Key Points

As sea trade paths became more dangerous, several tribes developed the Arabian city of Mecca into a center of profession to direct more secure overland caravan routes.Once a year, the nomadic people would declare a truce and converge ~ above Mecca in a trip to pay homage to your idols in ~ the Kaaba and also drink from the Zamzam Well.The oasis city of Yathrib, additionally known together Medina, to be ruled by several Jewish tribes until Arab tribes acquired political power approximately 400 CE.

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A number in the Hebrew Bible and also the Qur’an, and Abraham’s very first son follow to Jews, Christians, and also Muslims. He was born that Abraham’s marital relationship to Sarah’s handmaiden Hagar.


A sacred building in the city the Mecca the housed the lack idols till the rise of Islam in 7th century, as soon as it became the center of Islam’s most sacred mosque.

Zamzam Well

A well situated in the city of Mecca that, according to Islamic belief, is a miraculously generated resource of water from God.

Although the majority of pre-Islamic Arabia was nomadic, there to be several essential cities that came right into being together centers of trade and religion, such together Mecca, Medina (Yathrib), Karbala, and also Damascus. The most essential of these urban was Mecca, which was an essential center of profession in the area, as well as the place of the Kaaba (or Ka’ba), among the most revered shrines in polytheistic Arabia. After the rise of Islam, the Kaaba ended up being the many sacred ar in Islam.

Islamic tradition characteristics the start of Mecca to Ishmael’s descendants. Plenty of Muslims allude to the Old testament chapter Psalm 84:3–6 and also a point out of a trip at the valley of Baca, which is understood as a recommendation to Mecca as Bakkah in Qur’an Surah 3:96. The Greek historian Diodorus Siculus, who lived between 60 BCE and 30 BCE, wrote about the isolated an ar of Arabia in his work-related Bibliotheca historica, relenten a divine shrine the Muslims view as Kaaba in ~ Mecca: “And a temple has actually been collection up there, i beg your pardon is an extremely holy and also exceedingly revered by all Arabians.” some time in the fifth century, the Kaaba was a place to praise the deities of Arabia’s pagan tribes. Mecca’s most crucial pagan divine being was Hubal, whose idol had been put there through the judgment Quraysh tribe and remained until the 7th century.

The City the Mecca

In the 5th century, the Quraysh tribes took manage of Mecca and became professional merchants and also traders. In the 6th century, they joined the rewarding spice trade, because battles in other parts that the civilization were causing traders to draw away from the attention sea courses to the much more secure overland routes. The oriental Empire had previously managed the Red Sea, but piracy had actually been increasing. An additional previous route, i m sorry ran v the Persian Gulf via the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, was likewise threatened through exploitations indigenous the Sassanid Empire, and also disrupted by the Lakhmids, the Ghassanids, and also the Roman–Persian Wars.

Mecca’s prestige as a trading center eventually surpassed the cities of Petra and also Palmyra. Historic accounts also carry out some point out that items from various other continents may also have flowed through Mecca. Camel caravans, claimed to have first been provided by Muhammad’s great-grandfather, to be a major part that Mecca’s bustling economy. Partnerships were struck between the sellers in Mecca and the neighborhood nomadic tribes, that would bring goods—leather, livestock, and metals mined in the neighborhood mountains—to Mecca to be loaded on the caravans and carried to urban in Syria and also Iraq. Historical accounts administer some point out that products from other continents may also have flowed through Mecca. Goods from Africa and also the Far eastern passed v en path to Syria. The Meccans signed treaties v both the Byzantines and the Bedouins to negotiate for sure passages because that caravans and give lock water and pasture rights. Mecca became the center of a loosened confederation of client tribes, which consisted of those the the Banu Tamim. Other regional powers such together the Abyssinian, Ghassan, and also Lakhm were in decline, leaving Meccan profession to be the main binding force in Arabia in the late 6th century.

The harsh conditions and terrain that the Arabian peninsula supposed a near-constant state of conflict in between the neighborhood tribes, yet once a year they would declare a truce and also converge ~ above Mecca in a pilgrimage. As much as the 7th century, this trip was undertaken through the pagan Arabs to salary homage to their shrine and also drink indigenous the Zamzam Well. However, it was likewise the time yearly when conflicts would be arbitrated, debts would be resolved, and also trading would take place at Meccan fairs. These yearly events gave the tribes a sense of usual identity and also made Mecca an essential focus because that the peninsula.


A contemporary caravan crossing the Arabian Peninsula. As sea trade courses became an ext dangerous, number of tribes constructed the Arabian city that Mecca right into a facility of profession to direct an ext secure overland caravan routes.

The City the Medina (Yathrib)

Although the city of Medina did not have any type of great difference until the advent of Islam, the has always held vital place in profession and agriculture because of its place in a fertile region of the Hejaz. The city to be able to maintain decent amounts of food and also water, and also therefore was an important pit avoid for profession caravans traveling follow me the Red Sea. This was specifically important offered the merchant society of Arabia. In addition to the port of Jidda, Medina and Mecca grew through year of pilgrimage.

During the pre-Islamic duration up until 622 CE, Medina was known as Yathrib, an oasis city. Yathrib was conquered by Jewish tribes until approximately 400 CE, when several Arab tribes acquired political power. Medina is commemorated for comprise the mosque of Muhammad. Medina is 210 miles (340 km) phibìc of Mecca and around 120 mile (190 km) indigenous the Red Sea coast. It is located in the many fertile part of the Hejaz territory, wherein the streams the the vicinity converge. An tremendous plain extends to the south; in every direction the check out is bounded through hills and also mountains.

In 622 CE, Muhammad and around 70 Meccan Muhajirun loyalty left Mecca for sanctuary in Yathrib, an event that reinvented the spiritual and political landscape the the city completely. The old enmity in between the Aus and Khazraj people was dampened as plenty of tribe members, and also some local Jews, taken on Islam. Muhammad, connected to the Khazraj v his great-grandmother, to be agreed ~ above as public leader.

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The Muslim converts aboriginal to Yathrib—whether pagan Arab or Jewish—were called Ansar (“the Patrons” or “the Helpers”). According to Ibn Ishaq, the regional pagan Arab tribes, the Muslim Muhajirun from Mecca, the neighborhood Muslims (Ansar), and the Jews of the area signed one agreement, the structure of Medina, i beg your pardon committed every parties come mutual collaboration under the leadership of Muhammad. The nature that this file as videotaped by Ibn Ishaq and also transmitted through Ibn Hisham is the topic of conflict among contemporary Western historians. Numerous maintain that this “treaty” is perhaps a collage of various agreements, dental rather than written, of various dates, and also that it is not clear as soon as they to be made. Other scholars, however, both Western and also Muslim, argue that the message of the agreement—whether the was originally a single paper or several—is possibly among the earliest Islamic messages we possess.