Making its debut in 1987, the grand Caravan isDodge’s finest sellingmodel in the unified States.

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Offering seating for approximately 7 people so nobody gets left behind, the cool Caravan is a popular choice for large families.

Before signing top top the dotted line, you may be wondering exactly how long among these minivans will last you.

Read on as we evaluate the mean lifespan that the Dodge cool Caravan…


Here is the brief answer to just how long Dodge cool Caravans last:

The Dodge cool Caravan is a robust minivan the on average have the right to last in between 200,000 and also 250,000 miles. Depending upon driving style and also how well the car is maintained, they can last in between 13 come 17 years, based on 15,000 miles moved per year, prior to breaking down or requiring high-quality repairs.

How countless Miles can You mean from a Dodge cool Caravan?

The Dodge grand Caravan boasts a healthy lifespan and these vehicles have actually earned a reputation as several of the most long lasting minivans on the market.

One owner we encountered had put 260,000 mile on their grand Caravan with only minor mechanically repairs follow me the way.

Some anecdotal reports native owners case to have clocked end 400,000 miles, however, this type of mileage isn’t typical and shouldn’t be expected.

A conservative expectation is a expectation of 200k come 250k miles, however this will require constant maintenance and also upkeep on the owner’s part.

The basic lifespan the the Dodge cool Caravan eventually comes under to the care provided by the owner.

Factors that are an essential for the expectation of the car are:

Keeping up with regime maintenance such as transforming the oil and air filter.Having the vehicle regularly serviced together per the intervals outlined in the owner’s manualsRoutinely checking the tire pressures and other auto fluids.Adopting smooth driving habits that don’t over-exert the vehicle’s engine. This will help avoid wear and also tear on components.

TheDodge cool Caravanwasdiscontinuedafter the 2020 design year, if you’re looking come buy a used design then us wouldn’t recommend buying one with over 200,000 miles on the clock.

How Soon should You mean Rust on A Dodge cool Caravan?

There is no set timeline for as soon as you must expect rust on her Dodge cool Caravan.

In general these vehicles aren’t any more rust-prone 보다 their closest rivals and also the biggest components that will influence corrosion space location and how well they space looked after.

There are reports of disgruntled cool Caravan owners throughout online forums although countless of these complaints deserve to be attributed to the reality they’ve been making use of their mini-van in a an ar where roads are greatly treated v salt throughout the winter.

One of the many common areas to rust on a Caravan is the rocker panels – if buying used you should always inspect this thoroughly.

If you live in locations where your roads have too much salt, the is recommended to wash your automobile once to double per week, including the undercarriage, the same uses to those in seaside regions where salty air deserve to have a comparable effect.

Owners residents in drier, hotter states such as Arizona have reported they’ve experienced no problems at all v rusting – although paint fading is much more common.

Rust deserve to spread quickly if no taken treatment of, if its beyond a DIY fix call your regional dealer or human body shop and also have them take it a look.

We recommend the complying with tactics to prevent rust:

Wash the car regularly to stop cracking and chipping of paint.Use an anti-rust spray.Store the auto indoors.Get undercoating protection.

What is High Mileage for a Dodge cool Caravan?

A Dodge cool Caravan through over 100,000 mile is thought about high mileage, this vehicles can last much longer however they will be an ext prone come repairs, niggles and issues once they have hit higher numbers and also are at a higher risk the engine failure. Important determinants include the all at once condition of the vehicle and also its maintain history.

Buying one through over 100,000 miles won’t necessarily equate come a cake outcome.

A well-maintained cool Caravan through 100,000 miles can be a much better purchase than one through 60,000 miles that had lots that owners and also led a stormy life or was a prior rental car.

It’s essential to always do a thorough investigation of the vehicle.

When buying a second-hand grand Caravan, consider the following:

Maintenance history.Check that the minivan was effectively serviced and the owner can administer evidence of this.Get a 2nd opinion:Take it come an independent auto diagnostic clinic or have it inspected through a mechanic.Check the CarFax. This no guarantee anything however it will help provide a clearer picture of wear-and-tear. Ensure it has minimal damages if any. Review the information to make sure if something happened, it no engine connected or mechanical.Number of vault owners.As a general rule, less is better. An ext owners normally mean much more wear and also tear. If one family owned it and drove the full mileage and serviced it, then you can almost guarantee lock took great care of that throughout your ownership.How long you room planning on keeping the car.If she planning on maintaining the minivan because that a lengthy time, you should evaluate even if it is the temporary savings outweigh spending a little bit extra right into something more reliable.

