Answer: at the regular speaking rate of 130 words every minute (wpm), a30 minutes lengthy speech will have actually about3,900 words.

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Speech and publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant found that, on average, world speak in ~ a price of 125 come 150 wpm for this reason a30 minutes long speech offers between3,750 to4,500 words.

You can use ourword respond to tool to see how long on median your message will take to speak.

How have the right to you measure your spoken words per minute?

To conveniently know what your speaking rate is, create a 650-word essay and then get out a stopwatch. Time exactly how long the takes you come speak every one of the indigenous in the essay.

Once you’ve finished, divide the word count (650 words) through the variety of minutes in decimals (30 secs = 0.5 minutes) and also you’ll get an calculation of her words per minute speak rate.

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For example, if that takes you 4.5 minute to speak 650 words, you would do 650 divided by 4.5 and also get 144 words per minute.

Word count per decided Length

To quickly uncover out how plenty of words a usual speaking size requires, view the table below. Girlfriend can quickly map word counts to usual speaking rates:

Speech LengthSlow (100 wpm)Average (130 wpm)Fast (160 wpm)
1 minute100 words130 words160 words
5 minutes500 words650 words800 words
10 minutes1,000 words1,300 words1,600 words
15 minutes1,500 words1,950 words2,400 words
20 minutes2,000 words2,600 words3,200 words
25 minutes2,500 words3,250 words4,000 words
30 minutes3,000 words3,900 words4,800 words
45 minutes4,500 words5,850 words7,200 words
60 minutes6,000 words7,800 words9,600 words
2 hours12,000 words15,600 words19,200 words