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100g of scrambled egg has about 149 calories (kcal). Calorie per: ounce | one scrambled egg | cup | fifty percent cup

In particular, medium size scrambled egg (49 g) has about 73 calories.

It is around 3% of daily calories intake because that adult person with medium weight and also medium activity (for calculation we assumed 2400 kcal day-to-day intake).

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To visualize how much it actualy is, take it in mind that calories amount from medium size scrambled egg is comparable to calorie amount from ie.:

1 apple0.5 glass that Coca Cola (220 ml glass)0.5 slice of cheese0.5 slice of bread0.5 glass of milk3.5 cubes of sugar

come burn this calories you have to bike at the very least 10 minutes, swim for about 9 minute or operation for 7 minutes.

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How many calories in 1, 2, 3 or 5 scrambled eggs?

As i wrote before medium size scrambled egg (49 g) has 73 calories. That is simple to count that two scrambled eggs have around 146 calorie and also three scrambled egg have around 219 calories. In table listed below you can likewise see calories amount because that four and also five scrambled eggs.

Medium dimension scrambled egg (49 g)73 kcalCup of scrambled egg (210g)313 kcalHalf cup of scrambled egg (105g)156 kcalOunce (oz) the scrambled egg42 kcalHalf of tool size scrambled egg36.5 kcalSmall size scrambled egg (39g)58.4 kcalBig size scrambled egg (64g)94.9 kcalTwo tool size scrambled eggs146 kcalThree tool size scrambled eggs219 kcalFour medium size scrambled eggs292 kcalFive tool size scrambled eggs365 kcal

Protein in scrambled egg

Scrambled egg has actually 9.99 g protein per 100g. When you multiplay this value through weight of tool size scrambled egg (49 g) you have the right to see that you will get around 4.9 g that protein.

Carbs in scrambled egg

0 g of carbs - scrambled egg has no carbohydrates.

Fat in scrambled egg

Scrambled egg has 10.98 g fat every 100g. So that is easy to count that tool size scrambled egg (49 g) has around 5.4 g the fat.