Now us all understand Rory Williams has had numerous a death over the food of his time on doctor Who. Yet how numerous exactly and also what to be they? below I to be going to attempt to go v every point in the display where Rory die or appears to die. I’m sure I’ll miss out on something out somewhere or various other so please comment below if you an alert anything! :wink:

As I’m creating this I have the right to tell ns gonna be below for a while... Soooo better get began then!

(Also, major spoilers if friend haven’t seen up to series 7 yet. If it is you, prevent reading this and also go and also watch it!)


1.) Amy’s Choice


Okay, Rory’s habit of dying starts here (first time for everything right?) when he is killed by the Eknodine mrs Poggit. The a horrific death as that is slowly turned into a heap of dust, yet likewise an emotional scene - his short panic transforming into despair together he asks (pregnant) Amy come look after their baby.

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Yes, this was every a dream yet Amy didn’t recognize it in ~ the time and also it was heartbreaking to view her reaction to losing Rory for the an initial time.


2.) Amy’s Choice


No, ns haven’t accidentally placed Amy’s selection again. - Rory did die one more time here. Once Amy, Rory and the medical professional ‘awake’ from your dream that Leadworth castle are earlier in the Tardis drifting in the direction of a cold star. The medical professional then realised that the Dream mr is and also sets the Tardis to self destruct killing them all when again. They finally re-awake in the genuine world and also the Doctor describes how it was simply psychic dust and also the Dream lord was an evil manifestation the himself.

This death has much less affect than his vault one and so as a result is much much less memorable and also usually forget about.


3.) Cold Blood

Two episodes later and also Rory has actually yet one more death. That is shot by a Silurian whilst trying to press the medical professional out the the method of the blast. His last moments are complete of confusion as he recalls seeing a future variation of himself on a hill earlier in the episode. As light native the cracks in the universe capture up come him the Doctor needs to drag a distraught Amy far from his body together we watch him gain wiped from existence.

What makes this death so disastrous is the reality that mere moment later despite the Doctor’s ideal efforts Amy has no recollection the Rory whatsoever. Return this is fairly unexpected, it is an additional emotional death. It is a much lengthier scene than his previous 2 deaths and along with the flashbacks of their happy time together renders this feel much much more real.


4.) The big Bang


Once Amy emerges from the Pandorica she sees a short video clip of the journey with time come the existing day. That details ‘The last Centurion’ and reveals that is believed that he died during people War II - “performing one last act the devotion to the box he had actually pledged to defend for virtually 2000 years.”

Despite the fact that we check out Rory 45 seconds later, because that a short time the did appear he to be dead and also so this little scene makes it top top the list.


5.) The huge Bang


The large Bang again, and Rory’s final fatality of series 5. The medical professional flies the Pandorica right into the exploding Tardis resulting in its restoration field to it is in emitted throughout all of room and time.

Although no technically a death, this variation of Rory when again ceases to exist and also the world gets rebooted.


6.) job of the Moon

This episode starts with Amy, River and also Rory being supposedly pursued down by Canton Everett Delaware III. Rory finds himself cornered ~ above the valley Canyon Dam in Arizona where he is shot and also put into a human body bag.

Once again he no really dice here and also it was shortly revealed as a plan to cheat the silence right into thinking they to be dead. It was likewise a handy means to obtain them every to where the Doctor and the Tardis to be being held in Area 51.


7.) The Curse of the black color Spot

Now, due to the events of The huge Bang, this is in reality his very first death in the present timeline. Rory it s okay knocked turn off a Pirate ship and starts to drown in the sea. The Siren climate takes him to the infirmary of an alien an are ship in ~ the point of his death where she keeps the alive connected up come life support. Linked to this he was able to speak to Amy and also the Doctor yet he was unable to leave and also get ago to the Tardis. That teaches Amy how to execute CPR to resuscitate him and also so when he disconnects native the life support, he dies and his life is in her hands.

Fortunately Amy manages to conserve him successfully and so good old Rory Williams comes out alive (again).


8.)The Doctor’s Wife

Congratulations Rory! you have become the very first character on doctor Who to apparently die in 3 illustration on the trot!!

