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You can think you"re done handling a traffic ticket after paying the required fines. However, the points for your violation can affect your life lengthy after you"ve paid your dues.

The Utah Driver License division (DLD) supplies a point system to monitor the traffic tickets on your driving record. ~ above this page, you"ll learn about the basics the the UT suggest system and also how points can impact your driver"s license.

Points & her Utah Driver"s License

If you"re a continual commuter, accumulating enough points on your record could turn your everyday routine upside down.

In Utah, your age and the severity that the charges identify how numerous points result in license suspension AND just how long you"ll be without driving privileges:

Under 21 years old: 70 clues or more in 3 years.Suspended patent for 1 month come 1 year.21 years old or older: 200 points or much more in 3 years.License suspension because that 3 month to 1 year.

If you get a ticket because that DUI, the Utah DLD will instantly suspend her driver"s patent regardless the the lot of points on her driving record.

Check out our web page on rely driver"s licenses to learn around reinstating your driving privileges AND the UT Driver license Division"s plans on suspension.

check the Record!

If you aren"t certain how many points you"ve accumulated, especially ~ receiving a website traffic ticket, check your Utah control record! That means you"ll recognize if you"re near to license suspension and can do the vital preparations come ensure you have a means of acquiring around.

Utah DLD suggest Schedule

The seriousness that each traffic offense dictates the number of points included to her UT steering record. Each allude designation deserve to vary by up come 10% depending upon the circumstances surrounding the website traffic ticket.

Below you"ll find a perform of common traffic violations and their beginning point values. Because that the full allude schedule, take a look in ~ the Driver license Division"s point system page.

Negligent Collision: 50 points. To run a: Stop sign: 50 points.Red light: 50 points. Following as well closely behind an additional vehicle: 60 points. Failing to yield right of way: 60 points. Speeding end the limit by:1 to 10 MPH: 35 points.11 come 20 MPH: 55 points.21 MPH or more: 75 points. Reckless driving: 80 points.

For more serious fees with higher point worths you could have to walk to web traffic court come plead your case. Review our guide to fighting web traffic tickets for tips top top preparing for court AND beneficial legal resources.

NOTE: Commercial drivers in Utah may confront higher suggest penalties AND license suspension for specific traffic offenses. If your CDL is suspended, take it a look at our CDL suspension overview to learn how to reinstate her driving privileges.

are You all set for Insurance price Changes?

DID girlfriend KNOW: Insurance service providers look at how many points you have actually while deciding if they"ll create you a policy AND how much to charge you for coverage. Learn around how website traffic violations can influence your auto insurance money rates, especially if you"re in the industry for a new insurance policy.

Clear your UT steering Record

The an essential to preserving your control privileges is maintaining a clean steering record. The Utah DLD instantly removes points from your document 3 year after friend commit a traffic violation, despite if you"re a mindful driver, points might come off sooner.

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If you drive long sufficient without receiving a moving violation ticket, a part of the full points ~ above your document will it is in removed:

1 year: 1/2 points. 2 continually years: all points.

Additionally, the Driver License division will remove 50 points indigenous your document if you finish a Utah driver development course. You can take a driver advancement course for allude reduction once every 3 years.