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Hey guys,Just wondering how numerous pounds of sand i would require for a 55 gallon tank. I have actually 40 pounds now would the be enough?????thanks,Bam204

There is a sand calculator in ~ the bottom the this link...

40lb need to be fine,I supplied 88lb in mine 180, ns have around 1" across the base, though ns do have some big rock piles occupying floorspace
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Sounds fine because that the many part! but you may have actually some concerns with the diggers if you have any?I"ve awlays make the efforts to store somewhere in between 1-2lbs of sand every gallon!

I think the 1lb every gallon rule is good for most tank designs. The concern is really among footprint.For example, a 55G has actually 73% of the volume that a 75G tank, but only 54% the the footprint.So girlfriend need virtually twice as lot sand for a 75G 보다 you would certainly a 55G. However if you had actually a 90G, since the footprint is similar to a 75G, 보다 you"d it is in fine with the exact same quantity of substrate.I have 80lbs the sand in mine 75G, i wanted a relatively thick area therefore it could cover mine egg crate the I put in to better distribute the load of mine rocks. Also, my Acei really choose digging and I figured that offering them something to play with doesn"t hurt.
just purchase 3-4 bags the sand and have a couple of spares ~ above hand... They"re favor $3/each....I cleaned 3 bags worth and used maybe fifty percent of that in mine 55. The remainder I kept in a rubbermaid tote for future needs. The really sucks to clean play sand.... I"m glad ns did some extra. :thumb:
i carry out it in the bath bath tub in buckets of course the water plowing the end of the madness is much faster and also can clean a 1/4 bucket reasonably quickly and also thats a 15 litre bucket!i additionally use warmth water its lot better, i really turn the sand over v my hands though which help iin the cleaning process also :thumb:
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