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Covecrest is an ext than a retreat center and summer camp. Covecrest is a ar of Catholics cursed to transforming teens, transforming parishes, and transforming culture. Will certainly you sign up with us?

Retreat at Camp covert Lake

Hidden Lake is house to an tremendous Catholic community, gorgeous views, welcoming conference spaces and so much more. Committed to leading teenagers closer come Christ, us hope you" it is in welcomed home to surprise Lake soon.

Steubenville Conferences

The Steubenville Youth Conferences, an outreach of Franciscan college of Steubenville, are a series of 24 conferences throughout North America that aid teens encounter the love of Christ every summer. Every summer, Life teenager hosts several Steubenville Youth Conferences v the wishes of strengthening and inspiring teens and youth teams in their collective journeys come Christ.

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Catholic Youth ministry Convention

Life Teen’s Catholic Youth to adjust Convention has become America’s premier event for everyone involved in parish youth ministry. Why? maybe it’s due to the fact that we room different. We believe in practical, substantial youth to adjust training. Yet we don’t think it is enough. That’s why us incorporate aspects of a spirituality retreat into the maintain convention. Due to the fact that youth set isn’t around what girlfriend know, it’s that you know.

I pick the sky

There are numerous women who space a critical part the salvation history and their story are an essential parts of spiritual Scripture. This scriptural devotion will inspire young females to raise your heads together with Mary, Martha, Lydia, and also Esther and also look into the eyes of Jesus, the God who loves deeply and perfectly.

True phibìc

You are going come make countless decisions today and also one of them might change your life. Are you confident that what friend want and also what God want space the exact same thing? Don’t leave it up to opportunity - leave it in the hands of the divine Spirit.



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Edge helps center schoolers unleash that they were produced to be, in Christ.

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Life teen strengthens our teens" Catholic identity, if rooting them steady in Christ and in His Church.

Jesus Christ and also the Paschal Mystery/My Faith/Teen Faith/Theology

Jesus dropped His Cross also

by Kaitlyn Callahan

Imagine because that a minute the you room on a hill with Jesus. You both having actually a an excellent time, Our mr is telling hilarious jokes, and you feel prefer you’re on peak of the world. The check out is magnificent… however then you fall. Because that some factor you were walking also close come the edge and also now she plummeting right into a bottom spiral.

As you space falling she remembering your mountaintop encounter: your connection with Christ, the beautiful view, and the delight in her heart. You upset the you’re falling, however despite your descent, you manage to to whisper the name of Jesus.

Then, automatically Jesus stretches out His hand (Matthew 15:31) and tells you to have actually confidence in Him due to the fact that He knows what the feels favor to fall. He to know what it feels choose to put full trust in The Father. He tells you that He will not forsake friend (Deuteronomy 31:6), and also that although we may stumble (Psalm 37:24), we will be raised up to brand-new life v Him.

It’s straightforward to feeling discouraged as soon as we sin, especially when we’re really persevering to please God in our walk with Christ. However did you notification what I said before? Jesus Christ, kid of God knows what that feels favor to fall! and also although He never sinned, that is composed that He dropped THREE times in the way of the Cross before enduring His passion.

This, my friends, is a huge testimony the hope for us.

But how do we get earlier up? Jesus no alone once He was moving His cross to Calvary. Sure, maybe He had Roman soldiers whipping Him every the means to Golgotha, but He additionally had companions that gave Him toughness — and so execute we!


Jesus falls the first time. Then, in the fourth Station that the cross He meets His mother. This terminal asks united state to think about the pain the Jesus and also Mary felt as soon as they made eye contact with each other, but I likewise imagine an even deeper feeling of contentment. She heart is pierced, and also Jesus is aching v pain as He struggles to save moving, however Mary’s trust in God renews Jesus’ strength, and also she will renew ours, too. Jesus is reminded that God’s will certainly for that to suffer for the sake of the totality world, and Mary’s visibility fills Him and also us v a maternal grace needed to travel on.

This communication shows that once we ask our Lady for her intercession of continual love and guidance through experiencing by praying the rosary, because that example, we can be i was sure that as soon as we ask her to it is in close through us the she will certainly be. After ~ all, among the last things Jesus go on the cross to be entrust united state to mar saying, “Woman, behold your son.” then He stated to the disciple, “Behold, her Mother” (John 19). The willed the we continue to be close by she side when imitating she gentle trust in God as we get earlier up to carry on. If Jesus wants united state to it is in close through Mary, what reason is there no to be?


The roman inn soldiers space angry in ~ the slow-moving pace Jesus is moving and also grab Simon of Cyrene from the group to assist Him carry His cross. Simon didn’t understand Jesus, but He still aided Him ~ above His journey. Even though Jesus remained in such daunting shape, the still was a witness to Simon since He thought in what He was walking toward.

Then a mrs from the crowd named Veronica philosophies Our Lord. She sees His affliction and wipes His face clean. Picture of His beloved challenge was left imprinted on the cloth. Because that us, this reflects that also when us endure and also rejoice v Christ in ~ our weakest clues it can leave an impression ~ above people. How numerous times have actually we heard the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words”? ours witness to the Gospel leaves an influence in the easiest of ways.

Jesus falls a second time. Each time it gets harder come stand however He walk it because that us, and also in turn, we have strength to stand ago up because that Him. Simon solid knew the significance in what Jesus’ death would entail, yet the perseverance in Jesus’ eye revealed something an ext for you and also me, and our fatality to self when complying with Christ discover something bigger, too. We require humility when the overcome splinters ours hands and we can’t seem to placed one foot in prior of the other. We require Christ to present us exactly how to bear the hefty load.

JESUS drops A 3rd TIME

He knew His trip was coming to one end. Soon, He would certainly outstretch His arms and love would nail Him come the cross for our sake. Now I far better understand what Jesus meant when He said, “My grace is adequate for you, and my strength is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12). Weakness. No strength. To every one of us, this is motivation that cd driver an arrow straight v the heart. Why? because we’re sinners. We’re broken, lost, and weak, but Jesus gladly embraces His cross and dies because that you and also me. The breaks under a multitude of obstacles that we put on ours hearts. No matter how many times He fell on His means to Calvary, the gets ago up again because of the happiness that is Heaven.

So whether or no you’re struggling in transferring your cross lately, i encourage friend to acknowledge that there’s constantly hope in discovering that we’re never alone in our fight home. This is true for any type of cross us will need to bear. Our route to heaven isn’t going to be a smooth cruising journey, however I think Jesus wanted united state to know that no matter how countless times we fall, we still have actually so lot to stand back up for. And also if us take the time to notification it, we will check out that there space many world who room willing to help us until “It is finished” (John 19:30).

Christ who is rich in mercy never ever tires to pardon and aid us to carry on; we’re the ones who forget exactly how to store going. Christ to know all too well what it feels favor to fall under the load of the cross on the means to Calvary. He to know what it’s like to suffer, but He additionally knows what it’s favor to rejoice regardless of how heavy the weight of sin is. In His humankind we’re dubbed to version His strength.

But us can’t perform it alone. Holiness is never ever attained alone. If we’re important imitating Christ, then we know that we can gain right back up v some help along the method from our divine Mother, friends, and also even strangers.

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I don’t know about you, but I have the right to relate to a God that gets up also after fall down, and also whose strength is made perfect in weakness. We’re not perfect, life takes some wild turns, however God is always meeting us where we are on our road to Him, and also He’s constantly ready to record us if we fall.