I have actually a main organization panel v two breakers: the main company breaker and a single huge breaker to another subpanel in the very same structure.

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All other circuits space serviced native the subpanel.

My understanding of NEC is that each panel needs two grounding rods at least 6 feet apart.

My residence uses PEX yet there is a copper key coming in top top the opposite side of the crawlspace.

Do I require two full ground rods per panel? therefore four, total, rods?


Do not attach the below panel to grounding electrodes. A grounding conductor should be run earlier to the main organization panel. The main business panel is the only link to a grounding electrode system in a single building there is no a separate method such as a genset. The underground steel pipe can be supplied as an electrode, yet it sound distant. For this reason you must install 2 ground rods near the company entrance and connect those to the company panel.


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have the right to I usage an existing soil Rod for Sub-Panel in Detached Garage (Meter box is making use of the rod currently)

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