Termites cost U.S. Property owners billions that dollars each year. That is why it is so vital to know a termite once you watch one. The difficulty is that these creatures live practically entirely in the soil around and under your residence or within the wood they are devouring; however, periodically under the ideal conditions, you"ll come confront to face with termites. Here"s what you have to know.

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Basic Identification

All termites, no issue what species or classification, are insects. That way that no issue what termite you are looking at, you will immediately notification some of their insect characteristics. Insects have two antennae, 6 legs, and also three body segments (a head, thorax, and also abdomen). The antennae that the termite look prefer several small balls stacked on height of each other that come the end each side of the head in a slight curve or directly line. The six legs of a termite deserve to vary visually, yet two will always protrude native the thorax and four will protrude from the abdomen. This is beneficial to determine where the thorax is on this insects. Uneven ants, termites carry out not have three unique body segments. The thorax and also abdomen show up as one, offering the appearance that these insects have actually only 2 parts, a head and a body.

Caste Identification


Inside a termite colony there are various castes with various roles come play. You room not likely to ever before see a queen ~ she has started creating offspring because she will live in the love of her colony. Uneven you room ripping the end a wall in your residence or digging a big hole in your lawn, she will certainly remain hidden from sight. If friend do ever happen to see a queen termite, she won"t be difficult to acknowledge within her colony. The longer she is allowed to develop babies, the larger her abdomen will grow. Making she a giant, compared to the workers and soldiers crawling approximately her and also on her. She will have a normal sized head and also thorax, however her body will certainly look choose a huge bloated slug, as lot as an customs in length. Often, there will be distinct, dark brown present on her pale abdomen that make her look prefer a tiny loaf the bread.


Of every termites, these are the ones you room most likely to see. These are the termites the will job-related their method up right into your home and also chew their means through the timber inside her walls. They space most frequently seen throughout the renovation of a residence or when dead trees are gotten rid of from a property. This caste that termite is normally pale, slimy, and featureless. Native a distance, it deserve to have a maggot-like appearance; however up close, the is basic to view its six legs and two antennae. Worker termites have actually translucent skin and are teardrop in shape. They acquire this shape since their head is slightly smaller than their abdomen.


These room the termites that protect a nest. If you disturb a nest, you"re most likely to view these termites. The most notable feature of a soldier termite is that is head. The is a dark yellow shade with dark brown pincers that provide it an earwig appearance, but earwigs are much bigger than worker termites and also their pincers are on their abdomens, not on your head.


Of all the termite castes, this is the caste you room most most likely to see. As soon as a swarm matures, a queen will start to produce male and female reproductives that have actually the capability to fly. These termites are born v four big white wings the stack top top their ago and which appear twice as big as your tiny bodies. Most swarmers room black, but some species can appear brown. These termites will certainly come in a swarm and will show up on exterior wall surfaces and home window sills in huge numbers. Often, swarmers space a sign that a maturation termite swarm is currently in the walls of a home or business.

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Proactive Termite Control

Don"t wait till you check out these destructive insects to start protecting her property. In ~ American Pest, we have actually termite monitoring and control equipment that will prevent termites before they chew right into your equity. Acquire your termite manage system in place today.

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