additional hunting Seasons open up in November

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A white-tailed doe. Photograph courtesy of united state Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Deer searching Season Peaks, Waterfowl and also Other periods Open;Youth and also Non-ambulatory Hunter firearms Deer hunt on Nov. 6 and 7

Numerous hunting seasons open next month, consisting of the famous November deer shotgun season which operation from Friday, Nov. 12 v Sunday, Nov. 21, and also the guns deer hunt accessible only to youth and non-ambulatory hunters on Saturday, Nov. 6 and Sunday, Nov. 7, the department of herbal Resources and also Environmental manage announced today. Duck, Canada goose and other hunting seasons additionally open in November.

Hunters are urged by the DNREC department of Fish and Wildlife to harvest walk (female deer) during the various deer searching seasons to aid manage the size and quality of’s deer population. Deer hunting is allowed on every Sundays v Jan. 31, 2022, using just those hunting methods legal because that the respective established deer hunting seasons, with additional information obtainable at

A convenient Deer Harvest Report map issued come hunters with their searching license or patent Exempt Number (LEN) is now used to document harvested deer, instead of the document deer tags fragile to damage and loss the were formerly attached come deer top top harvest in Hunters room reminded that they must finish the proper section of their Deer Harvest Report Card before the deer is moved from the harvest location and also keep the map in their possession. Hunters may achieve a Deer Harvest Report card at or by phone call 302-739-9918 because that assistance. Harvested deer must also be registered within 24 hrs of harvest in the ePermitting device or by phone call toll totally free at 855-DEL-HUNT (855-335-4868).

Successful deer hunters who wish come donate wild to those in require are encouraged to participate in’s Sportsmen against Hunger Program. Field-dressed deer may be donated at participating butchers or self-serve, walk-in coolers kept by the DNREC division of Fish and also Wildlife, with additional information and participating butcher and cooler locations found online in ~ All donated deer will certainly be processed cost-free of fee to the hunter, and the meat will be distributed to participating charitable organizations. Critical year, hunters donated end 21,000 pounds that processed venison that provided more 보다 84,000 meals to gimpppa.organs in need.

In enhancement to the deer shotgun season, November provides plenty of other well-known hunting opportunities, including the opening of the second duck season split, sea duck season in the one-of-a-kind Sea Duck Area and an initial Canada goose season split.

Hunting season dates opening in November:

Raccoon and also opossum (hunt only): Nov. 1 with Feb. 28, 2022*Red fox (hunt only): Nov. 1 through Feb. 28, 2022Deer youth/non-ambulatory hunt: Nov. 6 and also Nov. 7Deer shotgun: Nov. 12 v 21, including all SundaysTundra swan (by distinct permit ONLY): Nov. 11 with Jan. 31, 2022Woodcock (first season split): Nov. 22 with 27Ducks, coots and also mergansers (second season split): Nov. 22 with 27Brant (first season split): Nov. 22 with 27Sea duck in unique Sea Duck Area: Nov. 23 v Jan. 31, 2022Bobwhite quail: Nov. 22 v Jan. 1, 2022Mourning dove (second season split): Nov. 22 v Jan. 31, 2022Ring-necked pheasant (male only): Nov. 22 through Feb. 5, 2022Cottontail rabbit: Nov. 22 with Feb. 28, 2022Canada goose (first season split): Nov. 24 v 27

*Raccoon and also opossum searching seasons are closed throughout the November youth/non-ambulatory hunt and also November shotgun deer season. One-of-a-kind hunting hrs for raccoon and opossum during the December antlerless, January handgun, January shotgun and January muzzleloader deer periods are 7 p.m. Till midnight (reference the hunting and also trapping overview for these deer season dates).

Continuing hunting seasons include:

Moorhen, gallinule, sora, Virginia rail, king rail and also clapper rail: through Nov. 24Common snipe: v Nov. 27Snow goose: v Jan. 31, 2022; Feb. 5, 2022Deer archery and also crossbow: with Jan. 31, 2022, consisting of all SundaysGray squirrel: with Feb. 5, 2022 (closed during November deer shotgun season)Coyote (hunting): with Feb. 28, 2022Crows: v March 26, 2022, June 23 to 25, 2022 and also June 30, 2022 (Thursdays, Fridays and also Saturdays only)Groundhog: through June 30, 2022

The DNREC division of Fish and Wildlife offers many hunting methods on state wildlife areas, through details available at Information details to Sunday deer searching on state wildlife locations is available at For much more information around’s white-tailed deer herd, walk to

A searching license or patent Exempt Number (LEN) is compelled to hunt, and also most waterfowl hunters are compelled to purchase a waterfowl (duck) stamp and a federal Duck Stamp. Migratory bird hunters, except crow hunters, likewise need a federal Harvest information Program (HIP) number, which deserve to be acquired through the DNREC ePermitting mechanism or by phone call toll complimentary 855-DEL-HUNT (855-335-4868). If utilizing the DNREC ePermitting system, hunters must either create a file or usage the “Quick hunting Registration” option.

Registered engine vehicles supplied to access designated wildlife locations owned or regulated by the division of Fish and Wildlife are required to display screen a Conservation access Pass (CAP). Hunters can opt to obtain one totally free annual CAP with the acquisition of any hunting license. To achieve a CAP, hunters will require the registration map for the automobile to i beg your pardon the pass will certainly be assigned. searching licenses, waterfowl stamps and also Conservation accessibility Passes can be purchased virtual at or from searching license agents statewide. Hunters obtaining a LEN are reminded the they should produce a profile using the DNREC ePermitting device or achieve a LEN in ~ a hunting license certified dealer if they have actually not currently done so. Commonwealth Duck Stamps are obtainable for acquisition at U.S. Article Offices, Bombay Hook and Prime Hook nationwide wildlife refuges and also online at 2021/2022 Migratory Bird Hunting and also Conservation Stamp.

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Additional info on searching seasons and also wildlife areas is accessible in the 2021/2022 searching & Trapping overview or by calling the Wildlife ar at 302-739-9912. Information on searching licenses, the state waterfowl stamp and the Conservation accessibility Pass is obtainable at or by calling the DNREC division of Fish and also Wildlife Recreational licensing office at 302-739-9918.

About DNRECThe room of organic Resources and Environmental control protects and also manages the state’s natural resources, protects public health, provides outdoor recreational opportunities, and also educates gimpppa.organs around the environment. The DNREC division of Fish and also Wildlife conserves and also manages’s fish and wildlife and their habitats, and also provides fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and boating accessibility on practically 68,000 acre of publicly land. For much more information, visit the website and connect v