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How much towel will I should regimpppa.orgver a sofa or chair?

This guide gives a general idea of just how much towel is required to regimpppa.orgver a sofa or chair.

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A tiny or medium sized high-back chair will, typically, require around 6-7 metres.

A solitary lounge chair - part of a suite for instance - will certainly need around 7-9 metres.

A two seater sofa will typically need 14 metres.

A three seater will generally require 16-18 metres and a 4 seater 20-22 metres. The lengths argued are based upon average sized chairs and sofas and the usage of level fabric. If you space using a patterned cloth you will require around 10-20% more, depending upon the pattern repeat. If you deserve to determine wherein the joins are in the fabric based upon your existing sofa, then include on the vertical pattern repeat because that each join.

To gain a an ext accurate number measure each surface ar of the sofa which requires towel and add these locations together, then include on 10-15% as a margin that error. It is finest to begin with the exterior back, climate the within back, then the outside of the arms, then the within of the arms. Then include on the gussett and also the area that each surface ar of every cushion. In short, simply separation your sofa surface ar up into as many little rectangles together is necessary, calculation the area of each, add these up and then add on 15% an ext as a safety margin.

We sell cloth by the linear metre, and the width is generally around 140cm. To calculate how many linear metres of fabric you need, division the area (in square metres) by 1.4

If you room still unsure you re welcome feel cost-free to send us an email (info
loome.gimpppa.org.uk) v a picture or 2 of her project, specifying i beg your pardon fabric(s) you had in mind come use, and we will offer you our ideal opinion the the length required.

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Our general advice is come order a bit an ext than you think you will need. We will certainly take earlier and refund as much as 3 metres of towel if it turns out to it is in unnecessary for her reupholstery project. Beyond that, any type of fabric left over deserve to be provided to make spare cushions, arm gimpppa.orgvers, or throws, or merely kept for future use. Please note that, through our cloth estimator or email advice, we room only providing estimates and also Loome Ltd cannot guarantee particular measurements.