I desire to know that how many max i deserve to join lock in series. Deserve to i make 4 connectors out of one cable



Power circulation in any type of situation is prefer a size of chain or team sport. That is just as solid as that weakest component. For many power systems, there room 2 main elements: connectors and cable.

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Each aspect has certain voltage and also current ratings. This ratings are usually dependence on temperature. They additionally only use to the brand of materials you have.

So for this example, we"ll usage a Molex brand Molex to Sata cable. Why? due to the fact that Molex acutally stroked nerves to take the time to specify the parts that consist of their assemblies. The spec because that this cable is obtainable here. We"re just interested in the cable and the sata connector though.

If friend look at that spec, you an alert that the connector is rated come 1.5 A DC and the cable they usage is 18 AWG (I"m a mm² guy myself however let"s roll through it). If you look up recommended cable gauge to current rating (such as here) you"ll note that 18 AWG is rated come 16 A for brief runs. Therefore our connector is the weak point, an ext specifically the suggest were two connectors meet.

Now let"s look in ~ HDDs (as per her comment). Speak you have actually a Seagate Barracuda 1 TB, as soon as you look in ~ its specs, it draws around 6 W under operating conditions. We"ll say this is 0.5 A
12 V (though it is probably a mix of the rails) to simplify. This isn"t the worst situation though, this journey draws 2 A on start up yet the connectors deserve to handle it because that a brief time.

So you have actually 3 of this drives and you desire to split them turn off the exact same SATA strength point. The present will it is in additive therefore the current draw as soon as operating will certainly be...

0.5 x 3 = 1.5 AHowever, this is once all drives room reading and writing i m sorry is unusual unless you have a RAID-1 type setup on all 3 drives.

So theoretically, yes, friend could connect 3 hard drive off a single power point. Much more would exceed the designed borders of the connector the would attach to the PSU.

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On a next note, if the start up existing should be taken into consideration as a part of design (up to 6 A in this instance with all 3 drives), that should also be noted that the Molex connectors have actually tested at greater current (7 A, view this connector spec). However if friend exceed the style max and also melt something, then that will be her problem and also yours alone.