This is very important information to every one of us the like and also drink beer. exactly how much does a beer expense is among the most usual questions we get asked. it costs about US 1.67 because that a cold tiny Presidente (33cl or 12oz) in respectable 2017.

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Presidente is the major beer brand here and market leader. Make certain to shot Bohemia Especial the is terrific beer and the favorite of the gimpppa.org team. For this reason the photo...

Beer Pricing Table:

The prices presented listed below are because that cold beer to buy in a Colmado or Colmadón (Dominican for Bodega) i beg your pardon is the local edge store (prices may vary slightly relying on the area and place).

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BrandSize ozSize in clCost in PesosCost in USD
Presidente Small1233801.67
Presidente Large19561002.10
Presidente Jumbo331001403.00
Bohemia Small1233701.29
Bohemia Large1956902.00
Bohemia Jumbo331001202.80


You know that beeronomics or beeronomix is a an extremely interesting phenomena, if you know the cost of a beer you can pretty lot relate that to the general cost of various other things in a country. You deserve to use this an approach to recognize the prices and rates once you travel, below is an example:If a beer cost fifty pesos or one dollar (unit or euro) in a working man"s colmado, bar or bodega, and if a breakfast prices 150 pesos or 3 dollars or 3 units, a newspaper need to be about 25 pesos. Girlfriend can use that and also understand exactly how things room priced in that country. You can actually use beer together a comparative device as if it was tough currency. The most famous beer in the Dominican Republic is Presidente. Bohemia beer, indigenous the very same brewery, is acquiring a most popularity.

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