We are an extremely fortunate to have an abundance of “neighborhood” monitor at several of ours area schools. In enhancement to the traditional four-lap-to-the-mile ovals at our area high schools, we have over a dozen elementary and also middle institution tracks of differing lengths. This wonderful venues are open up to us, the general public, during non-school hours and also I venture a guess the if she a runner or walker, in search of a flat and safe ar to exercise, that there’s more than likely one within shouting distance of your own neighborhood.

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I’ve invested several hours this feather touring the county and also city searching for these wonderful facilities. I’ve also measured (with mine trusty food measuring wheel…which is more accurate than a GPS, I might add) a heap of them, for this reason folks know simply how countless laps the is to the mile, together each of them different in shape, surface and distance.

I had the pleasure of helping architecture several the them and I my heart was aglow as I observed numerous adults and kids happily making use of these wonderful tracks during my measuring journey this spring.

Haven’t visited among these wonderful track resources during your running travels recently? Come execute so now…. Enjoy!

Our neighborhood school tracks are open to the public during non-school hours. All of the high college tracks (not had below) room the timeless 4 laps to the mile and have a rubberized surface. 

Agnor-Hurt Elementary: located off Rio roadway on Berkmar Drive, this looped monitor is 5 laps to the mile.

Buford Middle: situated off Cherry Avenue, behind the Boys and Girls Club, this three-laned, led oval is 5 laps come the mile.

Burley Middle: situated on increased Hill journey this is just one of the newest additions to our regional track circuit. It’s a little tricky together you must run 6 laps in lane 3 to gain your complete mile ~ above this perfectly shaped tough surfaced oval.

Greenbrier Elementary: This is truly a neighborhood track as it is comfortably nestled ideal in the middle of the Greenbrier neighborhood. Five and a half laps on this crushed graveled surface will give you a full mile. 

Henley/Brownsville: Located across from western Albemarle High school on 250 west in Crozet (just one light prior to Old Trail), this crushed gravel course is the trickiest of all for maintaining track of her mile because after 5 full laps you space 70 yards beyond the mile.

Hollymead/Sutherland: situated off 29 north in the heart of the the Hollymead neighborhood, this snake-like, winding course is another tricky circuit. One lap around this paved path is about 1500’, so three and also a fifty percent laps will offer you a complete mile.

Jack Jouett Middle: located off Lambs road (off Hydraulic behind Albemarle High School) this is just one of the many private emotion of all the tracks as it is tucked well behind the school. That is the only track that you accessibility by way of a wooded path. 3 laps roughly this winding crushed gravel course will provide you a mile.

Meriwether Lewis Elementary: located off Owensville road in Ivy, this winding, led track is among the few on the local circuit the is actually 4 laps come the mile. That is likewise one the the only ones to attribute a hill, as almost all of the various other tracks room perfectly flat!

Murray Elementary: situated on Morgantown roadway in Ivy (off 250 west) this paved track is 5 laps come the mile.

Walton Middle: situated off course 20 southern about fifty percent way in between Charlottesville and Scottsville. Prefer a high school track, this perfectly shame paved flat oval is 4 laps come the mile.



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