“Mr. Smith goes over and past to make discovering what many would take into consideration a difficult subject, AP Economics, a fun and interactive experience. Mr. Blacksmith ensures the there is a communitive nature in ~ the classroom so the all student not only feel like they room able to learn much more than adequately but additionally like they can ask questions and also interact v peers easily.

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As a student, ns feel that the teacher is among the most vital indicators of how successful students will certainly be in finding out a subject. Mr. Smith pipeline a positive impact on his students and is one extremely beneficial teacher come West High and the ICCSD community.”


Matthew Lesan4thGradeTeacherCoralville central Elementary School

"Matt was the best educator that I have seen in my entire life. He truly has actually a enthusiasm for what he does, and also it seems that he to be born come teach. Mr. Lesan to be the bright spot that our students needed throughout this chaotic time. No matter just how tough certain weeks were, he continued to be positive and also held our kiddos to high standards.

He is the just teacher the I have actually encountered that has enforced the growth perspective into the classroom curriculum. My child’s confidence spiked, she enjoyed and looked forward to going to school. Not just did Mr. Lesan positive push and also support our students in the classroom, however he also committed his time external of school by acquisition interest in your extracurricular activities. He loves sports, and he shocked his college student on your tournament weekends below in town. He to be no stranger to dedicating additional time come make sure that his students got to their potential academically and also he was always open come feedback/criticism.

Long story short, the is the epitome of what every educator must aspire to be. We room forever indebted come Mr. Lesan. That made our kids love discovering again and made lock excited to walk v the doors of central each and also every morning. I hope the he continues to it is in enthusiastic, positive, and the big presence that he currently is no matter where life may take him. Us felt blessed to have actually him this past school year."


Janet Abejo-ParkerOmbudspersonEducational services Center

Meet Janet Abejo-Parker, the brand-new Ombudsperson for the District. Janet join the district after serving together a senior Investigator for the Cedar Rapids Civil rights Commission.

Janets’s peak priorities/goals with this role: my initial concerns will be finding out as much as feasible about the school district and also building the ombudsperson position into an impactful and also effective role.

An amazing fact around Janet: I have actually over ten years of suffer in mediations, problem resolution, and also civil legal rights investigations. My background is in human being resources, psychology, and also law. I am an pet lover (one cat and also one dog), nature lover, foodie, appreciator the the arts, and also my favorite shade is green. I look front to offer the community in this role!


Luke DillonOnline learning Program major &Assistant director of Equity and also InstructionEducational solutions Center

Meet Luke Dillon, the new Online finding out Program Principal/Assistant director of Equity and also Instruction because that the District. Luke join the district after serving as the Monroe middle School principal for Omaha windy Schools.

Luke’s peak priorities/goals with this role: My 1st priority is to build some relationships through all stakeholders within ICCSD to know the background of this community and the aspirations of civilization within this community.

My second priority is to completely understand the mission and vision of our school district and also my duty within that ar to assist produce the wanted outcomes together visioned.

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My 3rd priority is to help mold the online learning program to kind an identity, mission, vision, instructional framework, and structure that provides our college student a wonderful endure while mastering class level content.

An interesting fact around Luke: I have a wife and also 2 kids that typical the world to me. We will soon be a component of this community, which will certainly drive mine work. Equity and also Excellence because that All!