg your pardon of our larger pies come buy – take a couple of this instead! They additionally make the perfect dessert for two. Mini Pies . . . . . . $5.00The perfect dessert for one.
Savory Chicken Pie – large . . . . . . $28.00Ultimate comfort food: chicken, onions, celery, mushrooms, carrots, rutabaga and also parsnips in a sauce of homemade chicken stock, a smidge the white wine and also cream.Savory Chicken Pie – Petite . . . . . . $17.00The exact same pie, perfectly sized for two world to share.Southwest Pork Pie – huge . . . . . . $28.00Just the point if you like a small spice in your comfort food: a zesty mix of pork, onions, bell peppers, cilantro, Anaheim peppers, jalapeno peppers and also chicken stock.Southwest Pork Pie – Petite . . . . . . $17.00The same pie, perfectly sized for two human being to share.Chicken Peasant Pie . . . . . . $17.00A rustic, Italian-style turnover filled with chicken, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, feta cheese, chicken stock, eggs and basil. Perfectly sized for two world to share.Vegetarian Peasant Pie . . . . . . $17.00A meat-free version of our Chicken Peasant Pie, with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, eggs and basil. Perfectly sized because that two people to share.Meatless Marvel Peasant Pie . . . . . . $17.00Loaded v mushrooms, ar roast vegetarian Italian "sausage," spinach, bell peppers and sun-dried tomatoes, in a cream sauce base. Perfectly sized because that two human being to share.

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Stop through our sector stall to watch what rather we’ve gained on market – depending upon the season and also weekend, girlfriend may discover Deborah’s very own braided bread, “Mom’s” dinner rolls, “Dad’s” cinnamon rolls, scones, and also more. Prices vary.