Yogurt and also flour is all you must make these weight Watchers Bagels! The topping is approximately you – everything seasoning, poppy or sesame seeds, or just plain. Only 3 points per bagel!


One of mine closest workmates, Lesli, has actually been following the Weight Watchers regimen for over 2 years now. She has actually lost a majorly far-reaching amount that weight, to the allude that i tell her constantly that she’s start to look frail! Hahaha – don’t worry, I’m not being mean. That’s the kind of connection we have.

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About a year ago, my other closest workmate, Margaret, jumped ~ above the load Watchers bandwagon as well. She too, has lost a the majority of weight. So, as soon as they both pertained to work a couple of weeks earlier talking about these 3 point bagels, I assumed they had lost their marbles. Ns mean, just how the hell deserve to you make a an excellent tasting bagel the end of simply flour and also yogurt. As soon as they both claimed they to be baked and also not boiled first, I assumed our friendship had pertained to an end.


I assumed no an ext of it, until a week back when I decided to offer the weight Watchers diet a try. Now, to ~ Reader, ns am not endorsing the program at all. In fact, in ~ the really moment I’m creating this up, I have actually only been on the program for a week. But, whether this bagels are designed to fit right into the weight Watcher’s points program or not, they’re a damn good bagel, and also I simply had to re-publishing the recipe through you!

What’s the secret? over there is no secret!!

The vital to keeping the points value low v this bagel is to use 0% plain Greek yogurt along with self-raising flour. If you decision to usage 2% or complete fat yogurt, the suggest value will rise of course. If you’re not on the weight Watchers program, you have the right to use any plain Greek yogurt you want.

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At the end of the day, these bagels taste really, yes, really good. They space doughy and also chewy, as with a “real” bagel, and also they are so easy to make. Together you know, to ~ Reader, I have said it a million times already that simple is best. Weight Watchers Bagels are as basic as friend can feasible get!

I think that i was an ext impressed with how well these came together – and how conveniently too! ns was absolutely impressed with the taste and also how delicious castle were when toasted and topped with my Easy Homemade Jam. Personally, i feel the these weight Watchers Bagels would certainly be the topic of conversation if you served them in ~ a breakfast or brunch acquire together, due to the fact that how many human being can say the they do bagels from scratch?

So, walk ahead, too ~ Reader; it is in the belle of the ball, the queen of the bagel, and the speak of the town! (Too far?) Well, possibly you won’t become instantly famous, yet I’m confident that you’ll it is in asked because that the recipe and I’m even an ext positive that you’ll make these bagels over and also over again, even if you aren’t participating in a load loss program.

Plain or every dressed up?

Just one final note – you don’t have to top these bagels at all. You can certainly leave lock plain. But, friend can also jazz castle up. Try sprinkling them through parmesan, or incorporated some sunlight dried tomatoes and jalapenos into the dough because that a great sandwich bagel. Just remember to do the egg wash so that you can gain those seeds to stick and those top to be golden brown. Happy eating!