This is a question generally asked by patients particularly the users of glaucoma eye drops since they are claimed to take the therapy for a lengthy time.

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How many drops a bottle will dispense counts on the viscosity that the drug and also the size of the hole in the eye dropper. That is generally embraced that the medicine which have the viscosity similar to that of water will have around 20 fall in one milliliter which way we will have actually 100 autumn in 5 mL.

To confirm and test, ns took a couple of bottles the 5 mL eye drops and counted how many drops they provided individually. They ranged native 115 drops come 130 drops per 5 mL bottle. This does not typical that all eye autumn of 5 mL capacity have 115 to 130 drops yet we can safely i think that most of the 5 mL eye fall bottles have actually much more than 100 drops.

There space two vital considerations here:1. Many eye autumn are available in volumes enough to last around one month. Relying on the dosage, they are easily accessible in 2.5 mL, 3 mL, 5 mL and also 10 mL mostly.2. Just one drop is sufficient to be instilled into the eye at a time and delivers the compelled dose. Any kind of amount more than the will circulation out the the eye because the conjunctival sac (the an are between the eyelids and the eyeball) walk not have actually room for more than one drop generally.

In the above context, let’s take it the instance of a couple of drugs. Timolol, because that instance, is an anti-glaucoma drug supplied twice a day. Because that both eyes (glaucoma is greatly bilateral), it will certainly be 4 drops a day and 120 (4 x 30) fall a month. For this reason if you acquire 120 drops indigenous the 5 mL bottle of Timolol, it must be sufficient for one month. Timolol eye autumn is available mostly in 5 mL capacity.


Latanoprost/Xalatan eye autumn is offered once a job only. For both eyes, it will be 2 drops a day and 60 autumn a month. The is mostly easily accessible in 2.5 mL capacity.

Ketotifen eye fall is supplied for allergy double a day. For both eyes, 4 drops will certainly be offered in a day and also 120 drops in a month. Ketotifen is easily accessible in 5 mL and 10 mL quantities (for one month and also two months respectively).

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The over analysis suggests that over there are about 120 autumn in a 5 mL bottle. This is fairly supported by my tiny experiment with some eye drop bottles. This clear is not applicable to eye fall in suspension and gel forms.