If you’ve written a bestseller or developed a newsletter, you’ll probably want to conserve it somewhere so the you can gain to the again because that printing or sending by email. You may additionally have began a document but desire to end up it off later.

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This guide explains how to save a document in Microsoft indigenous Office 365. Part steps may be slightly different depending upon your version of Word, walk to the Microsoft support website because that details of various other versions.

You’ll need:

A computer with Microsoft word installed.

You have the right to save a file at any suggest as you form it, and it’s very an excellent practice to save every few minutes. The way, if your computer system crashes before you’ve finished your composition, girlfriend won’t lose what you’ve typed.

Follow this step-by-step instructions to conserve a document

Step 1: Start a new paper in word and form your text.

Step 2: Click File in the top left-hand edge of the screen.


Step 3: native the menu, select Save.


Step 4: A ‘Save’ dialogue box will come up. At the top and also at the left-hand next in the perform of folder options, it will show the folder wherein you’ll be saving the document. If you wish to change this folder, navigate through the folders ~ above the left-hand side of the dialogue crate to select the one wherein you desire to conserve your document.


Step 5: Word will instantly give your file a name, based on the first few words of your text. If friend don’t favor the one given, when you have actually chosen the destination folder, type a name for your file in the ‘File name’ box. Come up through a name the is concise however will allow you to find the document easily again.

Don’t issue about transforming what’s in package underneath, labelled ‘Save as type’. This seldom demands to be changed. It permits you to choose the form of style that all documents developed with these setups will have.


Step 6: once you have actually typed in the name of your document, click Save.


Step 7: Your paper will now have a name, which will certainly be presented at the very top the your file screen. If friend make transforms to your file and then save them ~ it has actually been conserved originally, the conversation box will certainly not come increase again. It will simply save your changes without any type of visual notification being shown.

Step 8: The ‘Save As’ menu – the attach to i m sorry is on the left-hand next of the ‘File’ dialogue box, beneath ‘Save’ – is offered to conserve an existing file under an additional name. This is useful if you’ve made changes to your document and then want to conserve the changes, but likewise keep the original paper in its initial format and also under its original name.


Saving come OneDrive


Saving your document to OneDrive means friend can accessibility it from all over – in ~ work, at home, or top top the go.


1. Go to the File food selection (top left) then select Save As.

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2Select OneDrive so girlfriend can get to your paper from anywhere.

Save an individual files to OneDrive - Personal, and also work papers to your agency OneDrive.