If the vehicle has average a lot much more or a lot less than 10,000-15,000 miles every year, you can want to more investigate why e.g. A 4-Year-old auto with 100,000 miles.


How long Do Dodge grand Caravans Last compared to similar Car Models?

Here is exactly how the Dodge grand Caravan stacks up to the competition:

Dodge cool Caravan vs. Toyota Sienna

The Dodge cool Caravan and the Toyota Sienna are famous in the minivan market and have always been close competitors.

When it pertains to longevity, the cool Caravan has a lifespan of 200k to 250k miles, whereas the Toyota Sienna can last in between 250k to 300k miles.

According to RepairPal,

The Dodge grand Caravan has a integrity rating that 4 out of 5. The Toyota Sienna is slightly less, v a dependability rating the 3.5.

The grand Caravan is intended to it is in slightly more expensive 보다 the Toyota Sienna in annual repairs.

Annual expenses for the grand Caravan room $673 Vs. $554 for the Sienna.

Dodge grand Caravan vs. Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a well-known van of an option amongst consumers.

Our study has uncovered that the Honda Odyssey has an average lifespan of 250k come 300k miles. This is more than the Dodge cool Caravan that has an typical lifespan of 200k come 250k miles.

RepairPal gives the Honda Odyssey a integrity score that 3.5 out of 5 and also the Dodge cool Caravan a 4 the end of 5.

Annual repair costs are slightly more expensive for the grand Caravan than the Honda Odyssey.

When driven properly, the Honda Odyssey’s yearly repair and maintenance prices are $547.

This is $126 much less in annual repair prices than the Dodge grand Caravan.

How dependable Is a Dodge cool Caravan?

When the time concerns buy a brand-new vehicle, you desire to make sure you get a trustworthy one – especially if friend have huge family.

Fortunately for grand Caravan enthusiasts, this minivan has actually received healthy and balanced reviews for its reliability.

RepairPal vested the cool Caravan a reliability rating of4.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it second out of 8 because that minivans.

Kelly Blue Book’s customer index offers the Dodge grand Caravan a reliability rating of 3.9 out of 5, based upon 373 customer reviews.

J.D. Power provided the grand Caravan the adhering to scores because that reliability and also quality:

Model YearJ.D power Score
2020Not yet rated

The Best and also Worst Years for Dodge grand Caravan

Like every vehicles – the cool Caravan has had it’s great and its poor years…

Worst model Year

To discover the worst year of the Dodge cool Caravan, we searched the database top top the website

Even despite the 2005 Dodge grand Caravan had actually the many complaints, the 2002 Dodge grand Caravan is reported as the worst year due to its greater repair costs or more problems at reduced mileage.

Numerous consumer reported that the number one problem with the 2002 Dodge grand Caravan was premature transmission problems.

This crucial issue to be reported to happen at an mean of 75,000 miles and had an mean repair cost of $3,200.

On vehicle Complaints alone, there are over 405 complaints around this year of Dodge grand Caravan.

Other common repair complaints about the 2002 grand Caravan are electric problems and also A/C / heater problems.

Best version Year

Despite having actually relatively few updates, the latest (and last ever produced) dodge Caravan 2020 version would it is in our pick.

So far on automobile Complaints it has received no complaints in ~ all.

Any design from 2017 onward has an impressive track record of couple of reported issues.

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Grand Caravan model Year and number of Complaints

Below is the complete table of complaints from car Complaints – highlighting the model year and also its associated number or complaints.

Model YearNumber of Complaints
20200 (Best Year)
2005587 (most complaints)
200294 (worst year)

What around Recalls because that These Models?

Dodge grand Caravan has had some year worse than others as soon as it concerns recalls.

Recalls are production repairs the are offered at no cost to the consumer.

The years 1991 with 1996 had actually reported the most recalls in the background of the cool CaravanThe 1996 Dodge grand Caravan had the most recalls, with a complete of 11.The 2020 model has actually reported zero recalls.In 2019 the Dodge grand Caravan only had two recalls concerned the fuel pump and also rear brake calipers.

