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I have 2004 Honda Accord V6 and also usually ns fill up before or right around the time the light clicks on. One time, being on the "E", the gas pump struggle 13 allude something gallons. How countless gallons walk this version hold? How numerous gallons room left by the moment the light turns on? Any aid would it is in appreciated. Thanks.

The tank capacity is an alleged to be 17.1 gallons. The light comes on early, so girlfriend will usually only get a little over 13 gallons, if you fill up right after the light comes on.
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I have 2004 Honda Accord V6........................................How numerous gallons does this model hold? How plenty of gallons are left by the moment the light turns on? Any help would it is in appreciated.
1. Capacity of fuel tank is 17.1 gallons every Owner"s Manual......................2. Gallons remaining when low fuel lite glows: 3.3 gallons. Based on three checks.ez....

Read your owner"s manual. The vital is not to run out the gas. 3 gallons remaining gives you plenty of gas to refill, in instance you space in a ar where a gas station is not just a few miles away.
This is typical to every manufacturer, btw. The many I"ve ever put right into my tank is 14.16 gallons (but I"m usually filling that with in between 13 and 14 gallons). The tank to be on E and the light had actually been ~ above for fairly a when (40+ miles). Basically, manufacturers desire to stop the feasible damage the comes with running a modern-day engine completely empty. All sorts of negative stuff deserve to happen and also they don"t want to construct a bad rep. Your automobile holds 17.1 gallons. If you take it my car and fuel economic climate averages (currently running a full average after tracking since October of 2010 of 27.19 mpg), that way my vehicle has a total range of around 465 miles. Of course, I might get much more or less relying on what sort of steering I"m doing, yet I"d never have the nerve to press it that far. Pretty much every manufacturer builds in an extra 1-3 gallons of gas previous empty come ensure that you obtain to a gas station prior to you run the threat of damaging her vehicle.

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