So her pulled pork has become somewhat legend at work. That’s a an excellent thing, you’ve operated hard to build your recipes and also techniques. The difficulty is, currently the boss desires you to cook for the agency picnic. Or probably Aunt Sally wants you to cook for Jr’s graduation. Every little thing it is, your encountering feeding a lot of people a lot of meat. It’s a good opportunity to do a many of world happy. The only problem is exactly how much meat perform you buy? also much and also you’re over budget, to tiny and civilization go residence hungry. For this reason the require to get it at the very least close is critical. Getting the close is really more science than art. My first big cooks i spent DAYS scouring the internet. My goal below is to offer you a one stop source to price those questions.

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Pulled Pork 

Here’s the straightforward math I use for pulled pork.

1/4lb per human being X .3 (the quantity of weight the meat will certainly lose during cooking)

Ex: because that 100 human being it will certainly take 25lbs of COOKED pork to feeding them.

100 X .25 = 25lbs

25lbs X .3 = 7.5

25 + 7.5 = 32.5lbs that RAW pork will certainly yeild you about 25lbs of cooked pork to feed 100 people.

Pulled Chicken Breast

I only provide you chicken breast due to the fact that that’s primarily what we occupational with seeing together everybody likes white meat and a many of world don’t care for dark.

Bone in breast

1/4lb per human being X .25

Ex: for 100 civilization you will require 25lbs the COOKED chicken to feeding everybody.

100 people X .25 = 25lbs of raw chicken

25lbs X .25 (the quantity of load it will shed when you eliminate the bones and skin)

25lbs + 6.25 = 32.25 the RAW bone in chicken will yeild you around 25lbs to feeding 100 people.

Boneless breast

Not enough loss in cooking to do a difference here. Simply figure 1/4 per person.

Hot dogs

Simply figure 2 dogs per person and add 5%.

100 world X 2 dog = 200 dogs

200 dogs X 5% (.05) = 210 warm dogs.


Be a great person and figure 1/3lb every burger and about 1.25 per human (no one will eat 1/4 a burger but some will certainly eat 2 while others will eat only 1)


100 human being X 1.25 = 125 burgers

125 burgers X .333 = 42lbs raw 80/20 ground beef.


If there space plenty the sides number 1/4 rack every person, if it’s walking to it is in ribs and also a lite side figure 1/2 a rack every person. This is the factor most civilization serve small potatoes with ribs.

BBQ Sauce (as a side, the ONLY way we offer it)

How lot sauce does on should feed a crowd?

Figure around 2 Tlbs per serving.

100 servings = 200Tlbs of sauce

16Tlbs = 1 cup

200Tlbs/16 = 12.5 cups of BBQ sauce.

Beans and Sides

You can figure around 1/2 a cup per human for most sides.

Corn top top the cob have to be 11/4 every person.

Miscelanious notes

1) It’s much better to have actually it and also not need it, than to not have it and also need it. For this reason err ~ above the next of having actually too much.

2) The whole guest list never ever shows up. If 100 civilization have to be invited, you’ll probably gain 75-80 at best, however cook because that the totality 100. (see above)

3) always round UP. Again watch #1.

4) think about your crowd. Youngsters as a dominance don’t eat nearly as lot as adults. Teen don’t battered eating. Truckers much more than ballerinas. In other words a 5 yr old is great for 1 hot dog, a trucker 4, and a teen…. Well nobody has found out yet.

5) If you do run the end blame that on the man that filled his entire plate with nothing yet pulled pork. There’s just no means to account because that these things. Everybody else knows whereby it all went, for this reason you’re in the clear.

6) Consider north trays and bottles a compliment. (if everybody obtained served at the very least once)

7) I’ve been doing this for years and have never came increase short. Sweated the end a couple of but never ever short.

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Remember what you chef isn’t practically as vital as who you chef it with. Have fun.