Below, us have noted out the years of the Dodge grand Caravan and also the variety of recalls associated.

2019: 2 Recalls2018: 3 Recalls2017: 2 Recalls2016: 5 Recalls2015: 3 Recalls2014: 4 Recalls2013: 3 Recalls2012: 5 Recalls2011: 3 Recalls2010: 5 Recalls2009 7 Recalls2008: 8 Recalls2007 3 Recalls2006: 4 Recalls2005: 6 Recalls2004: 3 Recalls2003: 3 Recalls2002: 6 Recalls2001: 5 Recalls2000: 8 Recalls1999: 5 Recalls1998: 6 Recalls1997: 6 Recalls1996: 11 Recalls1995: 3 Recalls1994: 6 Recalls1993: 9 Recalls1992: 8 Recalls1991: 8 Recalls1990: 3 Recalls

Dodge grand Caravan version Year List

Here space all the design years because that the Dodge cool Caravan:

First Generation

1984 Dodge cool Caravan1985 Dodge cool Caravan1986 Dodge grand Caravan1987 Dodge cool Caravan1988 Dodge cool Caravan1989 Dodge grand Caravan1990 Dodge cool Caravan

Second Generation

1991 Dodge grand Caravan1992 Dodge grand Caravan1993 Dodge cool Caravan1994 Dodge grand Caravan1995 Dodge grand Caravan

Third Generation

1996 Dodge cool Caravan1997 Dodge cool Caravan1998 Dodge cool Caravan1999 Dodge cool Caravan2000 Dodge cool Caravan

Fourth Generation

2001 Dodge cool Caravan2002 Dodge cool Caravan2003 Dodge cool Caravan2004 Dodge cool Caravan2005 Dodge grand Caravan2006 Dodge grand Caravan2007 Dodge grand Caravan

Fifth Generation

2008 Dodge grand Caravan2009 Dodge cool Caravan2010 Dodge grand Caravan2011 Dodge grand Caravan2012 Dodge cool Caravan2013 Dodge grand Caravan2014 Dodge cool Caravan2015 Dodge grand Caravan2016 Dodge cool Caravan2017 Dodge cool Caravan2018 Dodge grand Caravan2019 Dodge cool Caravan2020 Dodge grand Caravan

Are Dodge grand Caravan Expensive to Maintain?

Compared to other full-size sedans, the Dodge grand Caravan has slightly over average repair and maintenance costs.

According come RepairPal, the Dodge grand Caravan has an annual repair cost of $673 compared to an average annual repair expense of $647 for all various other minivans.

How lengthy Do the Brakes Last?

On average, the grand Caravan manufacturing facility brakes last on typical 30,000 to 70,000 miles.

Depending on your driving habits, this average have the right to increase or decrease.

Constant braking in stop-and-go traffic will wear down the brakes quicker than control on the highway or interstate.

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How lengthy Do the Tires Last?

If correctly cared for and also stored, Dodge grand Caravan tires deserve to last four to 5 years. However, this is dependency on miles moved each year. Typically, manufacturing facility tires have to last 50,000-60,000 miles.

Regular tires rotations every 7,500 miles will help prolong the life of her tires.

How long Do the Transmissions Last?

A Dodge cool Caravan transmission has been reported to last in between 130,000 come 180,000 miles.

Ensure fluid levels are topped up and also fix any kind of problems instantly to keep the transmission running smoothly.

How lengthy Do the Spark Plugs Last?

On average, Dodge cool Caravan will require a spark plug instead of at approximately 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

Spark plugs room responsible for developing thesparkthat ignites the air/fuel mixture, bring about the explosion which renders the engine create power.

They space usually inspected and if needed, replaced when you walk for a tune up.

What about Insurance Cost?

The average full coverage insurance for the Dodge grand Caravan costs on mean $105 a month or $1,264 per year.

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Insurance costs can vary from human being to person; be certain to shop about to uncover the best possible deal.

Tips to expand the Life of her Dodge grand Caravan

Here are some points you can do to prolong the life of your Dodge cool Caravan:

Follow the regular maintenance schedule outlined in the owners manualWash the auto often to protect against the possibility of rust.Fill the gas tank before it gets as well low to stop waste in the fuel filter.Religiously check the fluids.Don’t neglect the tires and also stay true come the tire rotation schedule.Do not overload your vehicles