This time it’s home playing mental tricks ~ above Amy together they room running about in the Tardis. Rory and Amy keep gaining separated and also each time she sees him again that is larger and more angry through her. At one point she beginning a corridor v her name written in blood almost everywhere it and also Rory’s skeleton slumped top top the floor. She breaks under crying and despite the fact that we understand he is not truly dead that is disturbing see close up shots the the grim skeleton. Amy’s devastation does add to the scene but it is really short lived and also so this does no come across as a powerful moment, yet simply the devilish trick the it is.


9.) The Angels take Manhattan

It’s been rather a while now since his critical death but oh boy, let’s simply say this now, The Angels take it Manhattan is not a very an excellent episode for Rory.

The first time that dies below is in his room in Winter Quay, where we see an old Rory lie in bed having actually been sent back in time by the Angels. His pleasure at seeing Amy once much more is heartbreaking together we realise that he has actually spent the remainder of his life in the room, alone.

Young Rory tries come act positive however he is plainly terrified of what might come to be of him and they start to flee indigenous the Angels.....


10.) The Angels take Manhattan

This picks right up indigenous his last death where castle are required onto the roof whilst escaping the Angels. Rory knows the if that dies before he is sent back in time that will produce a paradox, poisoning the Angels food source and killing them. He decides he needs to jump turn off of Winter Quay yet he can’t bring himself to carry out it. After ~ pleading v Amy to help him she join him, deciding that everything happens, castle will perform it together. The doctor then races approximately them desperately calling them down, but they have actually made their selection and castle jump.

This is among the most emotional deaths that Rory has ever before had. The poignant dialogue that he shares v Amy truly provides this feel prefer the finish for lock both.


11.) The Angels take Manhattan

Miraculously the paradox works and also Amy, Rory, River and the physician reappear in a graveyard. Whatever seems fine until Rory point out a gravestone v his name on it. Together he tells Amy this a Weeping Angel shows up behind him and also sends him ago in time.

This is one of the many unexpected and shocking moment Rory has actually had, worsened through Amy’s disastrous realisation that she will never see that again. After yet another moving scene of Amy deciding to acquire sent back in time to join him, your names room seen ~ above the gravestone whereby we deserve to assume castle both passed away normally after a long and happy life.


BONUS - fatality in Heaven

Now, I’m not really sure if this one counts at all so I’m simply gonna include it in at the finish here. (I did no come up with this through the way.) In fatality In Heaven, a Cyberman explodes end a graveyard publication ‘Cyberpollen’ that resurrects people as Cybermen. The is stated that there is one because that every significant population in the world and so among these might have explosive at the graveyard in Manhattan whereby Amy and Rory are buried. If this is the case then lock both would have then been lead by Danny Pink to self destruct.

Does this also count together dying if lock are already dead? carry out you think the a Cyberman would have actually exploded over their graveyard?



So ns counted 11 deaths in total. Wow. Yet the real inquiry is how numerous of these in reality happened?

The two from Amy’s choice were both dreams so we deserve to exclude those.

The fatality in cold blood is more complicated and one that ns am not totally sure even if it is it happened or not. ~ the occasions of The large Bang you would certainly assume that this death and even this whole version of Rory was wiped native existence, but in A great Man goes To war we check out the Silurians come to help the Doctor. Go this typical that the occasions from The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood still happened? Or were they just repaying a blame from a ahead encounter?

The 2 deaths from The big Bang both carry out not take place in the existing timeline otherwise we would certainly have had an Auton Rory for the next couple of seasons. (Not gonna lie that would have been quite cool though!)

Day of the moon. Wow it feels strange having a ‘death’ this normal. That was just a good old blank bullet despite so no he didn’t really dice here.

His drowned in the Curse of the black color Spot did really take place however. As soon as again in A great Man go to war we see and also Henry and also his kid Toby come and aid the Doctor. Therefore those events really happened and also therefore Rory did really dice that day.

In The Doctor’s mam it to be simply house messing with them and also so this death did no really happen.

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Last however not least The Angels take Manhattan. 2 of Rory’s deaths to be in a timeline that collapsed due come the paradox yet the final fatality did tho occur.

How numerous of those 11 really taken place then? By mine guess only 2 or potentially 3 that these. Either method though Rory has definitely not had an easy time travel on the Tardis!!


Wow. The took a while. If you’ve check out all the method through to right here then thank you for acquisition the time and also I hope you discovered it interesting. (I’ve never ever written around death so much in mine life!)

Please call me her thoughts on any of Rory’s deaths - i beg your pardon one did you find the most/least emotional?