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I dont typically drink vodka however for prom this saturday, i told my girlfriend to gain me a bottle of grey goose, and also 2 40 oz of OE. What I desire to recognize is how much that the grey goose would certainly be sufficient to obtain me drunk? i dont desire to it is in super messed up yet drunk enough. 1 40oz of OE generally gets me pretty drunk. Therefore if I plan to drink at least one that the 40"s exactly how much of the party of grey goose have to I drink? need to I drink it right or need to I mix it?edit: I"m not sure how huge the party is yet it"s costing me around $32 if that helps any...
sounds favor you"re gaining a 1/5. 5 shots prolly. BTW it"s bad karma come mix great vodka and cheap ass beer.
I don"t even think about OE to it is in beer. How in the world do you go to 2 extreames? top top one hand you have one that the world"s ideal Vodkas, and also on the other you have one that the world"s worst "beers". Ns don"t gain it.
Don"t acquire Grey Goose just to obtain drunk. Its as well expensive and also you wont reap it. If you desire to gain drunk just gain some Smirnoff or something.
There is nothing not correct with acquiring drunk off of grey goose, simply don"t obtain OE also. A fifth (about 30 buck) is sufficient to kill you, so one party is perfect fine.
Why also buy GG? you sound prefer you dont have much the a clue around taste that alcohol, why would certainly you invest the money for GG? Just acquire something cheaper, friend wont understand the distinction
Just stick with the vodka. Have actually some GG for directly shots, and some Smirnoff the Absolut because that mixers. Maybe Fleischmann"s if you yes, really wanna go bad man style.
bigvictor_c, i guess due to the fact that it"s serial alcohol, human being want to see if they can take shots of it or just see how poor it"ll chaos em up.Yeah, my friend took choose 3 shots that it the night, plus OJ&EC. His throat was burn the following morning.He"s no the brightest fellow.

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"Not once it doesn"t obtain you drunk anymore. "
Sure the still is. If it is no "doing the job" add in part shots the manly Jack Daniels
That ought to carry out it for ya

skip the OE.a 40 doesn"t do you look at cool.goose is vodka. Oe is bath tub beer. Goose is 80 evidence kiddo. Rather of OE, obtain some soda or reasonable mixer to have actually the goose with. Ns personally drink it on the rocks.
If you really desire to get f"ed up, simply polish turn off a twixer the Absinth, oh wait... Girlfriend can"t obtain that in the states, haha.
" title="Stick out Tongue " data-shortname="" /> ns was kidding anyways. I have the right to buy it here in Canada, however I wouldn"t introduce it, uneven you have a death wish. No to mention a ton of cash! the tatses good though. Grey Goose vodka is known to be the ideal Vodka in the world. Don"t waste her money on it, especially if girlfriend don"t drink much, you"ll get totally shitfaced. Just try any type of cheap europe Vodka, those space the best; take it Wyborowa for example, nice and also smooth. I provided to drink Smirnoff, but now that it"s no much longer Russian made, that sucks.
My advice, simply stick v beer. Don"t lb a 40 though, dude. Just get some nice, smooth lager. Ns don"t understand if friend can get European beers in the states, however Stella Artois (from belgium) is my fav through far. Have a 6 pack and get buzzed, don"t end up in the drunk tank on your prom night. Peace