Despite evade being a reliable and high-quality auto company, they have churned the end some negative cars end the years. One of those car is the evade Journey. With many issues, particularly in the 2009 model year, us cannot recommend this car to any kind of potential auto buyer. 


The NHTSA had actually a lining 739 complaints concerning the electrical system v the 2009 dodge Journey, while lock still had an huge 350 complaints for the brakes, and 271 complaints for the chair belts and airbags device in the dodge Journey. 

User Brake dodge Journey Problems

The main brake concerns with this design of automobile for the 2009 year describes premature brake and rotor wear, noisy brakes, calipers locking while using, brakes failing, brake pedal continuing to depression after gift stepped on, clip hardware missing, ABS lights staying on, brake base snapping, and also the brakes obtaining stuck. 

The most prevalent concern by far was the premature brake and rotor wear, through the as whole repair expense being around $400, arising at just below 32,000 miles, and having a total of 353 complaints. The most typical solutions are to change the pads and rotors, every brakes and rotors gift replaced, instead of the machined rotors, and replacing the brakes. 

The average expense of replacing brake pads comes in at $150 every axle, however can variety from in between $100 come $300 every axle, which could come out to be an average of roughly $600 for the full change. The average cost of replacing the brake rotors is in between $406 and also $559, with the labor costs being between $158 and $200, when the components are in between $248 and $350. The full cost of replacing the whole brakes is really expensive, comes in at over $650 on the high end, consisting of the brake pads, rotors, and calipers.

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Users have reported ~ above this difficulty with the evade Journey the the brakes have actually needed come be changed multiple times in just a brief time span, the braking mechanism is insufficient for the size of the car, and also the auto being too heavy for the pads and also rotors, making them wear under prematurely.

User electrical Dodge journey Problems

The main areas of problem within the electric system because that the dodge Journey troubles of this year revolve around the auto not gift able to revolve over, the engine not starting, multiple electrical failures, a faulty TIPM, premature battery failure, electric system shutting down while driving, ignition recall, wireless ignition node module, and the strength door locks malfunctioning ~ use. 

Regarding the vehicle not gift able to turn over, the average common repair cost for this issue has expense users approximately $620 and also occurs at simply over an mean of 60,000 miles. The most typical solution is to replace an essential fobs and also replace the starter engine in the dodge Journey. Users have actually reported that periodically the car starts and also sometimes it doesn’t, the neutral security switch losing communication with the shifter, and the horn going off unintentionally.

User Engine evade Journey Problems

The main worries of the engine that the evade Journey for users incorporate the engine dying while driving, the examine engine irradiate coming on, the ticking sound coming from the engine, not beginning after the engine has actually been running, and the engine burning up oil there is no a warning light. The dodge Journey problem of the engine dice while driving wake up at around 44,000 miles, with users stating the the automobile just cuts off during use, the RPMs skyrocket because that no reason, the strength steering cuts off, the brakes stop working, and also the car begins make a large clunking noise indigenous the engine. 

Dodge trip Recalls

As you can see, this version is not the many reliable or trustworthy in terms of buyer confidence and safety. In addition, there have actually been 8 recalls for this 2009 dodge Journey – showing exactly how this is an unsafe and unreliable car. 

The an initial recall remained in June that 2008 and impacted nearly 7,000 vehicles, handling the engine wiring harness. Damage to the wiring harness could cause rise in the possibility of an engine compartment fire, affect vehicles with the 3.5-liter engine since the wiring harness can unintentionally call the left transaxle mount.

Next, the complying with recall to be the very same year in October, and affected only less than 800 vehicles. This referred to the powertrain regulate module and the fuel pump relay, leading to the engine come stall and also crash without any kind of warning. The evade Caliber, Avenger, Journey, Patriot, and also Compass were every recalled because of the new adhesive provided in the powertrain control module gift a cause for the circuit board to break. 

The 3rd recall that the dodge Journey in 2009 described the electrical connector, and was announced in march of 2009. This influenced nearly 17,000 vehicles and was as result of the fuse because that the electrical circuit not lighting properly, then the connector can overheat and also catch fire. The evade Journey vehicles fitted without the optional 115 volt auxiliary strength outlet could end up being corroded and short circuit over time.

Furthermore, the fourth recall for the 2009 evade Journey problems consisted of the reverse wiring steering tower driver wait bag. In the occasion of a crash, the driver’s airbag can not inflate come the right amount and might not have the ability to properly protect the driver, enhancing the danger of injury in the event of a crash. This to be announced in April the 2009 and influenced just over 4,000 vehicles.

