I made these charts, printed them out, and also put them inside one of my favourite cookbooks due to the fact that I might never mental (and could never find easily) these indistinguishable measurements once I required them. I hope you’ll uncover these charts useful too. This chart is because that the vegetables that I usage the most, and now once a cooking recipes calls for fifty percent a cup of celery, I deserve to see in ~ a glance that I must chop about one stalk!

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IngredientApproximate indistinguishable Measurements
Asparagus (Fresh)3 cups, trimmed16 come 20 spears, around 1 pound
Broccoli (Fresh)2 cup florets1 pound
Brussels Sprouts (Fresh)4 cups, cooked1 pound
Cabbage (Fresh)5 to 6 cups, shredded1 medium head
Cabbage1 cup, shredded1/4 pound
Carrots1 cup, julienne strips5 tool carrots
Carrots1 cup, shredded2 tool carrots
Carrots1 cup, thinly sliced3 medium carrots
Cauliflower (Fresh)3 cups1 medium head, about 2 pounds
Celery1 cup, diagonally sliced3 tool stalks
Celery1 cup, sliced2 medium stalks
Chives (Fresh)1 tablespoon1 teaspoon, dried
Collard Greens (Fresh)6 to 7 cups, uncooked1 1/2 cups, cooked
Corn on the Cob1 cup kernels3 come 4 ears
Cucumber1 1/4 come 1 1/2 cups, peeled, sliced or chopped1 medium
Cucumber1 cup, diced1 small cucumber


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IngredientApproximate tantamount Measurements
Eggplant (Fresh)2 1/2 cups, diced and also cooked1 pound
Green bean (Fresh)2 1/2 cups, cut and cooked1 pound
Green Onions1 cup, choppedabout 18 stalks
Green Peas (In Pod)1 cup, shelled1 pound
Green Pepper1 cup, chopped1 medium pepper
Greens (Fresh)3 cups, cooked1 pound
Lettuce (Iceberg)4 cups, shredded1 tool head
Lettuce (Iceberg)6 to 8 cups, torn1 tool head
Lettuce (Leaf)4 come 6 cups, torn25 come 30 leaves
Lettuce (Romaine)6 cups, torn1 head
Mushrooms1 6 to 8-ounce can1 pound fresh
Mushrooms1 pound20 come 24 mushroom caps
Mustard Greens (Fresh)6 to 7 cups, uncooked1 1/2 cups, cooked
Onion Powder1 tablespoon1 medium onion, chopped
Onions (Dehydrated)1/4 cup1 cup chopped raw
Onions1 cup, chopped1 tiny onion
Parsnips2 cups, cooked and also diced4 medium
Peppers (Sweet, Fresh)1/2 cup, chopped1 medium
Potatoes(White or Russet)1 3/4 cups, mashed3 medium
Potatoes(White or Russet)2 1/4 cups, peeled and also diced3 medium
Potatoes1 cup, cubed1 little potato
Radishes1 cup, thinly slicedabout 12 radishes
Spaghetti Squash4 cups cooked strands2 pounds
Spinach4 cups torn leaves1 1/2 cups, cooked
Summer Squash2 cup sliced and cooked3 medium
Sweet Potatoes1 3/4 to 2 cups, mashed3 medium
Sweet Potatoes2 cups, cubed3 medium
Swiss Chard9 to 10 cups, raw2 1/2 cups, cooked
Tomatoes (Fresh)1 cup, chopped1 large
Turnip Greens6 come 7 cups, raw1 cup, cooked
Wax bean (Fresh)3 cups2 1/2 cups, cut and cooked
Zucchini1 cup, cooked3 medium