The 5th recall for the 2009 evade Journey was around the former door wiring. In the occasion of a crash, the side airbag can not deploy, reduce the protection that is required to store the passengers and also the driver safe throughout the occasion of an impact. The wiring in ~ the front door cable harness can tire out and also damage end time, leading to an interruption in the circuits because that the side impact sensors. This can result in an airbag warning lamp illumination and a ns of the sensing capability on the sides of the car. Announced in so late 2010, this recall influenced nearly 65,000 vehicles. 

This 6th recall affected a chuck 722,000 vehicles, bring about a large recall for plenty of Dodge journey owners. This referred to the ignition move maybe turning off throughout use. If the ignition an essential moves to the turn off or the accessory position, then the engine will revolve off, but the turn will depower the safety mechanism within the car, including the airbags, strength steering, and the strength braking. The loss of the usability of every one of these systems, or also just one of these systems, deserve to increase hazard of the crash. Thek ye fob must be removed from the keyring in order to prove this issue.

The following recall because that this version of the evade Journey describes the airbag manage unit power supply corroding end time. If the airbag control unit fails, this can reason the airbag to not deploy and protect the passengers and drive the occasion of a crash. This deserve to increase the threat of occupant injury. In addition, the air bags could deploy once you do not desire them to, definition the risk of a crash can occur because you room hit with an airbag. This is a huge Dodge journey problem that requirements to be addressed.

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The eight and also final recall that the 2009 dodge Journey describes the power steering return water tap rupturing over time, affecting almost 9,000vehicles. A lose of power steering assist can require an extra effort while turning the wheel, specifically at reduced speeds, and also can boost the chance of a crash. 

2010 dodge Journey Problems

The main categories the have problems for the 2010 dodge Journey describe the brakes problems, electric system, and also the inner accessories. The most complaints for the NHTSA refer to the engine, the brakes, and the electric system, v over 500 complaints about the electric system that the 2010 evade Journey. 

The main problems with the engine that the 2010 evade Journey indicate the engine not being may be to rotate over, a defective TIPM, the horn punch unintentionally, the battery dying, and also the automobile shutting down while driving. The engine not transforming over typically costs around $550 and occurs at roughly 65,000 miles.

The evade Journey Today

From the year of 2011-2020, the dodge Journey has had actually much fewer difficulties than the year of start in 2009 and also the subsequent year in 2010. From 2016-2020, there have actually been just 58 full complaints, in comparison come 962 in just 2009 alone. The critical year of user complaints remained in 2018, with simply 3 complaints about the transmission, and the engine resulting in the NHTSA to paper 18 complaints. 

Over the years, you have the right to see how the dodge Journey problems have considerably decreased. From the years of 2011-2020, there have actually been minimal complaints in regard come the dodge Journey once in comparisoi come the previous two years. Potential car owners should solely look at the many recent years if they are interested in buying this car, and avoid the 2009 and also 2010 model yaers at all costs so you have the right to stay safe and also sound!

Summary of evade Journey Problems

We recognize that the dodge Journey is therefore unreliable and also not a safe car. So let’s look in ~ the overall worst complaints around the evade Journey. Journey owner are having the many trouble and also the most complaints v the brakes, coming in at 36%, electrical system, coming in in ~ 21%, and the internal accessories issues, coming in in ~ 7% the the complete Dodge journey problems. 

The most common complaint requires the brakes. This refers to the premature brake and also rotor wear, through over 479 complaints in ~ an mean of 50,000 mile in the 2009 dodge Journey. The second most typical complaint for every years that the Journey encompass the engine not starting and no being may be to turn over. With 155 complaints in ~ an typical of 60,000 miles, this is a vast Dodge journey problem. The last issue for the Journey entails the premature birth brake wear, v 25 complaints at an average of just listed below 30,000 miles, this normally occurs the many in the 2012 dodge Journey. 

The Journey obtained a integrity rating of just 3 the end of 5 stars, and also have a complete of 1855 complaints across all years. The Pain rank on evade mirrors that it ranks 53rd, when this website ranked 60 evade generations by reliability. 

Nearly every model team of evade cars deserve to be organized right into generations, i beg your pardon is simply a arsenal of years wherein the dare are consistently made. This refers to the evade Journey, which has actually been produced over many model years. 

Car us News

In addition to the ranking by the website, there are additionally other reliability ratings on other websites. On united state News, this website ranked the evade Journey as having a devastating reliability rating, comes in at simply 2 the end of 5 according to JD Power. This is the lowest rating in the JD strength awards the you have the right to possibly get. 

One that the various other Dodge Journey difficulties is that there is a absence of confidence amongst companies and users in the market. This can reason a absence of trust within the company, and also cause customers to not desire to to buy this trip car.